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For Immediate Release
Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets
Sunset Speedway, Innisfil, ON
May 18, 2015
by Cindy Lorenz

Photos by Ralph Webbe
1. Ryan Fraser Winner with Mom and Dad
2. Top Three finishers Tyler Turnbull 3rd, Ryan Fraser Winner and Mack DeMan 2nd.
3  Lucas Smith Heat #1 winner


Ryan Fraser, of Rockwood, On, captured his first ever feature win with the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets Saturday night at Sunset Speedway (ON). Starting on the outside pole after winning his heat race, Fraser was the class of the field and will be a big contender for this 50th year Championship for the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets. This 18 year old young lion was in a new hand built car constructed by his Dad and Jeff Hanley and was stellar right out of the box. Two years ago Fraser took the checkered at the first race in a new car while running in the Hurricane Midgets series, then won Rookie of the Year and took home that Championship. Maybe history will repeat itself.

Taking the checkered flag and accepting the large trophy from Hoosier Tires, sponsor of the 'Spring Velocity' show, Fraser was very excited and said "I have so many people to thank.., Rob Neely for taking me under his wing when I was 13 years old and teaching me all his tricks and that showed tonight. My sponsors Acton Optical, DJD Designs, Dryden Auto Body, Southworks, I couldn't do this without you. To Jeff Hanley, Grandpa Larry, Billy Pippard Engines, and my Dad, especially my Dad, who has given up so much for me to follow my dreams...this win is for you."

Todd Cresswell took the lead at the drop of the green with Fraser up on his bumper. Lucas Smith, in a very fast Cliff Walsh owned TQ #49, was third followed by Rob Neely and defending champion Mack DeMan. DeMan wasted no time passing Neely and Smith to take over the third spot. Cresswell and Fraser were opening a 10 car lead over the field but DeMan kept his sights on them and started his charge to the front. Neely had a battle with another young determined racer, Tyler Turnbull, for the 4th position. On lap 7 rookie Jerrid Morphy pulled off with handling problems and one lap later Smith went into the pits for a flat tire.

Cresswell, very fast coming out of the turns, could not shake Fraser. Lap after lap they were nose to tail. Lap ten had the first caution as Barry Dunn spun resetting the field for the restart. Cresswell continued his lead with Fraser, DeMan, Neely and Turnbull in a tight pack on his bumper. Three laps later Rookies Steve Murdock and Craig Pitchell spun in turn four again bringing out the caution. They both returned to the rear for the restart. Smith also returned to the field. As the field gathered up for the green Cresswell had a throttle response issue and fell off the pace and was out of the race.

Fraser was strong at the restart with DeMan charging in second. Turnbull passed Neely for the third spot and Darren McLennan was now in the top five. The field was running a very quick low 13 second laps as Fraser continued his lead with the goal of getting that checkered flag for the first time. DeMan caught up to Fraser but didn't have enough to take over the lead. As the final laps ran off, Fraser remained in control over DeMan, followed by Turnbull, Neely, and McLennan. The checkered flag flew and Fraser joined an elite group of winners in the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midget series.

Of Note....Rookie James Marche, driving for the first time in a Lucas Oil Can-Am Midget for owner Barry Dunn finished a very respectable 9th. Craig Mackereth driving on a notable birthday finished tenth. The car he drove was numbered TQ #50 in honor of Laurie Stahle, mother of driver Adrian and wife of Wayne, who passed away on Thursday. Always in the pits with a beautiful smile and a helping hand, Laurie will be dearly missed.

Final finish for the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets at Sunset Speedway on May 16, 2015 is...1. RYAN FRASER,  2. Mack DeMan, 3. Tyler Turnbull, 4. Rob Neely,  5. Darren McLennan,  6. Brandon Zavarella, 7. Barry Dunn,  8. Dave Hickson,  9. James Marche (R), 10. Craig Mackereth,  11. Steve Murdock (R), 12. Craig Pitchell (R), 13. Lucas Smith, 14. Todd Cresswell, 15. Jeff Blackburn, 16. Jerrid Morphy (R).

Points after the first race of the 50th year for the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets are....1. RYAN FRASER...180, 2. Mack DeMan...167, 3. Tyler Turnbull...156, 4. Rob Neely...154, 5. Darren McLennan...144, 6. Brandon Zavarella...140, 7. Barry Dunn...130, 8. Dave Hickson...125, 9. James Marche (R)...120, 10. Craig Mackereth...115, 11. Lucas Smith...113, 12. Steve Murdock (R)...111, 13. Craig Pitchell (R)...107, 14. Todd Cresswell...104, 15. Jeff Blackburn...95, 16. Jerrid Morphy (R)...91.

The Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets will next  be at Flamboro Speedway on Saturday, May 23rd for the 2nd race of this very competitive series. Check out their website for news, updates, and finishes along with driver information and their schedule.

For more information on the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets contact Cindy Lorenz at

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