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« on: September 21, 2015, 03:20:27 AM »

Rolling off, the order after a small inversion is 38-Shaw on the pole with 86-Shwartzenberg alongside, followed by Kennedy and Thompson, then Pritiko and Laking.

When the green drops it turns into an immediate drag race between Shaw and Shwartzenberg with Kennedy tucked right in behind them. Side by side they went till about lap 5 when Shaw pulled ahead. Shwartzenberg got shuffled back and by lap 10 Shaw is on the run with Kennedy hunting him down. Caution flies for 24 Goetz as he goes around in one. Mad scramble to avoid and everyone comes up ok.

At this point Mark Watson is already in. Not sure what his problem was but he was having mechanical issue right from rolling off pit road. Unfortunately today was not his day.

At the restart its Shaw, Kennedy, Pritiko, Thompson, Chenoweth, Shwartzenberg, 9-Watson, Laking and Powell. Shaw goes high and Kennedy passes and brings Pritiko with him. Kennedy and Pritiko pull away slightly and by lap 16 Pritiko is knocking at the bumper. Kennedy holds him off until our first major caution flies at lap 17. Colliver, Goetz, McWhirter and Pilkey.

We get that cleaned up and take green again, but then Colliver is around in 3 again bringing out the yellow again. Not his day either...but this helped set up for one of the weirder things we saw all day.

Green flies again. Chenoweth is up to 3rd and Powell is up to 4th. Lead string is Kennedy Pritiko Chenoweth and Powell. Caution flies one more time at lap 33.

So after the cleanup, they take the white flag. Going down the backchute headed for green, Colliver goes bombing past the entire field, out to the front. The green flies but is botched somehow, and everyone slows up going into 1 because the caution lights are still on. Cars stack up huge, 4 wide in a couple of places. Coulda been a nightmare, but everyone comes out of turn two ok. Whew. Now were yellow again.

Its explained that Colliver had gotten the lucky dog pass...but I`m unsure of if Colliver goofed or the starter did. They get it sorted out then we`re green again.

Now the frontrunners are all running nose to tail and its Kennedy, Pritiko, Chenoweth, Powell, 9-Watson, Shaw, Cox, and Thompson. And we get a little follow the leader for a few laps. The real race is happening behind that lead string with Demelo, Doerr, and Laking having a great little three way dustup. But at the halfway mark, Demelo and Laking connect on the frontstretch and bring out the caution.

This one is the competition yellow so everyone brings it in for a little top up. Now were past the halfway and its time to find out who`s been showing their hand and whos been sitting in the bushes.

Pritiko has a rotten restart as both Chenoweth and Powell get past him on the first lap, and 9-Watson goes past a lap later. You can tell Kennedy`s pedaling a little faster now, but Chenoweth has got Kennedy set up. The two of them begin to run away. Powell`s holding firm in 3rd, but now Watson is going backward and Pritiko, Shaw, Gresel, and Box get past him. Up front Chenoweth is pushing Kennedy now, giving him some nudges but Kennedy holds firm.

Now caution flies at lap 64 as 39-Smith goes around in 1. Another restart and a lap later Watson and 60-Beauchamp are around to bring out another yellow.

On this restart theres a bit of a shmozzle coming out of two but everyone gets through and we stay green. Powell gets past Chenoweth and into 2nd and at this point it looks like Chenoweth might be off pace, but he hangs in there. The order is Kennedy, Powell and Chenoweth, with Shaw now being more aggressive and pushing hard to try and get by Chenoweth. No go. Gresel is up to 5th, and the running order is Kennedy, Powell, Chenoweth, Shaw, Gresel, Box, and Pritiko all nose to tail.

Now we're at 10 to go. Kennedy gets a slight lead as now Chenoweth is mounting a charge on Powell and keeping him busy, and on lap 96 the final caution as Thompson goes around coming out of 4.

Now on the restart its still Kennedy. Chenoweth and Powell are drag racing for 2nd and Powell comes up in 2nd. But then coming out of turn 2 Kennedy bobbles. Powell shoots into the lead, and Kennedy is off pace but still hanging on!

Last lap and Powell is in front with Chenoweth. Turn 3 and 4 Kennedy and Gresel tangle and are in the fence. Pritiko jumps into 3rd but Powell is our winner. Chenoweth 2nd.

Cole actually sounded a bit nervous in victory lane about being legal. Another funny quote went something like `Well I knew I had to pass Kennedy clean. Knowing this place they`d black flag me if I didn`t. `` (well duh. That IS the way its supposed to work, despite what Robert Duvall says.)

And in the end, after just having checked the Delaware site, it looks like Cole was found illegal anyway...but is still being called the winner. Head scratchy stuff like that just makes me feel old.

So, it was an awesome show in this fan's view, and showed me that a bunch of the guys have calmed down a bit after a few crazy races early in the season. There was no stupid drama...indeed this race didn`t score that high on the Vince McMahon-o-meter, but that`s ok. Kennedy and Chenoweth both drove a hell of a race, and Pritiko looks to be back in the saddle too. It was a treat to watch.


- It was sad to see Doug Stewart not make the show. I get it...was actually listening in on the driver meeting when they were adamant that 32 cars would qualify, and no more than 32. They couldn't play the Promoter's Choice card after that speech...but it was still a bummer.

-Too bad Colliver had such a crummy day. He`s got a good car there. Obviously he can drive, so better luck next year eh?

-Sad to see Shawn Thompson have such a lousy outing too. I can only imagine how much they wanted to do really well after losing Jerry. They didn't waste any time getting out of there today, so I'm sure they were pretty bummed.

-How about that Jay Doerr too. Brought it home 7th...not too shabby.

-Huge congrats to Dale Shaw. He has the honor of being the first APC series Champ. Don't know much about Dale but hes a stout runner and seems to keep his nose clean. Comes with a pedigree too :)

- Shout out to the fellas that came through with hero cards for little Shelby. I know theyre likely already on her bedroom walls. :) I know I didnt get to everyone, it was around the time everyone was busy. (and thanks to Shawn McGlynn for the Team Meineke swag too. Maybe its the little kid in me, but it still makes my day when someone flips me a hat or a t shirt. Thanks Shawn.)

- And thanks to Delaware. You guys had to make some tough calls yesterday, and I think you made the right ones. Guys can say what they want, and often do, but the bottom line is you're still providing the playground for everyone's good time. And this whole weekend was a hoot, even with the rain.

It was just a great, great weekend. I know I only covered the late model race, but it was ALL awesome, from the friday night bonestock freak show, OSCAAR mods, Super Stocks... dynamite as always (and awesome to hear the Morneau name on the loudspeaker again) Truck race was outta sight too. Only sorry the V8 boys got rained on...I'm not even sure who they called the winner. I'm thinking Arrand but not sure.

GCR weekend is always so much fun. And this year was one of the funnest.

Shadow out.

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