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Snowball Derby pics for those that need a racing fix :)


Finally got some of my pics posted from the Derby weekend.

Cole Powell was there in the brand new Ted Musgrave owned 72 but had some trouble in the Last Chance and didn't make the Snowflake.

Jerry Artuso did make the grade for the Snowball and then had this unfortunate incident in practice late Sat afternoon. They reclipped it overnight and it was good as new for the big race.

Shawn McWhirter was there helping Augie Grill win the Snowflake and he was looking good in the Derby until getting caught up in a big wreck.

In a coincidence pointed out by my brother, the top 3 in the Snowball finish actually were sitting beside each other in the pre-race traditional picture of the Derby drivers.

This was the view of Chase Elliott that the boys had at the end of the race.

The full album is at:

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Thanks for sharing as we all need a racing fix. I have been tuning to Speed Channel a lot to get a racing fix.

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The FAN!:
Have watched this race many times on You tube, desperately fighting my way through a longgggggggg off season!
Unfortunately, with Speed TV, I'm getting pretty tired of "Passtime" and "Pimp my ride", wish they would show racing, any kind of racing, something, pleaseeeeee!     :( :'(lol

The Fan!

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Yes they do have some crap on there but I got to see the DTM race and they had some other good races.

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FAN, if you would like a mid-winter racing fix, Ransomville Speedway is hosting the Hangover 150 new years day. Track is located just over the queenston/lewiston boarder. Always a good day watchin drunk hillbillys smash into eachother.

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