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Author Topic: Wyant Group Raceway Results for Saturday, September 9, 2017  (Read 482 times)

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Wyant Group Raceway Results for Saturday, September 9, 2017
« on: September 12, 2017, 12:00:50 AM »
Wyant Group Raceway
Results for Saturday, September 9, 2017
Martensville Valley A&W 100 Street Stock Invitational

Another terrific Saturday as the mercury climbed above 30 degrees.  It
brought residents of the Martensville Valley area out in droves for
Martensville’s annual Show and Shine.  Stock car drivers were out to
meet with fans and the people came out to Wyant Group Raceway Saturday
evening for a great night of racing.

Besides the Martensville Valley A&W Street Stock 100, the night also saw
the Tiger Automotive Pro Trucks and Law Enforcement Guardian Bandoleros
wrap up their season.  The night also doubled as the points final race
for the Golf’s Car Wash Street Stock division and the Golf’s Car Wash
Mini Stocks put their second last race meet of the season in the books.

Warm weather translates into a warm track and that often means higher
speeds and track records.  The track didn’t disappoint Saturday as Mike
Rea took his #18 J&L Frame and Alignment Monte Carlo around the track in
15.995 seconds. That is the first recorded lap under 16 seconds for the
street stocks.

The Law Enforcement Guardian Bandoleros took to the track first, with
Kohn MacLaggan picking up the Heat Race win in the #1 CrimeStoppers
Bandolero.  Sam Howlett took home the Qualifier Race in the #12 Neufeld
Building Movers Bandolero.

After three tries and the loss of three cars in the Law Enforcement
Bandolero Feature Race, they finally settled in to get their final race
of the season in the books.  Despite a late race challenge by Sam
Howlett, Kohl MacLaggen took home the final checkered flag in the #1
CrimeStoppers Bandolero.  Sam Howlett was second in the #12 Neufeld
Building movers Bandolero and Lachlyn Anderson was third in her #10 C&F
Installations Toyota Camry.

The Tiger Automotive Pro Truck Division was next on the schedule.  We’ve
seen some flipping back and forth in the points for the top three the
last couple of races and nobody knew what to expect on the final race
night of the year for the Pro Trucks.  Coming into the night Alex
Leschenko was leading in the points, Aaron Anderson was one point back
and it was only another single point to Shantel Kalika.

Shantel Kalika won the first heat race in the #49 OK Tire Dodge Ram.
Alex was third and Aaron was fifth.  That put Shantel and Alex in a tie,
Anderson three points back going into the Qualifier.

The Qualifier Race was a nail biter for all three teams.  This time it
would be Leschenko across the line first, Shantel would be second and
the #92 of Brennan Kirton third.  Anderson finished in sixth, all but
eliminating him from taking the championship.  Alex would go into the
feature with a one point lead on Kalika.  Anderson was eight points out
of top spot.

Starting the Tiger Automotive Pro Truck Feature outside the third row,
Alex quickly moved around the slower traffic and grabbed the lead by lap
five.  Meanwhile, Kalika was caught up in the slower traffic and moved
backward a couple of spots to seventh.

Anderson’s truck appeared to be running slow, perhaps feeling the
effects of the heat. It would run a few quick laps then slow for a few
laps.  By mid race it looked like he was just out for a Sunday drive
amongst Circle Drive traffic.  Kalika meanwhile was still going for the

Brennan Kirton had moved in behind Leschenko and Kirton knows how to
make his truck wide, making passing more difficult.  While Shantel
worked on Brennan, it gave Alex a chance to just drive, winding the laps
down without much challenge.

Shantel never did get by Kirton, meaning the #01 Family Pizza Ford F150
of Alex Leschenko picked up the feature win and the season championship.
 Brennan Kirton was second in the #92 Cervus Equipment Silverado and
Shantel Kalika had to settle for third (second for the season) in the
#49 OK Tire Dodge Ram.

The Golf’s Car Wash Mini Stocks kept the racing clean Saturday night,
but it was pretty clear the young guns of Cole and Cameron Nixey, Dylan
Isley, Scott Kozak and Riley Surcon do have something to teach the
seasoned drivers of Jim Barnsley and Shawn Magee.

Although Jim Barnsley won the Heat Race in the #41 Streetwise Service
Dodge Neon and Shawn Magee won the Qualifier race in his #4 Tommy Guns
Original Barbershop Honda Prelude, there was no catching Cole Nixey in
the feature.

The Golf’s Car Wash Mini Stocks ran caution free all night.  In the end
it was Cole Nixey taking home the Wyant Group Raceway Commemorative flag
and widening his points lead with the #23 33rd Street Automotive Acura
Integra.  Shawn Magee was second and Jim Barnsley was third.

Back to the Street Stocks, running a combined Golf’s Car Wash points
final and Martensville Valley A&W Street Stock Invitational, Scott
Barrand picked up the prize pack in the Trophy Dash in the #01
Tailgatorz Bar and Grille Camaro.  Mike Schroeder cruised through the
first heat in the #34 Always Towing Camaro and Curtis Houben fought his
way to a win in the second heat with his #81 RPM Camaro.

The B Main was shortened by three laps when a blown transmission line
sprayed oil ¾ of the way around the track.  Scott Barrand was declared
the winner under caution and the cars were moved back to the pits to get
ready for their 100 lap race.

The street stock drivers clearly came out to race as well Saturday night
as they ran their 100 lap feature race with only one incident caution in
lap 90.  There was the competition caution for fuel at lap 50, but
otherwise it was clean fast racing.

Craig Katelnikoff had the pole for the start with Scott Barrand outside.
 Katelnikoff got off to a quick lead and Mike Rea was soon on his tail.
By lap seven it had settled into a Katelnikoff, Rea, Schroeder drive
that continued for several laps.  In lap 19 though, Craig came up on lap
traffic and Schroeder took advantage, going around both Katelnikoff and
Rea, taking over the lead.

It was a lead he carried through the mid race break and right to the
end.  At lap 100, it was the #34 Always Towing Camaro of Mike Schroeder
taking the win and the Martensville Valley A&W Street Stock Invitational
Trophy.  Curtis Houben was second in the #81 RPM Camaro and Craig
Katelnikoff was third in the #3 BDI Canada Trans Am.

Curtis Houben also claims the Golf’s Car Wash Street Stock Championship
for 2017

Things continue to wind down as next week we see the points final races
for the Golf’s Car Wash Mini Stocks, the Earthworks Sask Legends and the
Shell V-Power Sportsman Divisions.  The Super Late Models will be doing
double duty as well, settling their WSSL Auto Parts local points
championship and the Market Tire Western Speed Association Series.
Racing moves to Saturday afternoon, with a 2:00pm green flag.  The front
gates open at 12:30pm

Complete Results
Saturday, September 9, 2017

Law Enforcement Guardian Bandolero Division:
1. #1 Kohl McLaggan
2. #14 Ty Stewart
3. #47 Cale Heilman
4. #25 Hayden Hoogaveen
5. #21 Dakota Wollf
6. #93 Ryley Schneider
7. #18 Ashton Everitt
8. #12 Sam Howlett
9. #10 Lachlyn Anderson
10. #8 Braxton Clewes

1. #12 Sam Howlett
2. #25 Hayden Hoogaveen
3. #93 Ryley Schneider
4. #14 Ty Stewart
5. #21 Dakota Wollf
6. #1 Kohl McLaggan
7. #10 Lachlyn Anderson
8. #18 Ashton Everitt
9. #8 Braxton Clewes
10. #47 Cale Heilman

Law Enforcement Guardian Bandolero Feature:
1. #1 Kohl McLaggan
2. #12 Sam Howlett
3. #10 Lachlyn Anderson
4. #47 Cale Heilman
5. #14 Ty Stewart
6. #21 Dakota Wollf
7. #93 Ryley Schneider
8. #8 Braxton Clewes
9. #25 Hayden Hoogaveen
10. #18 Ashton Everitt

Tiger Automotive Pro Truck Division:
1. #49 Shantel Kalika
2. #92 Brennan Kirton
3. #01 Alex Leschenko
4. #10 Rob Naismith
5. #19 Aaron Anderson
6. #14 William Stelzner
7. #51 Luc Haukaas
8. #5 Ian McLean
9. #94 Ben Pogoda
10. #18 Bill Zubrecki
11. #3 Mike Dionne

1. #01 Alex Leschenko
2. #49 Shantel Kalika
3. #92 Brennan Kirton
4. #3 Mike Dionne
5. #94 Ben Pogoda
6. #19 Aaron Anderson
7. #10 Rob Naismith
8. #18 Bill Zubrecki
9. #14 William Stelzner
10. #51 Luc Haukaas
11. #5 Ian McLean

Tiger Automotive Pro Truck Feature:
1. #01 Alex Leschenko
2. #92 Brennan Kirton
3. #49 Shantel Kalika
4. #10 Rob Naismith
5. #94 Ben Pogoda
6. #14 William Stelzner
7. #3 Mike Dionne
8. #18 Bill Zubrecki
9. #19 Aaron Anderson
10. #5 Ian McLean
11. #51 Luc Haukaas

Golf’s Car Wash Mini Stock Division:
1. #41 Jim Barnsley
2. #4 Shawn Magee
3. #23 Cole Nixey
4. #7 Dylan Isley
5. #37 Scott Kozak
6. #72 Riley Surcon
7. #22 Cameron Nixey

1. #4 Shawn Magee
2. #23 Cole Nixey
3. #41 Jim Barnsley
4. #7 Dylan Isley
5. #72 Riley Surcon
6. #37 Scott Kozak
7. #22 Cameron Nixey

Golf’s Car Wash Mini Stock Feature:
1. #23 Cole Nixey
2. #4 Shawn Magee
3. #41 Jim Barnsley
4. #7 Dylan Isley
5. #72 Riley Surcon
6. #37 Scott Kozak
7. #22 Cameron Nixey

Martensville Valley A&W Street Stock Invitational
Time Trials (seconds):
1. #18 Mike Rea, 15.995 (track record)
2. #81 Curtis Houben, 16.198
3. #3 Craig Katelnikoff, 16.255
4. #1 Scott Barrand, 16.292
5. #63 Kevin MacLaggan, 16.336
6. #88 Brad Wrennick, 16.467
7. #18x Bill Zubrecki, 16.539
8. #22 Ryan Fredrickson, 16.579
9. #34 Mike Schroeder, 16.587
10. #48x Roger McConnell, 16.643
11. #43x Dale Osbourne, 16.708
12. #66 Wayne Osbourne, 16.721
13. #11 Spencer Jorgenson, 16.866
14. #48 Shawn Conarroe, 17.431
15. #71 Tanner Osbourne, 17.807
16. #76 Logan Derkson, 18.994

Trophy Dash:
1. #1 Scott Barrand
2. #18 Mike Rea
3. #81 Curtis Houben
4. #3 Craig Katelnikoff

Heat A:
1. #34 Mike Schroeder
2. #63 Kevin MacLaggan
3. #18 Mike Rea
4. #3 Craig Katelnikoff
5. #43x Dale Osbourne
6. #11 Spencer Jorgenson
7. #18 Bill Zubrecki
8. #71 Tanner Osbourne

Heat B:
1. #81 Curtis Houben
2. #88 Brad Wrennick
3. #48x Roger McConnell
4. #22 Ryan Fredrickson
5. #1 Scott Barrand
6. #66 Wayne Osbourne
7. #48 Shawn Conarroe
8. #76 Logan Derkson

B Main:
1. #1 Scott Barrand
2. #3 Craig Katelnikoff
3. #22 Ryan Fredrickson
4. #43x Dale Osbourne
5. #11 Spencer Jorgenson
6. #66 Wayne Osbourne
7. #48 Shawn Conarroe
8. #71 Tanner Osbourne
9. #76 Logan Derkson
10. #18 Bill Zubrecki

Martensville Valley A&W Street Stock Invitational Feature
1. #34 Mike Schroeder, 100
2. #81 Curtis Houben, 100
3. #3 Craig Katelnikoff, 100
4. #1 Scott Barrand, 100
5. #18 Mike Rea, 100
6. #63 Kevin MacLaggan, 99
7. #22 Ryan Fredrickson, 99
8. #88 Brad Wrennick, 98
9. #48x Roger McConnell, 98
10. #11 Spencer Jorgenson, 97
11. #18 Bill Zubrecki, 97
12. #66 Wayne Osbourne, 97
13. #76 Logan Derkson, 72
14. #48 Shawn Conarroe, 29
15. #71 Tanner Osbourne, 26
16. #43x Dale Osbourne, 5

A&W 100 Race Stats:
Race time – on track:   50 minutes, 55 seconds
Green Flag at 9:19pm, Checkered Flag at 10:05pm
Two Race Leaders – 3 and 34
One Lead Change – #3 led laps 1 to 20, #34 led laps 21 to 100 (Finish)
1 competition caution in lap 50 for fuel (five laps not counted)
1 incident caution in lap 90 (seven laps not counted)
0 Caution laps counted


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Wyant Group Raceway Results for Saturday, September 9, 2017
« on: September 12, 2017, 12:00:50 AM »


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