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Author Topic: Shadow Report - Well the Delly PR juggernaut marches forward  (Read 770 times)

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Well the Delly PR juggernaut marches forward.

Its come out that they won't be doing their traditional Dave Lawrence memorial 28 lap deal this year. Whatever the reasons are, I have no idea. Ask them.

As for me, I can only say to Kris Lawrence, Jo Lawrence and Mom Heather Lawrence that they can rest assured that he is not forgotten by the ones that matter. Those that raced against him, and those who watched, remember well the spirit of sportsmanship and hard racing that your Dad represented, as well as the devastating sudden loss. Kevin Bulmer nailed it the week later when he stepped out on the front straight and said "last week when we left the speedway for the evening, the Delaware racing family was whole. Today a week later, it is not."

It still isn't.

Please don't think the Speedway's lack of recognition this year marks the end of our remembrance of Dave Lawrence. It surely does not. They can speak for themselves but they do not speak for us.

Its maybe a little late in the game for a grassrrots campaign and to get t-shirts or stickers or whatever made up. However I humbly offer up this pic for anyone who wants to put is as their profile pic for a day...or even to print it off as a sticker and put it on your car. I really don't remember who made it, but it was the original one that went around when Dave died.

Not forgotten. Not ever. Believe it.

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