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Author Topic: Flamboro Speedway – September 29, 2018  (Read 1302 times)

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Flamboro Speedway – September 29, 2018
« on: October 05, 2018, 10:22:09 PM »
Flamboro Speedway – September 29, 2018

As always, Frostoberfest did not disappoint as the entire Saturday afternoon and night of racing was filled with close action in all the attending divisions.

OSCAAR Modifieds

The magic for John Harper continues at Flamboro Speedway as he won the OSCAAR Modified Frostoberfest feature on Saturday night.

John Harper won the first heat ahead of Cory Horner, Jason Keen, Jason Bowden, Luke Gignac, Kelly Balson, Dan Price, Marshall Schrenk, and Tyler Di Venanzo.

Chris Milwain won the second heat ahead of A.J. Emms, Jase Cornell, Dale Reinhart, Jeff Showler, Gary Elliott, Shawn Chenoweth, David Balych, and Wally Wilson.

Kelly Balson won the third heat ahead of Elliott, Reinhart, Keen, Harper, Price, Cornell, Showler, and Di Venanzo.

Shawn Chenoweth won the fourth heat ahead of Gignac, Emms, Bowden, Horner, Milwain, Schrenk, Balych, and Wilson.

Come feature time, John Harper started pole ahead of Dale Reinhart, Cory Horner, Kelly Balson, Luke Gignac, A.J. Emms, Chris Milwain, Jason Keen, Jason Bowden, Shawn Chenoweth, Gary Elliott, Jase Cornell, Jeff Showler, Dan Price, David Balych, Wally Wilson, Marshall Schrenk, and Tyler Di Venanzo.

John Harper jumped out to the early lead ahead of Reinhart and Horner, but the caution would come out on the opening lap for Showler going around on the backstretch. Harper would get a good restart ahead of Reinhart, with Balson alongside Horner for third. Horner would get the spot, with Gignac getting alongside Balson for fourth, however the second caution came out on Lap 3 when Cornell would go around in turn two; Elliott was deemed an involved car.

Harper got another good restart ahead of Reinhart, with Horner and Balson once again side-by-side for third. Horner took the third spot on Lap 5 ahead of Gignac, with Chenoweth moving into fifth a lap later ahead of Emms and Keen.

The race would take a strung out approach through the middle portion, with nothing happening except for Milwain heading off the track with a problem on Lap 37. Chenoweth would catch Gignac for fourth, looking for a way by five straight laps. He wouldn’t be able to make it happen, though, as the pair made contact on Lap 41, causing Gignac to go around for the third caution.

The restart brought out the fourth caution as both Price and Balson went around in turn two. The second attempt was clean, with Harper getting a good restart ahead of Reinhart and Horner, as Emms and Keen battled for fourth. Horner would move into second ahead of Keen and Emms on Lap 44, when the caution would come out for Bowden going around on the backstretch.

Harper got a good restart ahead of Horner and Keen, with Emms getting alongside Keen for third with five laps to go. He would complete the pass a lap later, as Gignac moved back up into. The last lap would then have a piece of drama, too, with Bowden spinning Price in turn two.

John Harper got the win ahead of Cory Horner, A.J. Emms, Jason Keen, Luke Gignac, Shawn Chenoweth, Dale Reinhart, Gary Elliott, Jase Cornell, Dan Price, Jason Bowden, Marshall Schrenk, David Balych, Tyler Di Venanzo, Kelly Balson, Chris Milwain, Wally Wilson, and Jeff Showler.

Feature Video -

OSCAAR Hot Rod Series

Tyler Hawn put together another impressive OSCAAR Hot Rod Series season together, winning the Frotoberfest feature en route to his second straight championship.

Billy Alderson Jr. won the first heat ahead of Tyler Hawn, Marty Monette, Steve Book, Jeremy McLean, and Nick Clarke.

Dan Archibald won the second heat ahead of Jerry Broom, Derek Henderson, Adrian Foster, Douglas Fischer, and Rodney Rutherford.

The third heat didn’t start off well, with Henderson hitting the turn one wall. Marty Monette picked up the win ahead of Alderson Jr., Book, Fischer, and Rutherford.

Tyler Hawn won the fourth heat ahead of Archibald, Broom, Clarke, Foster, and McLean.

Come feature time, Marty Monette started pole ahead of Billy Alderson Jr., Tyler Hawn, Jerry Broom, Steve Book, Dan Archibald, Douglas Fischer, Adrian Foster, Nick Clarke, Jeremy McLean, and Rodney Rutherford.

The action started right away with Archibald, Foster, and Fischer going three-wide mid-pack, with contact sending Fischer through the infield grass. Marty Monette would grab the early lead ahead of Hawn and Alderson Jr., but the caution would come out on Lap 3 for debris.

Tyler Hawn would grab the lead on the restart ahead of Monette, as Archibald got alongside Alderson for third. The pair would make contact, with Archibald sliding into the frontstretch grass for the second caution at Lap 5.

Hawn would get a good restart ahead of Alderson and Monette, with Archibald back up to fourth as of Lap 7 after starting tail of the field. Archibald continued to move forward, passing Monette for third on Lap 9. Archibald would get alongside Alderson for second on Lap 12, completing the pass a lap later. The race appeared to have a green flag look to it till Lap 18 when the caution came out for Monette going around in turn four, collecting McLean in the process.

The restart would see a battle for the lead with Dan Archibald getting the top spot. Archibald would cross the finish line first, but was disqualified post-race in technical inspection. Tyler Hawn got credited with the win ahead of Billy Alderson Jr., Steve Book, Jerry Broom, Rodney Rutherford, Adrian Foster, Marty Monette, Nick Clarke, Jeremy McLean, and Douglas Fischer. Derek Henderson failed to take the green flag after his heat crash.

Feature Video -

OSCAAR Pro Sprints

For the second straight week, the OSCAAR Pro Sprints ran a pair of features. However, this time, it wasn’t one driver winning both of them.

Brian MacDonald started pole for the first feature ahead of Kevin Taylor, Bill Hetherton, Gary Triska, Larry Westwood, Tyler Cullen, Brody Rickwood, Shawn Stanley, Rob Summers, Norman Newman, Ryan Battilana, Jaden Riddell, and Daniel Hawn.

Kevin Taylor would take the lead on the initial start, with Triska in second. The shuffling would happen quickly, though, with Jaden Riddell moving into second on Lap 2, followed by taking the lead a lap later. Hawn would move into second ahead of Taylor, Triska, and Rickwood. Rickwood would get alongside Taylor for third on Lap 5, with Cullen alongside Triska. Rickwood moved into third on Lap 6 ahead of Cullen.

Race leader Riddell would run into a problem on Lap 6, beginning to slow. This would allow Daniel Hawn to take the lead ahead of Rickwood, Taylor, Shawn Stanley, and Battliana. Battliana continued to move forward, getting alongside Taylor for third on Lap 9, completing the pass a lap later. Meanwhile, mechanical problems continued to plague competitors as Newman slowed with a problem.

With 11 laps on the board, Cullen would make his way into the top-five. The progress continued as he moved into fourth on Lap 12, with Stanley and Triska taking Taylor three-wide for fifth. Triska got the spot as Hetherton slowed with a problem on Lap 14.

Daniel Hawn picked up the win ahead of Brody Rickwood, Ryan Battilana, Tyler Cullen, Gary Triska, Shawn Stanley, Rob Summers, Kevin Taylor, Brian MacDonald, Larry Westwood, Bill Hetherton, Norman Newman, and Jaden Riddell. Shawn Stanley failed to take the green flag.

Tyler Cullen started pole for the second feature ahead of Ryan Battilana, Brody Rickwood, Daniel Hawn, Gary Triska, Shawn Stanley, Rob Summers, Jaden Riddell, Brian MacDonald, Larry Westwood, Bill Hetherton, Norman Newman, Kevin Taylor, and James Stanley.

Ryan Battilana jumped out to the early lead, with Hawn slipping into second ahead of Rickwood. Daniel Hawn would then take the lead on Lap 2, with Battilana second ahead of Riddell, as Rickwood slipped back to fourth ahead of Cullen.

Further up the field, Riddell would get by Battilana to move into second, as Rickwood continued to run fourth ahead of Cullen. Jaden Riddell’s climb to the front would be complete on Lap 7, as he’d get alongside Hawn for the lead on Lap 8, taking the top spot a lap later. Battilana continued to run third ahead of Rickwood, and Cullen. The shuffling didn’t end there with James Stanley getting by Cullen for fifth on Lap 15.

Jaden Riddell picked up the win ahead of Daniel Hawn, Ryan Battliana, James Stanley, Tyler Cullen, Shawn Stanley, Rob Summers, Gary Triska, Brian MacDonald, Norman Newman, Larry Westwood, Kevin Taylor, and Bill Hetherton.

Second feature video -

Ontario Legends Series

Taking the lead in the early stages, Matt Haufe held on to score the Ontario Legends Series Frostoberfest victory at Flamboro Speedway.

Kenny McNicol Jr. won the first heat ahead of Joe Adams, Bryan Batty, Wes Cuthbertson, Terry McCelland, Cory Richardson, and Dawson Drimmie.

Matt Haufe won the second heat ahead of Kevin Foisy, Brandon Thurlby, Adam Cuthbertson, Don Arnott, Rick Eades, Jeff Forsey, and Andrew Massey.

The third heat featured a quick yellow on Lap 1 when Hayden Brown spun Robin Jongen in turns one and two. Josh Indig picked up the win ahead of Ray Janisse, Jongen, Shane Pollock, Brown, Mike Westwood, and Joe Sherman.

Wes Cuthbertson won the fourth heat ahead of McNicol, McCelland, Adams, Batty, Richardson, and Jeremy Coulter.

Matt Haufe went for the daily double ahead of Foisy, Adam Cuthbertson, Thurlby, Massey, Eades, Forsey, and Arnott.

Robin Jongen won the sixth heat ahead of Indig, Janisse, Brown, Westwood, Sherman, and Paul Perik.

A b-main feature would be used to set the tail of the field for the feature. Bryan Batty took the initial lead ahead of McCelland, Brown, Richardson, and Eades. Unfortunately, cars began to have issues as McCelland slowed on Lap 6, followed by Perik a lap later. Bryan Batty picked up the win ahead of Hyden Brown, Cory Richardson, Rick Eades, Don Arnott, Andrew Massey, Jeremy Coulter, Jeff Forsey, Joe Sherman, Howard Bentley, Paul Perik, and Terry McCelland.

Come feature time, Kevin Foisy started pole ahead of Robin Jongen, Kenny McNicol, Josh Indig, Matt Haufe, Ray Janisse, Wes Cuthbertson, Brandon Thurlby, Adam Cuthbertson, Joe Adams, Shane Pollock, Dawson Drimmie, Bryan Batty, Hyden Brown, Cory Richardson, Rick Eades, Don Arnott, Andrew Massey, Jeremy Coulter, Jeff Forsey, Joe Sherman, Paul Perik, Terry McCelland, Mike Westwood, and Howard Bentley.

The race did not open on a good note, with McCelland blowing the motor through turns one and two, laying down a trail of fluid in the process. After that was cleaned up, the second attempt to start the race would see a messy restart with cars going everywhere, including Brown driving over Drimmie’s fender. The third attempt was clean with Foisy taking the early advantage as Haufe got alongside McNicol for second. However, the third caution came out on Lap 3 for Westwood getting into the turn one and two wall.

Foisy got a good restart ahead of Haufe, with Jongen alongside McNicol for third. McNicol held onto the spot, with Indig rounding out the top-five. Matt Haufe would then make his way into the lead on Lap 5 ahead of Foisy, with Jongen back alongside McNicol for third ahead of Indig and Cuthbertson. The battle was cut short as the fourth caution came out on Lap 8 for Coulter spinning in turn one, followed by Drimmie spinning in turn two, with Forsey catching a piece.

Haufe would get a good restart ahead of Foisy and McNicol, with Jongen getting alongside McNicol for third on Lap 11 as Batty slowed with a problem. Jongen took the third spot a lap later, with McNicol fourth ahead of Adam Cuthbertson as Westwood pulled off the track.

The field would end up strung out, weaving through lap cars, with the only pass in the final laps in the top-five happening when Indig made his way by Adam Cuthbertson for fifth with two laps to go. The final lap wasn’t without drama, though, as Thurlby and Janisse would get together in turn two.

Matt Haufe got the win ahead of Kevin Foisy, Robin Jongen, Kenny McNicol, Josh Indig, Adam Cuthbertson, Joe Adams, Wesley Cuthbertson, Brandon Thurlby, Andrew Massey, Cory Richardson, Shane Pollock, Ray Janisse, Rick Eades, Dawson Drimmie, Don Arnott, Howard Bentley, Jeff Forsey, Hayden Brown, Joe Sherman, Bryan Batty, Terry McCelland, Mike Westwood, Jeremy Coulter, Paul Perik, and Parker Traves.

Feature Video -

Pure Stocks

Running up front with the leaders paid off for Phil Givens, who’d score the feature victory in the Pure Stock Frostoberfest feature on Saturday evening at Flamboro Speedway.

Kyle Neumeister set the quickest time in qualifying at 18.996 seconds, followed by Billy Schwartzenburg, Phil Givens, Leo Labarbera, and Courtney Scott. Mark Thorne was sixth, followed by Karl Sault, Clinton Kerkhof, Matt McCaig, Jared Bodnar, Andy Wheller, Michael Neumeister, John Cote, Scott Brooks, Chris Pendlebury, Ryan Hillar, Dylan Sharpe, Bill Rutherford, Russ Couture, and Andrew Packer.

Neumeister jumped out to the early lead ahead of Schwartzenburg and Givens, with Labarbera and Kerkhof side-by-side for fourth on Lap 2 ahead of Thorne, with Kerkhof moving into fourth on Lap 4 ahead of Labarbera. Unfortunately, McCaig’s run came to an end on Lap 16, as he ran into mechanical issues.

Givens was able to track down Schwartzenburg as they negotiated the lap cars, getting alongside him for second on Lap 18. He would complete the pass a lap later as Kerkhof continued to run fourth. The race’s first caution would come out three laps later for Wheller stopping in turn four with a problem.

Kyle Neumeister got a good restart ahead of Givens, with Kerkhof moving into third ahead of Schwartzenburg and Labarbera. Hillar’s race came to an end in dramatic fashion as he’d get up on the backstretch wall on Lap 28, bringing out the race’s second caution.

Kyle Neumeister got a good restart, holding off the field to cross the finish line in first-place. He would be disqualified in post-race technical inspection, though, stripping him of the win. Phil Givens was given the victory ahead of Clinton Kerkhof, Billy Schwartzenburg, Leo Labarbera, Mark Thorne, Jared Bodnar, Courtney Scott, Karl Sault, Michael Neumeister, and Chris Pendlebury. Dylan Sharpe finished 11th, followed by Bill Rutherford, John Cote, Scott Brooks, Russ Couture, Andrew Packer, Matt McCaig, Ryan Hillar, Andy Wheller, and Matt Young.

Feature video -

Pro 4 Modifieds

Mark Lucas continued to add to his win total this season, picking up the Frostoberfest feature victory for the Pro 4 Modifieds at Flamboro Speedway.

Mark Lucas started pole ahead of Rodney Rutherford, Cliff Hodgkinson, Dave Hodgkinson, Shannon Morris, and Sean Carey. The first attempt to start the event saw a caution with Morris going around for a spin. The second attempt was clean with Cliff Hodgkinson taking the initial lead ahead of Lucas, Dave Hodgkinson, Morris, and Carey as Rutherford pulled off with mechanical issues. Lucas would track down Cliff for the lead, giving him a shot at Lap 5, keeping himself close all the way till Lap 10, when he made the pass to take over the lead.

Mark Lucas scored the win ahead of Cliff Hodgkinson, Shannon Morris, Dave Hodgkinson, Sean Carey, and Rodney Rutherford.

Feature video -

Super Stocks

Shawn Chenoweth set the quick time for the super stocks at 16.297 seconds ahead of Ken Grubb, Carson Nagy, Brad Collison, Matt Bentley, Justin Collison, Randy Rusnell, Coltin Everingham, Bobby Mercer, Steve Book, Kevin Gallant, Steve Adams, Dan Archibald, Jerry Broom, Nick Clarke, AJ Miller, Rodney Rutherford, and Kevin Nicol. These drivers are all locked into the show via speed.

Mini Stocks

Andy Kamrath set the quick time for the Mini Stocks at 17.720 seconds ahead of Will Gibbons, Pat MacDonald, Wayde Thorne, Dylan Sharpe, David Gallinger, Jake Gilbert, Shawn Taylor, Billy Schwartzenburg, Brian Wilson, Gary Jones, Samantha Shaw, Jonathan Ayrton, Karl Sault, Erik Dalla Riva, Alex Hastie, Mark Klotz, Matt Young, Jason Tolton, Cory McAllister, Tom Eckenswille, Andrea Parsons, and John Istead. These 24 drivers are locked into the field for the event.

The b-main will see Dave Watchorn start pole ahead of Kyle DaSilva, Gillian Hils, Tyler Lewis, Mike Hooper, Mark DaSilva, Ken Townsend, Mark Thorne, Chris Pendlebury, and Calvin Gordon. When this event is run, the top-six drivers will transfer to the main event.

The twin 50 lap features were originally scheduled to run on Sunday, September 30, however the event was postponed due to rain. Instead, the double features will be run on Saturday, October 13. The drivers will start the event as listed above when the event resumes. If a driver does not return, everybody will move up a spot on the grid; essentially for the mini stocks, if a qualified driver does not return, the first non-locked in driver gets bumped in. Additionally, if any new drivers show up, they will start behind those who have qualified their way in.

Thanks to Ingrid Hartman for all the videos. Please subscribe to her YouTube channel at

Thanks to Mike Keiers for all of his photos. See a full album from Saturday at

As previously mentioned, the second half of Frostoberfest has been postponed to October 13, with twin 50-lap features scheduled for the mini stocks and super stocks. They’ll also be joined by the Pro Late Models for their Grisdale Triple Crown, which features triple 50-lap features.

Gate details and admission prices, along with the full schedule for Flamboro Speedway this season can be found on the track’s website at

Be sure to keep up with the latest by following the speedway on Twitter at and Instagram at

Race Report by Ashley McCubbin

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Flamboro Speedway – September 29, 2018
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