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Author Topic: Parkinson Wins Roy Smith Memorial  (Read 1461 times)

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Parkinson Wins Roy Smith Memorial
« on: September 10, 2012, 09:11:42 AM »

Parkinson Wins Roy Smith Memorial

Langford BC. September 8th, 2012:

   Western Speedway hosted the OTRA Series, Island Stock Cars, the last appearance for the Island Dwarf Cars, and the Richlock Rentals Non Wing Sprint Cars competing for the Roy Smith Memorial Trophy on Saturday night. James Dore picked up the Trophy Dash for the Dwarf Car Series, Chris Root was the winner for the Non Wing Sprint Car Dash, Tom Cinnamon won the OTRA Dash, while Dave Reside won the Stock Car Dash. Heat race winners included Brian Clutchey and Brandon Steen in the Stock Car Series, Duane Zeinstra and Larry Joyce won the OTRA Heats, Marc Parkinson and Deter Lajeune won the Sprint Car Heat races, while Joey Delorme and Mike Schott won Heat races in the Dwarf Car Series.
   Tovay Helgesen and John McNabb shared the front row for the start of twenty-five laps of racing in the Island Dwarf Car Series and Shaun Whatt grabbed the lead on the first lap and held that through two. James Dore, driving for Ike Armitage, passed for the lead with Mike Schott moving into the second position and Dave Emmerson, who started in eleventh, moved up to third on lap three. On lap six, Emmerson blasted by Dore and checked out on the field. Meanwhile Dore and Schott had a great race going with Schott trying everything to gain the second position. On lap seventeen the yellow came out as Miles Maxie spun out in turn three. On the restart, Emmerson drove away again and went on to the chequered flag followed by James Dore, Mike Schott, Chris Halliday, and Tyler Peters rounding out the top five positions.
   Ron Simpson and Kail Beck led eleven cars to the green flag for the start of the OTRA Feature event. Beck led the first lap until Jesse Dardengo passed for the lead on lap two dropping Beck back to second as Larry Joyce moved up to run in third. On lap eight, the yellow came out as one car spun in mid pack and several other drivers spun trying to avoid disaster. That included Tom Cinnamon, George Jenson, and James Miller and all cars were able to continue. On the restart, Dardengo went back to the lead followed by Beck and Duane Zeinstra. On lap eleven, Zeinstra went by Beck for second and started to run side by side and bumper to bumper with Dardengo for the lead with each other trading the lead at the line over the next several laps. On lap twenty the yellow came out as Zeinstra and Dardengo touched spinning Zeinstra around sending both drivers to the back of the pack for the restart. Larry Joyce and Tom Cinnamon battled briefly for the lead but it was Cinnamon who gained the lead outright by lap twenty-three. He took the chequered flag first followed by Joyce, James Miller, Beck, and Stephen Dardengo rounding out the top five positions.
   Tyler Woods led twelve cars to the green flag for thirty-five laps of racing in the Stock Car Series but Wayne Hart jumped to the lead on lap one but going through turn one he spun out and everyone went by with no caution coming out. Brian Clutchey gained the lead by lap three as Dave Reside moved into the second position followed quickly by Cody Aumen. On lap eight, Brandon Steen moved into the fourth spot followed soon after by Kyle Cottam. Up front, Clutchey opened a bit of a lead on the rest of the field and began to lap some of the back markers. As the laps were running out, Brandon Hutchinson spun around and again everyone missed a collision and no yellow needed. Going through lapped traffic, Reside and Aumen closed the gap on Clutchey a bit but could not get close enough to attempt a pass. Clutchey went on for the win followed by Reside, Aumen, Steen, and Kyle Cottam rounding out the top five positions.
   Jim Giles had the pole for the start of thirty laps of racing with the Richlock Rentals Non Wing Sprint Cars running for the Roy Smith Memorial Trophy. Eli Ross led for the first two laps until Marc Parkinson blasted into the lead on lap three followed quickly by Brain Bickford. On lap seven, Deter Lajeune moved up to the second position dropping Bickford back to third while Jeff Bird moved into the fourth position. On lap twelve, Bird moved up to the third position as Chris Root moved up to fourth. On lap twenty-one, Bird continued to move forward taking the second position as Root also made the move forward taking third one lap later. Root tried everything to get by Bird but the laps ran out and no one could catch Parkinson as he went on to claim the victory. Bird, Root, Lajeune, and Bickford rounded out the top five positions. This race only lasted eight minutes and eighteen seconds as they ran caution free from green to chequered flag in a well contested race.
   Saturday, August 15th, is the next scheduled event at Western Speedway, and will feature the Black Press Carriers Night with the Demo Cars, Demo Trucks, Mini Figure 8s, the Bombers, and will also see the Hornets running on the big oval. A total Destruction event is also planned.

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Parkinson Wins Roy Smith Memorial
« on: September 10, 2012, 09:11:42 AM »


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