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Author Topic: June 7 Results  (Read 821 times)

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June 7 Results
« on: June 08, 2014, 02:27:14 AM »
Hi gang!!! As with the last few weeks no time or desire to construct a full race report but I can post a full set of results.. So without any further adieu here they are!!!

LLM Feature 1 -- 1st) 12 Dwight Brown, 2nd) 91 Andre Pepin, 3rd) 22 Taylor Holdaway, 4th) 00 Darryl St. Onge, 5th) 49 "Flyin" Frank Davey, 6th) 69 Al "Red Rocket" Inglis, 7th) 10 Gord Shepherd, 8th) 24 Leonard "The Bandit" Johnston, 9th) Mike "The Hulkamaniac" Langley, 10th) 44 Rob Bromley, 11th) 27 Sam Reckzin, 12th) 31 Rick Walt (DQ)

LLM Feature 2 -- 1st Rick Walt, 2nd Andre Pepin, 3rd Leonard Johnston, 4th Darryl St. Onge, 5th Frank Davey, 6th Al Inglis, 7th Dwight Brown, 8th Gord Shepherd, 9th Mike Langley, 10th Rob Bromley, 11th Sam Reckzin, 12th Taylor Holdaway (DNS)

Thunder Car Feature -- 1st) 22 Jason Elliott, 2nd) 21 Desi Walt, 3rd) 16 Bryan Penny, 4th) 00 Luke Gignac, 5th) 64 Ryan Semple, 6th) 11 Adam Misener, 7th) 55 Shawn Goggins, 8th) 3 Jim Morrison, 9th) 54 Ed Cole, 10th) 83 Johnny Morrison, 11th) 12 Jim "Polish Prince" Beleskey, 12th) 10 Jordan Latimer, 13th) 37 Robbie Sikes, 14th) 18 Jay Cutting, 15th) 50 "Pistol" Pete Marquardt..

Heat wins went to Elliott, Walt, Gignac, and #10 "The Lil Gambler" Jordan Latimer.. First career Barrie Speedway checkered for the 10 team so that sure was great to see for 15 year old Jordan..

Pure Stock Feature -- 1st) 09 Dean Curry, 2nd) 10 Doug Butler, 3rd) 63 Jamie Cairns, 4th) 3 Randi Seguin, 5th) 28 JP Rosevear, 6th) 400 Justin Holmes, 7th) 57 Ryan Toon, 8th) 77 Mike Gettliffe, 9th) 06 Ryan Hardy, 10th) 64 Dave Crumbie, 11th) 24 Richard Butler, 12th) 31 Gil Brooks, 13th) 18 Tim Gagne, 14th) 6 Josh Inglis, 15th) 00 Joe Dunlop, 16th) 8 Paul Bogensberger Jr., 17th) 4 Barrie Moore, 18th) 47 Dave Rice, 19th) 60 Will Lamantia, 20th) 71 Pete Gettliffe, 21st) 29 Ray LaHay, 22nd) 05 Peter Wakeling, 23rd) 68 Brandon Crumbie, 24th) 88 Jeremy McLean..

As with the Thunders this division also featured 4 different heat race winners and they were Curry, Holmes, Toon, and #64 "California" Dave Crumbie..

Well that is absolutely all I have for now.. Keep in mind these are UNOFFICIAL RESULTS....Enjoy the rest of your weekend and the Pocono race if you indeed have that on your itinerary!! That's it for now......... FROM THE GONDOLA!!!! ;) ;)

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June 7 Results
« on: June 08, 2014, 02:27:14 AM »


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