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Author Topic: Mantha Captures Popular First Late Model Win At Cornwall  (Read 1077 times)

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Mantha Captures Popular First Late Model Win At Cornwall
« on: July 26, 2010, 06:07:09 PM »
Mantha Captures Popular First Late Model Win At Cornwall

By Greg Calnan Cornwall, ON (Sunday, July 25th) The Ontario Dirt Late Models continued their eastern Ontario swing on Sunday with the tours second annual visit to Cornwall Motor Speedway. A total of 25 cars were on hand for the second round of the 2010 season.

Andrew Reaume and Chad Valone lined up on the front row for the 35 lap main event and at the drop of the green flag it was Valone grabbing the early lead. Jason McCrory brought out the first yellow of the evening with a slide through the infield grass. As the field went back to green conditions it was again Valone setting the pace until lap 3 when chaos ensued. Similar to the previous night at Brockville a multi-car crash filled the racing surface in the first corner. A number of drivers were involved with Keith Cameron, Mike Lewis and Jason Haskell receiving the worst of the damage.

After a brief time for cleanup the race was back underway with Valone continuing to lead and his teammate, and winner the previous night, David Scott moving his way up to the top three. Outside pole sitter Reaume began to fade in the middle stages of the race and gave up second to Scott. Both Greg Oakes and Peter Mantha were able to get by Reaume setting up a four car battle for the win.

On lap 16 Jeff Mutton brought out the yellow for a spin in corner two. The restart would feature the team cars of Valone and Scott on the front row. Valone continued his dominance by riding the top line around the track. The top groove began to lose its speed though as the laps wore on. Third place Oakes began to find bite on the bottom lane and moved past Scott for second and set his sights on the leader. The top two began to catch lapped traffic and it proved to be costly for Valone. He and Oakes split a lapped car going into corner three. Oakes was able to squeeze by on the bottom while Valone went too high and ran out of track. Valone went over the top of the banking and came to a rest in turn four bringing out the yellow on lap 23.

Oakes and Scott duked it out on the restart while a patient Mantha sat in third. Lapped traffic was the story in the closing laps as the top three chased down the win. Mantha did the best job of navigating through the field moving past Scott for second. Mantha then got the break he needed as he and leader Oakes went into the third corner side by side. A slower car in the path of Oakes allowed Mantha to rocket around the top of three and four and grab the lead at the line. The Gatineau, Quebec native lead the closing laps on the way to his first career late model victory. Oakes crossed the line second while Scott maintained the point lead with his third place finish.

It was a popular win for the former Cornwall Motor Speedway DIRTcar Small Block Modified driver. His victory propelled him two positions into third in Ontario Dirt Late Model points standings just 6 points out of first.

The Ontario Dirt Late Models return to action on Sunday, August 1st at Humberstone Speedway in Port Colborne, Ontario.

Cornwall Motor Speedway - Cornwall, Ontario

(Number Name - Hometown)
05 Mike Lewis Wallaceburg, ON
1* Peter Mantha Gatineau, QC
2v Chad Valone Warren, PA
3 David Scott Garland, PA
7D Jeff Dayman Welland, ON
RH21 Gregg Haskell Chatham, ON
22 Greg Oakes Franklinville, NY
22x Jim Mason Fullmore, NY
23 Rob Perry Foxboro, ON
25 Greg Belyea Sterling, ON
29 Phil Potts Frankford, ON
33 Don Gordon Chatham, ON
34 Jim Jones Chatham, ON
38 Kirk Hooker Chatham, ON
49 Jason McCrory Carrying Place, ON
57 Charlie Sandercock Trenton, ON
60 Dale Glassford Thamesville, ON
75 Beau Brown Brighton, ON
77 Brett Reaume Blenheim, ON
77x Caley Weese Carrying Place, ON
88 Andrew Reaume Blenheim, ON
92 Adam West Ridgetown, ON
92c Keith Cameron Tilbury, ON
RH94 Jason Haskell Blenheim, ON
98 Jeff Mutton Brighton, ON

(top 2 finishers in each heat redraw for feature starting positions)

(10 laps)
Finish. Number Name (Starting Position)
1. 88 Andrew Reaume (2)
2. 3 David Scott (7)
3.. 34 Jim Jones (4)
4. 98 Jeff Mutton (1)
5. 23 Rob Perry (3)
6. 75 Beau Brown (5)
7. 22x Jim Mason (8)
8. 60 Dale Glassford (9)
9. RH94 Jason Haskell (6)

(10 laps)
Finish. Number Name (Starting Position)
1. 1* Peter Mantha (2)
2. 22 Greg Oakes (8)
3. 92 Adam West (1)
4. 77 Brett Reaume (4)
5. 33 Don Gordon (6)
6. 92c Keith Cameron (7)
7. 77x Caley Weese (5)
8. 49 Jason McCrory (3)

(10 laps)
Finish. Number Name (Starting Position)
1. 2v Chad Valone (8)
2. 38 Kirk Hooker (2)
3. 25 Greg Belyea (1)
4. 29 Phil Potts (4)
5. RH21 Greg Haskell (3)
6. 57 Charlie Sandercock (6)
7. 7D Jeff Dayman (7)
8. 05 Mike Lewis (5)

(35 laps)
Finish. Number Name (Starting Position)
1. 1* Peter Mantha (5)
2. 22 Greg Oakes (4)
3. 3 David Scott (6)
4. 38 Kirk Hooker (3)
5. 25 Greg Belyea (9)
6. 88 Andrew Reaume (1)
7. RH21 Gregg Haskell (15)
8. 92 Adam West (8)
9. 7D Jeff Dayman (20)
10. 2v Chad Valone (2)
11. 57 Charlie Sandercock (18)
12. 29 Phil Potts (12)
13. 77x Caley Weese (19)
14. 34 Jim Jones (7)
15. 49 Jason McCrory (21)
16. 77 Brett Reaume (11)
17. 33 Don Gordon (14)
18. 98 Jeff Mutton (10)
19. 05 Mike Lewis (22)
20. 75 Beau Brown (16)
21. 22x Jim Mason (23)
22. 23 Rob Perry (13)
23. 92c Keith Cameron (17)
24. RH94 Jason Haskell (25)
25. 60 Dale Glassford (24)

UNOFFICIAL TOP 5 IN POINTS AFTER ROUND #1 Rank. Number Name Total (Positions Gained/Lost) 1. 3 David Scott - 185 (--) 2. 22 Greg Oakes - 183 (+1) 3. 1* Peter Mantha - 179 (+2) 4. 88 Andrew Reaume - 177 (-2) 5. Kirk Hooker - 169 (+1)

Track Mart Challenge Winner: RH21 Gregg Haskell

Contingency Awards:
Klotz Oil Award 25 Greg Belyea
BRC Hard Charger Award - 7D Jeff Dayman
Keizer Aluminum Wheels Hard Luck Award - 92c Keith Cameron

2nd Place R2C Competition Filters 22 Greg Oakes
3rd Place Keizer Aluminum Wheels 3 David Scott
4th Place Bolt-on Performance 38 Kick Hooker
5th Place Leaf Racewear 25 Greg Belyea
6th Place Keizer Aluminum Wheels 88 Andrew Reaume
7th Place RH21 Gregg Haskell
8th Place Klotz Synthetic Lubricants 92 Adam West
9th Place Keizer Aluminum Wheels 7D Jeff Dayman
10th Place Bolt-on Performance 2v Chad Valone
11th Place - Tim Hortons - 57 Charlie Sandercock
12th Place Bolt-on Performance 29 Phil Potts
13th Place FK - 77x Caley Weese
14th Place Klotz Synthetic Lubricants - 34 Jim Jones
15th Place Bolt-on Performance 49 Jason McCory
16th Place - Klotz Synthetic Lubricants - 77 Brett Reaume
17th Place - Klotz Synthetic Lubricants - 33 Don Gordon
18th Place Shoppers - 98 Jeff Mutton
24th Place Klotz Synthetic Lubricants - RH94 Jason Haskell

Sunday, August 1st, 2010
@ Humberstone Speedway
Port Colborne, Ontario

Ron Piotrowski
Ontario Dirt Late Model Association

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Mantha Captures Popular First Late Model Win At Cornwall
« on: July 26, 2010, 06:07:09 PM »


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