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Author Topic: TEAMCMS Driver Ambassador Nelson Mason prepares for Spa double header weekend  (Read 264 times)

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TEAMCMS Driver Ambassador Nelson Mason
prepares for Spa double header weekend
Spa is one of the toughest circuits on the calendar, due to the amount of energy put through the tires and the varied demands of the track, both in terms of lateral and longitudinal forces. Variable weather is another important consideration, on the longest lap of the season.

Today, the conditions were classic Spa, wet this morning for Free Practice 1 (FP1), wet & dry at mid-day for Free Practice 2 (FP2) and then dry this afternoon’s Race 1 (R1) qualifying session- everything you would expect at Spa.

It is very nice to be back at Spa, a circuit I truly truly love. It's one of those places that has you fall back in love with the sport, it's where the sport came from and what it's all about.
During FP2 I had an incident on a drying track and spun the rear tires exiting turn 7-8 on the curbing.  The car spun and hit the wall doing substantial damage- massively disappointing…  However, the team remarkably got the car repaired just as the light went green for the Race 1 qualifying session- less than three hours later… So to say it was tight would be an understatement as there was a lot of damage. The guys did a great job and everyone hustled and I can't thank them enough- the Belgium beer will be on me Saturday night!

For Race 2 qualifying Friday morning we need to find some time, it’s very tight from 3rd position back to 8th and we need to position ourselves in the top 3 to truly fight at the front. In Race 1 we need to stay clean and hopefully our race pace we had in the UK at Silverstone can be repeated.

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