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Author Topic: Lucas Oil Can-AM Midgets: Racine Dominates with Third Win of 2017  (Read 242 times)

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Lucas Oil Can-AM Midgets: Racine Dominates with Third Win of 2017

Adam Racine took home the checkered flag for the third time this season at Flamboro Speedway dominating the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets series which is only four races into their 2017 season.

Racine’s first feature win of the season came at Flamboro back in May at their season opener. The only other winner this year was Mack DeMan at Lancaster Speedway two weeks ago where Racine finished 5th.

On a day with unbearable humidity and threats of thunder storms, Racine was up bright and early at Flamboro racing Go-Karts where he earned another Feature win in with that series.

In his Lucas Oil Can-Am Victory Lane interview, Racine thanked his Sponsors, Family, and especially the fans who came out to watch.  In a post race interview, Racine gave thanks to the Mackereths and Mack DeMan for the use of the winning car, his Dad and his family.  Racine also apologized to veteran racer Barry Dunn for roughing him up as they battled for the lead as the laps wound down to the checkers.  With 6 -7 laps to go, Racine figures he broke something in the right front, noticing sparks, the car was “staring to fail”.

In Dunn’s Victory Lane interview, with labored breath, he joked about sending over the ambulance for some oxygen.

Racine, who clearly had a strong day, winning his heat, started the feature in the sixth position.  Crossing the start-finish line on lap 1, Racine had already gained 2 spots sliding into fourth passing Darren Dryden who settled into fifth and Adrian Stahle knocking him out of the top 5. Pole sitter Steven Murdoch retained the lead while Ryan Fraser who started in fourth moved into second place past veteran driver Barry Dunn knocking him into the third spot, Dunn had started in second.

As the racing was tight the top five remain unchanged until lap 3 when Lucas Oil Can-Am Midget defending Champion Mack DeMan battled Darren Dryden for fifth. 

As Racine and Dunn challenged each other door to door for third, Racine ended up the victor on lap 5 but not before Dunn tried sling shooting himself around Racine going to the inside of turn 3, being unsuccessful with this move, DeMan was able to get close enough to Dunn taking a look to his outside. With Racine now in third and sights on second place driver Fraser, Murdoch was able to make gains staying out front by 5 car length while Stahle and Dryden battled for fifth coming out of turn 4.

Lap 9 saw Racine passing Fraser for second with Murdoch holding the lead which only lasted 5 more laps, as he dealt with lapped traffic, before he was no longer able to hold off Racine’s charge to the front.  Also with a strong car, Dunn made quick work of Fraser passing him for third while DeMan and Stahle had their own 3 way battle with Fraser to settle positions 4 through 6.  When the dust settled DeMan found himself in fourth and Stahle rounded the top 5.

With 7 laps remaining Dunn was challenging Murdoch for second with DeMan following close behind.  2 laps later DeMan was moving around Murdoch placing him in fourth all the while Racine was out in front making things look easy and lapping cars with Dunn trying to give him a run for his money.


As the checkered flag waved at the end of the 25 lap feature it was Adam Racine who was victorious with Barry Dunn in second, Mack DeMan in third, Adrian Stahle in fourth and Steven Murdoch in fifth.

Lucas Oil Can-Am heat races were won by Adam Racine and Barry Dunn.

Next week, June 24, 2017, the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets are off to Peterborough Speedway.

As the Lucas Oil Can-Am Feature went green to checkers your final finish for Flamboro Speedway on June 17, 2017 was as follows… 1. ADAM RACINE, 2. Barry Dunn, 3. Mack DeMan, 4. Adrian Stahle, 5. Steven Murdoch, 6. Ryan Fraser, 7. Darren Dryden, 8. Jeff Blackburn, 9. Dominique Smith (R), 10. Lucas Munsie (R), 11. Max Wright  12. Cory Whittam

The top 10 in driver points are... 1. ADAM RACINE…688, 2. Mack DeMan…677, 3. Ryan Fraser…631, 4. Adrian Stahle…624, 5. Barry Dunn…583, 6. Darren Dryden… 550, 7. Steven Murdoch…519, 8. Dominique Smith…430, 9. Lucas Munsie…404, 10. Jeff Blackburn…378

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