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Author Topic: Danny O達rien Claims 18th Top-Five of Season at Brockville  (Read 573 times)

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Danny O達rien Claims 18th Top-Five of Season at Brockville
« on: August 21, 2018, 02:16:30 PM »
Danny O達rien Claims 18th Top-Five of Season at Brockville
INVERARY, Ont. (August 21, 2018) Danny O達rien was back in action with his 1000 Islands RV Centre No.17d 358 Modified last weekend and the veteran racer battled through a good dose of adversity to achieve a fifth-place finish at Brockville Ontario Speedway last Saturday night. It was his 18th top-five result and 22nd top-10 of the 2018 season.
The night started with a second-place effort in his heat race. With his win last week, O達rien was handicapped to start 12th in the 30-lap Feature. The car was strong in the opening laps until O達rien felt something change in the rear-end.
典he car was good in the heat race and we just did our normal adjustments before the Feature. We had a torsion bar go bad early in the race and it was flopped over on the right-rear, so we had to battle all night, O達rien said. 展e were lucky to get fifth. We値l take that one. It痴 still a good night.
The task to drive through the field was significantly more difficult for O達rien from that point forward, especially against the talented cast of Brockville regulars.
的t痴 tough getting through the pack. It always is at Brockville, O達rien remarked. 典here痴 a lot of good cars and it was a good race. There痴 a lot of really good cars and good drivers, so if you miss it by a bit you池e not going to win.
The top-five came in the eighth race since O達rien debuted a new car in July. Since that time, he already has five wins to make eight in total.
典his car is strong out of the box, O達rien said. 展e brought it out eight races ago and its won five of them, so it痴 got a good batting average. You can稚 win every one though, so the one痴 you can稚 you just make sure you get every spot you can.
After recording another top-five, O達rien plans to head south of the border on Friday night, this time for competition at Brewerton Speedway, located just outside of Syracuse, NY, against the Big-Block Modifieds.
展e池e going to go to Brewerton this Friday, O達rien stated. 展e want to get some running in on the softer tires down there and have some fun before Brockville Saturday. It痴 a little different setup and a little different driving style, so we池e going to go down and get a run in on them. It痴 a big-block track, so we池e not going to set the world on fire. We池e going to go down and have some fun.
Other than continued competition at Brockville Ontario Speedway for the balance of the season, O達rien does not have definitive fall schedule other than to say he will race where time and work permits, but also where it痴 most enjoyable.
展e池e just going wherever it痴 fun, O達rien said. 展e致e been doing that and having a lot of fun at it.
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Danny O達rien 23 Starts: 8 Wins, 18 Top-5s, 22 Top-10s
Twitter: @dannyobrien17

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Danny O達rien Claims 18th Top-Five of Season at Brockville
« on: August 21, 2018, 02:16:30 PM »


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