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Tyler Hawn Out-battles Archibald for OSCAAR Hot Rod Victory at Sunset

In a battle that went all the way down to the checkered flag, it’d be Tyler Hawn edging out Dan Archibald for the OSCAAR Hot Rod Series victory at Sunset Speedway.

Billy Alderson Jr. won the first heat ahead of Hawn, Douglas Fischer, Steve Book, and Jeremy Broom.

Dan Archibald won the second heat ahead of Lance Foster, Dan Price, Jeremy McLean, and Nick Clarke.

Tyler Hawn won the third heat ahead of Alderson Jr., Foster, Book, and McLean.

Dan Archibald went for the daily double ahead of Fischer, Clarke, Price, and Broom.

Come feature time, it’d be Dan Archibald starting pole, followed by Douglas Fischer, Billy Alderson Jr., Dan Price, Lance Foster, Tyler Hawn, Steve Book, Nick Clarke, Jeremy McLean, and Jeremy Broom.

Archibald would grab the early advantage as Alderson Jr. and Fischer battled for second. Alderson Jr. got the spot on Lap 2, allowing Foster to get alongside Fischer for third. Foster was able to clear him, but then got passed himself as Hawn jumped up to third on Lap 4 ahead of Foster and Fischer. Behind them, Price and Clarke battled for sixth ahead of Book.

Hawn would continue his climb forward, passing Alderson Jr. for second on Lap 6. Foster continued to run fourth ahead of Fischer, Clarke, Price, Book, Broom, and McLean. Foster would challenge Alderson Jr. for third on Lap 9, but was unable to complete the pass. Meanwhile, it’d be McLean getting by Broom for ninth at Lap 13.

As the event reached the halfway mark, the battles continued around the speedway with Book challenging Price for seventh, and Foster once again challenging Alderson Jr. for third at Lap 19.

With 21 laps on the board, Archibald led Hawn, Alderson Jr., Foster, Fischer and McLean as Book and Price battled for sixth ahead of McLean and Broom. Hawn would close the gap to Archibald as the race neared a close, getting alongside him with three laps to go.

In a battle that went right down to the checkered flag, Tyler Hawn would edge Dan Archibald out at the line to win the Spring Velocity feature.

“Honestly, I’ve never driven the car this hard,” Hawn said. “No offense to Dan, but my whole goal this weekend was to beat him. We talked each other up in the pits, and we have a good time. He ran me hard. A little bit of tire mark here and there, but that’s part of racing.”

Hawn admitted in victory lane that he was a little worried in making the move on Archibald to the outside, but “the car seemed to work really good on the outside and inside.”

“I’m still learning to trust this car, so I thought, ‘What do I have to lose? I can’t get him on the inside so I might as well try and get on the throttle sooner on the outside,’” Hawn added. “It’s just a crate motor so it was over-reving a little bit, but it is what it is.”

It marks the second straight event in a row that the pair has finished on the podium together, and they each now hold a pair of Sunset Speedway names to their credit in OSCAAR Hot Rod Series competition.

“Tyler is smart,” Archibald said. “He kept pinching me down so I burned up the right rear. He’s a little smarter than I thought. I shouldn’t had left off like I did at first when I got out front. I should’ve got a little further away to make him work a little harder. But you know what? He’s one of the best guys that I’ve raced with. I enjoy racing with Tyler.”

Lance Foster finished third following a late-race pass on Billy Alderson Jr., as Douglas Fischer rounded out the top-five. Nick Clarke finished sixth, followed by Steve Book, Jeremy McLean, Dan Price, and Jeremy Broom. 

The OSCAAR Hot Rod Series will be back in action at Kawartha Speedway on June 1 alongside the OSCAAR Modifieds, Ontario Legends Series, and Bone Stocks. Make sure to come out and check out the great night of racing, remembering to either print or show the coupon to get $5 off your general admission.

Fans are encouraged to check out the OSCAAR website at, while following the series across social media on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

By Ashley McCubbin
Gary McLean Scores Eighth Straight OSCAAR Sunset Speedway Victory

Gary McLean has to be the official king of OSCAAR Modified action at Sunset Speedway, as he scored his eighth straight victory on Monday afternoon.

Cory Horner won the first heat ahead of A.J. Emms, Luke Gignac, Duane Cinnamon, Jason Keen, and Marshall Schrenk.

Gary McLean won the second heat ahead of Chris Milwain, Chad Strawn, Jason Bowden, Billy Zardo, and Jase Cornell.

Cory Horner won the third heat ahead of Gary Elliott, Dale Reinhart, Mike Hearty, David Balych, Jeff Showell, and Wally Wilson.

The fourth heat didn’t go smoothly with Strawn spinning Zardo in turn two on Lap 3. Then Zardo’s weekend would end with heavy contact with the backstretch wall on Lap 5. Luke Gignac picked up the win ahead of Emms, Strawn, Harper, and Cornell.

There’d be a caution on the opening lap of the fifth heat with Bowden going around, collecting Showler in the process. Gary McLean went for the daily double ahead of Hearty, Milwain, Bowden, Balych, and Showler.

The opening lap of the sixth heat didn’t go smoothly, with Cinnamon and Elliott making contact together, followed by hitting the outside frontstretch wall on the opening lap. Cory Horner went for the daily double ahead of Reinhart, Elliott, Schrenk, Keen, and Wilson.

Come feature time, it’d be John Harper starting pole ahead of Chris Milwain, Gary McLean, A.J. Emms, Dale Reinhart, Gary Elliott, Cory Horner, Luke Gignac, Chad Strawn, Mike Hearty, Jason Bowden, David Balych, Jason Keen, Marshall Schrenk, Duane Cinnamon, Jase Cornell, Jeff Showler, and Wally Wilson.

Milwain jumped out to the early lead ahead of Harper, with McLean and Emms side-by-side for third. McLean got the spot on Lap 3 ahead of Emms, with Elliott slotting in line in fifth ahead of Horner, Strawn, Gignac, Hearty, Reinhart, Balych, and Schrenk. The first caution would fly on Lap 5 for an incident involving Cinnamon on the frontstretch.

Milwain got a good restart to keep the lead with McLean moving up into second ahead of Harper, Emms, and Horner as Strawn and Elliott battled for sixth. McLean was able to keep close tabs on Milwain for the lead, getting alongside him at Lap 8, but unable to complete the pass for the time being. The other battle for position, sixth, was sorted out with Strawn able to clear Elliott.

McLean would take another crack at the lead at Lap 13, passing Milwain one lap later for the top spot. Behind them, Harper continued to run third ahead of Emms, Horner, and Strawn. The second caution flew on Lap 16 for Reinhart blowing up entering turn three. With 25 laps to go, McLean led Milwain, Harper, Emms, Horner, Strawn, Gignac, Schrenk, Showler, Keen, Bowden, Cornell, Elliott, and Cinnamon. Hearty would get the lucky dog in 15th ahead of Wilson.

McLean got a good restart ahead of Milwain as Harper and Emms battled for third. Harper got the spot on Lap 18 ahead of Emms, Strawn, Horner, and Gignac. Strawn would then get alongside Emms for fourth at Lap 20, with Gignac getting alongside Horner a lap later. Neither pass would get completed, as the third caution flew for Bowden spinning in turn one and two. With 19 laps to go, McLean led Milwain, Harper, Emms, Strawn, Horner, Gignac, Schrenk, Keen, Showler, Hearty, Cinnamon, Elliott, and Bowden.

McLean got another good restart ahead of Milwain, with Harper and Emms battling for third. However, the yellow flag would wave again, this time for debris in turn three. There’d be another good restart for McLean, but there’d also be a fifth caution on Lap 26 for Cornell spinning in turns one and two.

McLean kept himself on point once again ahead of Milwain, Harper and Emms as Horner and Strawn battled for fifth. Horner would get clear of Strawn, looking for fourth on Emms at Lap 29. Gignac would look to challenge Strawn for sixth, but there would be contact, resulting in Gignac making significant contact with the inside frontstretch wall for the sixth caution at Lap 30. With 11 laps to go, McLean led Milwain, Harper, Emms, Horner, Hearty, Keen, Elliott, Schrenk, Bowden, Elliott, Showler, Cinnamon, and Strawn.

The restart would bring forth the seventh caution as Showler went around. The second attempt went smoothly, with McLean holding the top spot as Harper slotted into second ahead of Milwain. Horner would grab fourth on Lap 33 ahead of Emms and Keen. Hearty would challenge Keen for sixth at Lap 34, but was unable to complete the pass. Instead, it’d be Schrenk challenging Hearty for seventh. Their battle didn’t go smoothly, resulting in the eighth caution on Lap 36 as Schrenk spun Hearty.

Gary McLean got a good restart, leading the rest of the way en route to scoring the feature victory. Chris Milwain finished second, followed by John Harper, Cory Horner, and A.J. Emms. Jason Keen finished sixth, followed by Gary Elliott, Duane Cinnamon, Jason Bowden, and Mike Hearty. Jase Cornell finished 11th, followed by Jeff Showler and Marshall Schrenk.

The OSCAAR Modifieds will be back in action at Kawartha Speedway on June 1 alongside the OSCAAR Hot Rod Series, Ontario Legends Series, and Bone Stocks. Make sure to come out and check out the great night of racing, remembering to either print or show the coupon to get $5 off your general admission.

Fans are encouraged to check out the OSCAAR website at, while following the series across social media on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

By Ashley McCubbin
Daniel Hawn Hat Tricks to OSCAAR Pro Sprint Spring Velocity Victory Lane

On Monday afternoon at Sunset Speedway, there was no catching Daniel Hawn as he was the fastest man in town en route to winning the OSCAAR Pro Sprint Spring Velocity feature.

The first heat featured a quick caution as Ted Greenwood ran into problems while running third. Daniel Hawn picked up the win ahead of James Stanley, Ryan Battilana, Jayden Riddel, Kevin Taylor, and Parker Bowman.

The last lap of the second heat saw a couple twists and turns all at once as Norman Newman went for a big spin in the turn two grass, while Stanley stalled on the frontstretch. Daniel Hawn went for the daily double ahead of Battilana, Greenwood, Riddel, Sophie Horton, Bowman, and Taylor.

Off the drop of the green flag for the feature, Hawn grabbed the early advantage with Stanley slotting into second, now behind the wheel of Ted Greenwood’s No. 3 entry. Battilana moved his way into fourth ahead of Horton.

Behind them, the battle was set to commence amongst rookies Riddel and Cullen. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t go well, as Riddel got loose off of the corner, spinning around, with Cullen unable to avoid the No. 15 entry. While Riddel was able to continue, it’d mark an early end to the event for Cullen.

Hawn got a good restart to keep the lead ahead of Stanley, as Riddel battled Horton for third. Riddel got the spot a lap later, followed by a pass on Stanley to move up into second. Horton followed suit, taking over third on Lap 6 ahead of Battilana, Stantley, Bowman, and Taylor.

Unfortunately for Riddel, his strong run back up through the field hit a snag at the halfway mark of the feature, as he’d go for a second spin around off of turn four.

Hawn would get another good restart ahead of Horton with Riddel jumping back up to third ahead of Battilana, Stanley, Bowman, and Taylor. Riddel would make the move to get around Horton for second, but got loose off of turn four, going around for another spin. Per the OSCAAR rulebook, if you cause three yellow flags, you are parked for the remainder of the event – which happened to Riddel.

Daniel Hawn got a good restart, leading the rest of the way en route to winning the feature ahead of Sophie Horton, James Stanley, Ryan Battilana, Kevin Taylor, and Parker Bowman.

“As you know, the fast guys were here practicing, and we were here for the last three Wednesdays trying to go faster,” Hawn said. “The cars are fast. It wasn’t as fast as I wanted it tonight, but it’s good. We have a lot of cars coming out. We have a great series. Unfortunately, the cars didn’t show up. But these are great times and this car – I spent countless hours keeping this guy (Tyler Hawn) up all night long and it shows. We got our stuff together.”

Although it marks his seventh overall win in OSCAAR Pro Sprint competition, this one means a little more being at his home track.

“It’s been on the calendar since last year,” he said. “I only got to run a TQ once here and I fell in love with it, so to come here, I was eager to get here and practice. The rain-outs and that – all that crap sucked, but we got here and now look at where we are.” 

The OSCAAR Pro Sprints will be back in action at Peterborough Speedway on May 27 as part of the track’s opening night. The event, which features free grandstand admission, will feature Bone Stocks, Mini Stocks, Super Stocks, Ontario Modified Racing Series, and Ontario Pro Challenge Series. Details can be found at

Fans are encouraged to check out the OSCAAR website at, while following the series across social media on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

By Ashley McCubbin

Scott McLaughlin and Fabian Coulthard are taking advantage of Shell V-Power Racing Team's latest acquisition - a state-of-the-art Australian designed and manufactured race simulator - to stay on top of their game, and the Supercars Championship.
GOLD COAST, AUSTRALIA – [MAY 25, 2018] – Shell V-Power Racing Team has formed a partnership with industry leading race-simulation company Simworx that includes a state-of-the-art Simworx SX02M V2 Pro Motion Simulator being installed at the team’s Stapylton headquarters.

With on-track test days heavily restricted in the Virgin Australia Supercars Championship, the benefit of a quality training tool like the SX02M V2 Pro Motion Simulator has become vitally important to allow drivers and engineers the opportunity to test in the virtual world.
Simworx have designed and developed simulators that are unique in the way they operate, and the way they look and feel to the user. Using the latest technologies available, they have designed a motion simulator that is distinctive in its operation, compact and  affordable.
Continual developments and upgrades ensure that the Simworx simulator platform remains relevant and never becomes obsolete. It has now become a key part of the Shell V-Power Racing Team driver and engineer preparation leading into each Supercars race weekend.
Jack Klaver, Chief Executive Officer of Simworx said that it is exciting to be partnering with the Shell V-Power Racing Team, to both continue development of his product and assist the team in achieving its goals.
“Dick Johnson and Roger Penske are icons of the sport.  Theyare racers through and through and continually strive to win,” Klaver said.
“It is exciting to be part of a team with such talented drivers and engineers, and we look forward to working with them as they strive to achieve both the Driver’s and Team Championships in 2018.
“On a personal level, it is fantastic to be re-united with Scott McLaughlin - who has previously used our products - now at a professional level within such a quality development environment. Working with Fabian Coulthard is an added bonus. The test for Simworx is to supply the team with the tools that they need, and we look forward to that challenge.”

Shell V-Power Racing Team No.17 driver Scott McLaughlin said that it was the closest thing he’s experienced to driving his Shell V-Power Ford.

“The feedback coming though the steering wheel, the way the pedals and gearshift feel genuinely mimics the real thing,” McLaughlin said.

“Combined with the motion force through the hydraulic system, you can get a genuine feel for how the car might be handling around a particular circuit before we even get on the plane. It allows me to get my eye in before hitting the track, and that’s awesome when the field is separated by tenths of a second.”

Shell V-Power Racing No. 12 Driver and most recent Supercars race winner, Fabian Coulthard, said that a quality simulator like the Simworx SX02M allows the team to head into events better prepared than ever.

“Having tools like this simulator in our possession means that we are heading to the track with laps under our belts and a feeling of preparation that we’ve not previously had,” said Coulthard.

 “We took delivery from Simworx just after the Grand Prix, and our on-track pace has really come on from there. I think that being able to simulate on-track scenarios has definitely assisted our performance at each event,” Coulthard concluded.


About Simworx
Simworx started life in 2002, when CEO Jack Klaver decided that there needed to be a fully engineered solution for quality simulator cockpits, filling an obvious hole in the market. Simworx develops products that incorporate the absolute best, including materials, finishes, dedicated motor sport motion systems, race seats, triple screen displays, Dolby audio and custom-made driving controls that replicate what drivers in race cars experience. Our products reflect the individual or organisation, with high-end build quality, automotive quality custom paint schemes, finishes & graphics. Designed and built in Melbourne, Australia, the hugely successful SX02-series simulator was born and continual developments have turned it into the world class state-of-the-art simulator that it is today.
About Shell V-Power Racing Team
Shell V-Power Racing Team is one of the most successful motorsports teams in Australia, with seven Australian Touring Car / Supercars Championships and three Bathurst 1000 victories. Team Penske’s U.S. motorsports entities are among the most successful teams in the history of professional sports. Competing in a variety of disciplines, including NASCAR, INDYCAR and IMSA, the team has produced more than 470 major race wins, over 540 pole positions, 32 Championships and 16 Indianapolis 500 victories in its storied history.

CRA Releases First Entries for the $11,000 to Win Masters of the Pro’s 200 at Birch Run Speedway


Salem, IN. (May 24, 2018) – Champion Racing Association Powered by JEGS Officials have released the first batch of entries for the $11,000 to Win Masters of the Pro’s 200, Pro Late Model event sanctioned by the JEGS/CRA All-Stars Tour Presented by Chevrolet Performance, which will be a one day show at Birch Run Speedway on Friday, June 8th. 2018 will be the sixth edition of the Masters of the Pro’s and for the first time, the event will be contested at the four tenths mile Birch Run Speedway. Fifty Six laps have been added to the traditional 144 lap distance, making this 200 lap race the longest race in JEGS/CRA All-Star Tour history.


To date there are 27 cars already entered for the event, topped by the JEGS/CRA All-Stars Tour season opener winner at Birch Run Speedway on April 29th, veteran Michigan racer Brian Campbell. Campbell came from his 17th place starting position to get the win, his sixth all-time victory with the series. Campbell is second on the ARCA/CRA Super Series All-Time Victory list with 24 wins.


Three time ARCA/CRA Super Series Champion and the Lisa Thomas Salon Fast Qualifier at the season opener at Birch Run Speedway, Johnny VanDoorn is entered, seeking his first ever series victory. 2017 series Rookie of the Year and record rookie event winner with three series victories Carson Hocevar is also entered. Hocevar had one of the fastest cars on the track during the season opener, but a flat tire put him two laps down to the field. Hocevar made his ARCA Racing Series debut last Sunday at Toledo Speedway.


2017 series Champion Jack Dossey III is entered, Dossey made his ARCA Racing Series debut earlier this season at Salem Speedway. 2014 series Champion and former series Birch Run Speedway event winner Dan Leeck is also entered. Former Columbus Motor Speedway Champion Kyle Jones is entered, he finished second to Campbell in the season opener.


Several former series event winners are entered including Jack Smith, Eric Lee, Kyle Hayden, Josh Nelms, Travis Eddy, and Florida native Steve Dorer. Other series competitors entered include Mandy Chick, Michael Clancy Jr., Trever McCoy, Josh Smith and DGR-CROSLEY Rookie of the Year candidates Mason Keller and Nathan Bertino.


Other part time series competitors entered include Chris Koslek, Brandon Varney, Marc Jacobs, Shawn Szep, Jeff Roethlisberger Jr., Hunter Jack and Wes Griffith Jr. 


Former ASA National Tour competitor Robbie Pyle is entered in the JVM Racing #7. Pyle scored four wins with the ASA National Tour and has an ARCA/CRA Super Series victory. Texas racer Chris Davidson is entered to make the long haul to Michigan to compete in the Masters of the Pro’s 200. Davidson was an 18 time winner with the old USRA Super Late Model Series, which raced mostly in Texas from 1999 through 2006.


The 200 lap event will pay $10,000 to win plus bonuses, making it the highest paying Pro/Crate Late Model event in the country currently scheduled for 2018. In addition, the winner will be awarded a signature green jacket, similar to the one that is known for adorning the champion of golf’s Masters event. The Masters of the Pro’s will be a one day show on Friday, June 8th and will be 200 green flag laps. The event will be an eight tire max race, utilizing controlled cautions, with teams only allowed to change a max of two tires per yellow.


There will be a $1000 cash bonus to the highest finishing driver in the Masters of the Pro’s 200 who has never raced at Birch Run Speedway prior to the 2018 season. There will be a $500 cash bonus to the highest finishing driver who has never raced in the Masters of the Pro’s event prior to 2018. There will be a second $500 cash bonus to the driver traveling the furthest to race in the Masters of the Pro’s 200. 


The Masters of the Pro’s 200 will be the second event of the JAS Expedited Trucking Michigan Cup, which will include a mini point series with the five races scheduled in Michigan for the JEGS/CRA All-Star Tour. The program will also involve the season opening Dixie 100 at Birch Run Speedway, and the series events at Auto City Speedway on August 4th, Berlin Raceway on August 11th and Owosso Speedway on August 25th. The driver earning the most points in the JAS Expedited Trucking Michigan Cup would be the JAS Expedited Trucking Michigan Cup Champion and receive a $2,000 cash bonus and trophy at the 2018 CRA Awards Banquet. The winner of the Masters of the Pro’s 200 will receive a $1000 cash bonus from JAS Expedited Trucking.


Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series competitor Chase Elliott won the inaugural Masters of the Pro’s event in 2013. Georgia teenager Anderson Bowen won the 2014 edition. NASCAR Xfinity Series and NASCAR Camping World Truck Series competitor John Hunter Nemechek, son of NASCAR competitor Joe Nemechek, won both the 2015 and 2016 events. Borden, Indiana’s Cole Williams won the 2017 Masters of the Pro’s. 


More event and track information can be found at You can follow the Speedway on Facebook by going to


CRA has extended the advanced entry deadline for the Masters of the Pro’s 200 to Monday, May 28th, after that date teams entering will have to pay a late entry penalty. The Masters of the Pro’s 200 is a 80 point minimum event, any team that presents a car for the event will receive 80 points, teams can only receive more points by qualifying in the top five or finishing in the top ten of the Masters of the Pro’s 200.


More information on the JEGS/CRA All-Stars Tour Presented by Chevrolet Performance is available at

Glenn Luckett
Champion Racing Association
Office: (812) 883-0455
Cell: (812) 528-1622
Brembo Brakes - 1,000 Braking Sections at the Monaco GP
Nearly one fourth of the time is spent braking
DETROIT, (May 24, 2018) - The Circuit de Monaco will host the sixth race of the 2018 World Formula 1 Championship this weekend, May 24 to 27.

The track that winds through the streets of the principality of Monaco has hosted the most advanced single-seaters in the world without interruption since 1955, although the first Formula 1 Grand Prix was held here in 1950.

 Brembo brake facts video for Monaco  link.
The proximity of the Armco barriers mandates that drivers perform with utmost precision, braking incorrectly, even by just one yard, could result in crashing into the guardrail and withdrawing from the race. For this reason, the braking systems have to work well all the way to the checkered flag. It isn't an easy task because each car is required to brake about 950 times during the GP.

Monaco is one of those tracks that stands out for a high aerodynamic load and a significant percentage of time spent braking, but these braking sections are not particularly intense. In spite of braking sections that are on average only slightly intense, this track is nonetheless demanding on the brakes, especially because of the high temperatures reached by the calipers and brake fluid.

In the past, the temperatures of the calipers and brake fluid reached exceptionally high levels, in some cases causing vapor lock when the liquid inside the caliper boils over. This led to increased pedal travel, which caused the brakes to respond more slowly.

Now, the work done by Brembo technicians to cool the brakes has alleviated those problems and the increase in the number of ventilation holes, to offer extra security.

According to Brembo technicians, who classified the 20 tracks in the World Championship, the Circuit de Monaco falls into the category of circuits presenting medium difficulty for the brakes.

The demand on the brakes during the GP
Monaco is the shortest track in the World Championship, measuring only 2.07 miles, and yet it has the most braking sections per lap, there are 12, five more than Montreal, which is considered one of the most demanding tracks for the braking systems.
The effort required of the brakes is not directly correlated to the number of braking sections, nor to the time spent braking. On the Monaco circuit, the drivers use their brakes for 15 seconds every lap, which totals 21percent of the overall duration of the race and is the record for the World Championship.
Since the stretches are not very fast, with the partial exception as the cars exit the tunnel and the Mirabeau, the braking never exceeds 1.9 seconds. And there are three corners where the peak deceleration doesn't even reach 3 G. That translates into an average deceleration of 3.8 G, which is exactly one point lower than that registered at Sochi.
The numerous braking sections means the amount of energy each car dissipates in braking over the entire course of the GP is really high, 190 kWh.
From the starting line to the checkered flag, the Brembo technicians forecast that each driver will apply a load of 106 tons on the brake pedal, which is the same as the total weight of 84 Ferrari La Ferrari cars. In other words, the drivers will be required to apply a force of more than 1.32 Ton on the brake pedal every minute of the race.

The most demanding braking sections
Of the 12 braking sections at the Circuit de Monaco, only one is classified as demanding on the brakes, five are of medium difficulty and six are light.
The most difficult braking section is after the tunnel (turn 10): the single-seaters arrive going 177 mph and brake for less than 2 seconds (1.80 seconds to be precise) to decelerate to 58.4 mph. They manage to do so in just 54.6 yards, which is barely more than half of the length of the Stade Louis II soccer field. At this point, the drivers undergo a deceleration of 4.7 G and have to apply a load of 317.4 lbs. on the brake lever.
At Mirabeau (turn 5) on the other hand, the speed drops down from 144 mph to 51.5 mph, but the single-seaters brake for 1.83 seconds and travel 42.6yards. The load on the pedal (300 lbs.) and the deceleration (4.5 G) are lower though.
The maximum speed over all (178 mph) is reached after the straightaway at the starting line, S.te Devote: the corner isn't very sharp so the cars can take it at 76.4 mph, braking for just 1.52 seconds.

Brembo performance
This track was where Brembo brakes achieved their first victory in Formula 1: credit goes to Niki Lauda and the Ferrari 312T, the first to use Brembo brake discs in 1975. Single-seaters with Brembo brakes have won 25 of the 43 Monaco GP races they took part in, including the last nine. Ayrton Senna was the winner six times at Monaco, always driving cars equipped with Brembo brakes.


About Brembo SpA
Brembo SpA is the world leader and acknowledged innovator of disc brake technology for automotive vehicles. Brembo supplies high performance brake systems for the most important manufacturers of cars, commercial vehicles and motorbikes worldwide,as well as clutches and other components for racing. Brembo is also a leader in the racing sector and has won more than 300 championships. Today the company operates in 15 countries on 3 continents, with 23 production and business sites, and a pool of over 9,800 employees, about 10% of whom are engineers and product specialists active in the R&D. 2017 turnover is € 2,463.6 million (12.31.2017). Brembo is the owner of the Brembo, Breco, AP, Bybre, and Marchesini brands and operates through the AP Racing brand.

Brembo Media Contacts:
Caroline Fallara                                                          Kyle Chura
Communications Manager                                         Brembo Media Consultant
Brembo North America, Inc.                                       +1 248 821 0468
+1 734 468 2109                                              
Maritime League of Legends Tour’s Search for a New Champion Begins Saturday

(BEDFORD, NS - May 24th, 2018) - The 2018 Maritime League of Legends Tour season begins on Saturday with the R&D Performancenter 50 at Scotia Speedworld. The 50-lap feature at the 3/10-mile oval is the first race of ten on the Series that will take Legend competitors to the five premier asphalt stock car ovals in the Maritimes. Over 20 Legend car teams are expected to get the Maritime racing season started on Saturday with the R&D Performancenter 50. Racing action at Scotia Speedworld begins at 4pm on Saturday, May 26th.

The Legend scene in the Maritimes is seeing a slight shift in brass as the 2018 season kicks off. Two-time and reigning champion Waylon Farrell (Conception Bay South, NL) has moved on to the Maritime Pro Stock Tour to compete for their Rookie of the Year Award. The Farrell’s Excavating team will still field one car on the Maritime League of Legends Tour for Fleet Brake Atlantic Rookie contender Sam Rogers (Lower Onslow, NS).

With age restrictions not allowing any driver under the age of 16 to compete at Scotia Speedworld, Rogers will not be in the No. 12 car on Saturday. The team has gone to the bullpen and sourced defending race winner Adam Meehan (Rawdon Gold Mines, NS) to race their car in the Season Opener. Meehan, who will only compete in select races in 2018, won the lid lifter at Scotia Speedworld one year ago for his first Series win.

Like Farrell, powerhouse names in Legend cars over recent seasons like Cory Hall (Jolicure, NB), Nicholas Naugle (Dartmouth, NS), Braden Langille (Shubenacadie, NS) and the Butcher brothers, Cole and Jarrett (Porter’s Lake, NS) have all moved into Late Models. Former INEX Canadian and Maritime League of Legends Tour champion Justin MacNeill (Bedford, NS) has stepped back from racing in 2018. With a number of big names stepping aside, the stage is set to crown a new champion of the Series this summer.

Emily Meehan (Rawdon Gold Mines, NS), who finished fourth in the standings in 2017, is the only top five point finisher from last season registered to compete full time in 2018. Darren Sherwood (Cambridge Narrows, NB) will race on the Tour this season but will miss the R&D Performancenter 50 on Saturday.

Shelby Baker (Fall River, NS) has announced his intentions to run for the Maritime League of Legends Tour championship in 2018. A former Bandolero champion at Scotia Speedworld, Baker won the Island Coastal Services and Steve’s Snow Removal 50 at Oyster Bed Speedway along with two weekly features at Scotia Speedworld in 2017.

A number of Scotia Speedworld regulars are slated to compete for the win Saturday in the R&D Performancenter 50. Reigning track champion Paul Goulden (Shelburne, NS) leads locals expected to compete including Tylor Hawes (Porter’s Lake, NS), Andrew and Shane Lively (Middle Sackville, NS) and Gary Bordage (Dartmouth, NS). Danny Harvey (Lantz, NS) will bring the CARQUEST Elmsdale Legend car to race on Saturday and will be joined by his Uncle, “The Legend” Cy Harvey (Elmsdale, NS) and Jeff Cruickshank (Hantsport, NS).

Craig MacDonald (Waverley, NS) will be a favorite to contend for the R&D Performancenter 50 on Saturday evening. MacDonald won the Scotia Tire 50 at Scotia Speedworld last August and will look to start off 2018 on a winning note at his home track.

Among the full time competitors for the Fleet Brake Atlantic Rookie of the Year Award include Nathan Blackburn (Timberlea, NS) and Nicole Richard (Belnan, NS). Blackburn comes from a background of Bandolero racing which includes a second place point finish at Petty International Raceway in 2017. Richard cut her teeth racing karts, most recently finishing second in points in the Senior division with AMKA in 2017. The top rookie driver in each event will receive a $50 bonus from Fleet Brake Atlantic with the top rookie in the standings at the end of the year receiving $250.

The R&D Performancenter 50 is the first of three stops by the series at Scotia Speedworld in 2018 and is a part of the track’s opening weekend for the 2018 racing season. Included on the Saturday, May 27th card is also the second round for the Maritime Pro Stock Tour as they contest a 150-lap feature. Pit gates for Legend competitors open at 12pm and grandstand gates for fans open at 1pm. Racing action gets under way with qualifying races for both feature events at 4pm. Tickets are available at the gate on race day. For complete venue information, including a detailed race day schedule, admission prices and much more, visit

About R&D Performancenter:
Since our inception in 1982 we’ve provided Atlantic Canada with the best in performance products and services. As we continue our tradition in performance and excellent customer service we invite you to explore our website at, visit us at 12551 Highway #2 in Lower Onslow, or give us a call at (902) 893-3795 for all your performance and racing product and service needs!

About Scotia Speedworld:
Scotia Speedworld (SSW) is a 3/10-mile asphalt oval racing facility. SSW is the only track in Nova Scotia to host a weekly racing series, which runs May through September and features six different classes of racecars. SSW also hosts special events, including Monster Jam and the Parts for Trucks Pro Stock Tour. SSW is located at Exit 6 on Highway 102, across from the Halifax Stanfield International Airport. For more information please click on or call our Event Hotline at (902) 873-2277 or our office at (902) 481-2514. Like us on Facebook at  and follow us on Twitter

About The Maritime League of Legends:
The Maritime League of Legends Association was formed in 2005 by a group of racer’s wanting to grow the Legends Cars division in the Maritime Provinces of Canada. In 2018, the Maritime League of Legends Tour will visit five venues throughout Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island between May and September during its ten race season. For more information on the Maritime League of Legends, please visit
Take Two! Speedway 660 to Open 25th Anniversary Season on Sunday

(Geary, NB - May 24th 2018) - After having to wait one week, the cars and stars of Speedway 660 are more than ready to hit the track Sunday afternoon for their opening race of 2018. The Race for Hunger will also serve as the Riverview Ford Lincoln Season Opener on Sunday, May 27th at 2pm after last Sunday’s event was washed out following persistent showers throughout the afternoon.

The Race for Hunger on Sunday afternoon is to benefit the Oromocto Food Bank. Fans are encouraged to bring donations, whether they are monetary or of non-perishable food items, with them to the race track on Sunday to support the effort. In addition, any school students attending or staff of an Oromocto area school with valid identification or school clothing will be admitted free of charge.

Fans will see racing action in four unique stock car racing divisions, including the RE/MAX East Coast Elite Realty Pro Stocks, Martin’s Home Heating Sportsman, DMR Auto Street Stocks and Fredericton Gun Shop Sharp Shooters.

A number of Speedway 660 regulars will find themselves in new divisions or new race cars on Sunday afternoon when the green flag flies for the first time in 2018. Drivers had the opportunity to shake down their rides last Saturday during the Pre-Season Practice. One of those drivers with a new car for the season is Justin Cole. The Harvey driver is making a return to the DMR Auto Street Stock division after spending two seasons in the Martin’s Home Heating Sportsman division.

“I’m really looking forward to returning to the DMR Auto Street Stock division,” said Cole ahead of Sunday’s Riverview Ford Lincoln Season Opener. “I’ve always had so much fun driving these cars. I think with the quality of drivers and equipment in this division that this is going to be one of the most exciting classes to watch all summer. I feel like there are seven or eight teams that could easily take home the championship in August and we hope to contend for that title on Night of Champions. Our team spent a tremendous amount of hours on a full rebuild on our No. 38 car and we’re really looking forward to getting the season underway Sunday!”

A number of champions, including multi-time champion Rick Cashol (Saint John) and Roger Slocum (Chipman) are among the roster registered for 2018. Last season’s runner up Shawn Hyslop (St. Stephen), third year driver Riley Goodwin (MacAdam), 2017 feature winner Chris Hanley (St. Stephen) and fan favorite Courtney Barton (Minto) lead a strong contingent of returning drivers to the DMR Auto Street Stock division.

A three way battle is shaping up for the Rookie of the Year Award in the class between three former Fredericton Gun Shop Sharp Shooter regulars. Reigning Sharp Shooters titlist Kyle Boudreau (Saint John), former champion Kyle MacKinnon (Lincoln) and Danny Bourque (St. Stephen) all have their new Street Stock machines ready for battle and are hungry to get the Riverview Ford Lincoln Season Opener underway. Will they be joined in their freshman quest by any others with the same goal? We will find out on Sunday afternoon.

Returning for 2018, children aged 15 and under will be admitted to the grandstands for free to every stock car event at Speedway 660. The admission structure makes it easier for families to attend race events at the track and received positive feedback from fans when implemented mid-season in 2017.

Adult grandstand admission price for Sunday’s Race for Hunger and Riverview Ford Lincoln Season Opener is $14 (aged 16 and up). Pit admission is $16 and is restricted to those 16 years of age and older. Tickets are available at the gate on race day. Pit gates for competitors will open at 9:30am, grandstand gates open for spectators at 12pm with racing getting underway at 2pm. A complete race day format will be available via later in the week.

For more information about the Riverview Ford Lincoln Season Opener or any event at Speedway 660, visit, like @Speedway660 on Facebook or call the Speedway 660 Banned Word/Site at (506) 454-7223.

About Riverview Ford Lincoln:
Riverview Ford Lincoln Sales is the number one choice for all things Ford in Fredericton, NB and the surrounding areas. Whether you're in the market for a new or quality pre-owned vehicle, servicing, parts or accessories, you'll find everything you need along with the warmest of welcomes here at Riverview Ford Lincoln. Your complete satisfaction is our absolute priority, and that philosophy permeates through every aspect of our operation. Ford has what must be the most impressive lineup of new vehicles in its history available right now, and you'll find them all here at Riverview Ford Lincoln. Visit them at 970 Hanwell Road, online at or call them at (506) 453-0400.

About Speedway 660:
Speedway 660 is one of Canada’s premier stock car racing facilities. Located in New Brunswick’s Fredericton region, it attracts race teams and fans from the Maritimes, New England and Quebec. The Speedway 660 racing season runs from mid May until Labour Day Weekend. SpeedWeekend, one of the most prestigious short track events in eastern North America, wraps up Speedway 660’s racing season.
Contact: Clayton Johns
(289) 314-5186 |

Andrew Gresel Rallies For Second-Place Finish in APC Series Opener at Sunset
Andrew Gresel in action during the 2018 APC United Late Model Series season opening event at Sunset Speedway on May 20, 2018. (Photo by Alain Thiboutot). 
SAUBLE BEACH, Ont. – May 23, 2018 – A busy and sometimes frustrating day required plenty of hard work, but the net result was a positive one for Andrew Gresel in the APC United Late Model Series season opener on Sunday. After starting the 100-lap main event from 22nd, Gresel drove his McRobert Fuels No.81 Ford Fusion to a second-place finish.
“It made for a really good day,” Gresel said of his runner-up result. “I was really happy, especially with all the work we did on the car. It was good to see everything come together.”
Gresel’s Sauble Falls Racing team had to work for their success. The team fought an issue with the nose of the car early in the day as it continually hit the racetrack on corner entry. The team thought they had solved the issue for qualifying, but the nose hit again and resulted in the 22nd-fastest time.
“We kept cutting the front nose up, taking quarter-inch chunks out of it (during afternoon practice) to get more clearance,” Gresel said. “The guys figured they had it beat. Coming into qualifying the front end hit and it hit every lap I guess. It caused the car to push way up the racetrack and it wouldn’t turn. It was a pretty tough qualifying deal.”
The time trial effort forced Gresel to the Last Chance race, although he had a provisional starting spot to fall back on. The Sauble Falls team used that to their advantage to solve the problem.
“We made our changes (after qualifying) did three laps in the Last Chance Race and it was fine,” Gresel explained. “The car was handling way better. It was night and day. I pulled off after that because I didn’t want to wear out the tires in the Last Chance race knowing we already had a spot.”
Starting deep in the field from row 11, Gresel knew he had to be patiently aggressive as he made his charge to the front.
“You had to be really patient throughout the pack because there were a couple of wrecks right away,” Gresel recalled.
Continued Gresel, “There were a few spots where I got boxed in. A lot of guys were running the inside line and there were times I could hop to the outside and make a pass. We made that work a few times. The car was really working good up high.”
Gresel made it as far as the fourth spot and it appeared that was as high as he would climb on the day with the top-three cars a half-track ahead. That forecast changed though when the caution flag waved on lap 93 and re-stacked the field for a seven-lap shootout.
“We restarted on the outside and made the pass on Shae Gemmell. That wasn’t an issue because I think he was out of tires,” Gresel explained.
Gresel then set out to track down JR Fitzpatrick, who had restarted second.
“I followed JR and I could see he was tight and I could see the 9-car was pulling away. That’s when I decided to move him out of the way. We got into JR and moved him up the racetrack. I didn’t want to spin him because that would have only hurt us. We just gave him a good tap to let him know we were there and away we went.”
Ultimately, Gresel ran out of time to catch Watson and settled for second on the afternoon.
 “I could tell he was really pushing it,” Gresel said of Watson in the closing laps. “I think we had something for him, but we needed another four laps. Time is always an issue when you’re starting at the back. You never have enough time.”
Regardless, Gresel was happy with the effort and resilience his Sauble Falls Racing team showed. In post-race technical inspection, Gresel was among four drivers penalized for an improperly built fuel cell containment area. All four drivers received the same penalty, including a $250 fine and loss of 15 championship points. However, Gresel felt a team violated the rule more seriously and extensively and should have received a more severe penalty.
“I don’t want everybody to be painted with the same brush,” Gresel explained. “If somebody deserves a more serious penalty, it should be acted on. Not everybody deserves the same penalties. We have raced this chassis since the Series started in 2015 and have not made any structural changes to it. I’m not sure why there is an issue now.”

Gresel and his team will now turn their attention to the Interstate Batteries 100 at Flamboro Speedway on Saturday, June 2. For additional event information, visit and
Pro Late Model – 1 Start: 0 Wins, 1 Top-5s, 1 Top-10s
Limited Late Model – 0 Starts: 0 Wins, 0 Top-5s, 0 Top-10s
Twitter: @SaubleFalls81

Andrew Gresel and the Sauble Falls Racing team are proud to partner with several dedicated marketing partners for the 2018 race season, including McRobert Fuels, Sauble Falls Tent & Trailer Park, CUSW - Canadian Union of Skilled Workers, Hy-Grade Roofing, London Recreational, Gallinger Ford Lincoln, F1 Freight Systems, Ron O’Brien Remax, Barry’s Construction and Raden Givari at Ehomes.



(Halifax, NS, May 23, 2018) This Saturday the Parts for Trucks Pro Stock Tour will make its first of four stops this season at Scotia Speedworld for the Cummins 150.  The Cummins 150 will mark round two of 12 for the elite stock car racing series that will visit four Maritime markets throughout the season. Atlantic Tiltload Heat Races for the Cummins 150 gets underway at 4:00 PM with grandstands gates opening at 1:00 PM.

Dylan Blenkhorn (Truro, NS) heads to his home track with the championship points lead after taking home the first checkered flag of the season last weekend at Petty International Raceway. 2016 Series champion Cole Butcher (Porter’s Lake, NS) enters round two in second position and also calls Scotia Speedworld home. Darren MacKinnon (Charlottetown, PE) sits in the third position while Craig Slaunwhite (Terence Bay, NS) and Dylan Gosbee (Cornwall, PE) round out the top five in points respectively.

The Exide Batteries Rookie of the Year battle kicked-off last weekend with Cory Hall (Jolicure, NB) having a great run with a seventh place finish earning him Rookie of the Race and a spot just outside the top five in the points standings. Waylon Farrell (Conception Bay South, NL) and Braden Langille (Shubenacadie, NS) also had respectable runs against a stout field in the Season Opener, both freshman drivers came home with top-20 finishes.

Joe Chisholm and the gang from Race Time Radio will back on the road with the Tour for seven events, beginning with Saturday’s Cummins 150. Race broadcasts will be available for listeners absolutely free, no subscription necessary, via by clicking the “Listen Live” link.

The Maritime League of Legends will kick off their 2018 campaign with a 50 lap feature prior to the Pro Stock feature.

The CARSTAR Weekly Racing Series will have their second attempt at getting the season underway with CTV Night on Friday. Four divisions will be in action, including the Affordable Fuels Sportsman, Toursec Thunder and Lightning and the Strictly Hydraulics Legend classes. Matt Vaughan (Bedford), Paul Goulden (Shelburne) and Dave Matthews (Kennetcook) will return full time to try and defend their championships earned a season ago while we are sure to see Toursec Lightning car champion Scott Thibodeau (Williamswood) in a number of big events in 2018. Pre-registration numbers are strong heading into the year and drivers are anxious to see the first green flag on Friday.

Admission for Saturday’s Cummins 150 is $25.00 for adults; $8.00 for youth (8-15yrs); pit admission is $30.00.  Admission for CTV night is $15.00 for adults, $5.00 for youth; pit admission is $18.00. Weekend passes are available, adults weekend passes are $35.00 for grandstands, $40.00 for pits. Children 7 and under are admitted for free all season at Scotia Speedworld. Tickets will be available at the gates on race day (Cash Only).


EXPECTED ENTRY LIST – Cummins 150 as of May 23


#03 – Stephen Halpin – Saint John, NB

#07 – Allison MacKinnon – Oyster Bed Bridge, PE

#08 - Nicholas Naugle - Dartmouth, NS

#0 - Shawn Turple - Enfield, NS

#5 – Jonathan Hicken – Brudenell, PE

#8 - Kent Vincent - Westmoreland, PE

#13 - Cory Hall - Jolicure, NB

#14 – Terry Dougay – Albany, PE

#18 – Darren MacKinnon – Charlottetown, PE

#21 - Shawn Pierce - Bridgewater, NS

#29 - Greg Proude - Springvale, PE

#30 – Stephen Lively – Shubenacadie, NS

#32 – Sarah McKay – Quispamsis, NB

#40 – Robbie MacEwen – Charlottetown, PE

#48 – Waylon Farrell – Conception Bay South, NL

#49 – Harry Ross White – Kennetcook, NS

#51 – Braden Langille – Shubenacadie, NS

#53 – Cole Butcher – Porter’s Lake, NS

#54 – Jarrett Butcher – Porter’s Lake, NS

#67 – Dylan Blenkhorn – Truro, NS

#81 – Nevin Scott – Marshfield, PE

#82 – Chris Hughes – Brackley Beach, PE

#89 – Donald Chisholm – Antigonish, NS

#91 – Dylan Gosbee – Cornwall, PE

#97 – John Flemming – Halifax, NS

#99 - Craig Slaunwhite - Terence Bay, NS 


*Entry list subject to change without notice


About Cummins:

Cummins Inc., a global power leader, is a corporation of complementary business segments that design, manufacture, distribute and service a broad portfolio of power solutions. The company’s products range from diesel and natural gas engines to hybrid and electric platforms, as well as related technologies, including battery systems, fuel systems, controls, air handling, filtration, emission solutions and electrical power generation systems. Headquartered in Columbus, Indiana (U.S.A.), since its founding in 1919, Cummins currently employs approximately 58,600 people committed to powering a more prosperous world. Cummins serves customers in about 190 countries and territories through a network of some 500 company-owned and independent distributor locations and approximately 7,500 dealer locations. Cummins earned $1 billion on sales of $20.4 billion in 2017


About the Parts for Trucks Pro Stock Tour:

The Parts for Trucks Pro Stock Tour (PST) is considered the highest level of stock car racing in Canada. The Tour is recognized in the industry as one of the healthiest stock car racing series in North America. PST visits five tracks throughout the Maritimes during its May through September season. The Parts for Trucks Pro Stock Tour is owned and operated by Maritime Pro Stock Tour Limited. For more information, call our administration office at 902.481.2531 or click . You can also follow us on Twitter at  and like us on Facebook at

About Scotia Speedworld:

Scotia Speedworld (SSW) is a 3/10-mile asphalt oval racing facility. SSW is the only track in Nova Scotia to host a weekly racing series, which runs May through September and features six different classes of racecars. SSW also hosts special events, including Monster Jam and the Parts for Trucks Pro Stock Tour. SSW is located at Exit 6 on Highway 102, across from the Halifax Stanfield International Airport. For more information please click on or call our Event Hotline at (902) 873-2277 or our office at (902) 481-2514. Like us on Facebook at  and follow us on Twitter

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