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Author Topic: Racing Community helps out 2 kids that lost everything  (Read 653 times)

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  • 13 Seasons we have been around for. Racing Community helps out 2 kids that lost everything n a house fire.

The support has been great and we have raised 1400.00

here are some images of what we have bought so far.

I also have some used xbox 260 games and buildabears.

I still going to get a Ipod Touch and a Sony Hand Held and the girl is going to build a bear with my daughter to replace some bears and clothing.

We are still looking for used games for xbox 360, Apple I-Tunes Gift Cards and EB Games or Toys R US Gift Cards. Cash is ok any left over money after I buy all the stuff will be given to the mother to use.

Thank You again CRO Members as this would have not been possible to get all these great things to put a smile on these kids faces without your support.
If you would like to give email me.

Linkback: /smf/index.php?topic=15378.msg102038#msg102038
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