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Author Topic: South Buxton Raceway Results Aug. 16 /08  (Read 705 times)

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South Buxton Raceway Results Aug. 16 /08
« on: August 17, 2008, 10:16:34 PM »
Sport Stock Heats
Heat 1 -32,28,92,88,50,98,48,17,06,49
       2- 23,3,93,9,99,25,43,29,14,38
Sport Stock Feature 17 cars -20 Laps
1) 3-Andrew Reaume
2) 9-Joel Dick
3)23-Rob Young
4) 38-Doris Lajeunesse
5)32-Jim Ellis
6)50-Brian Simmard
7)17s-Chris Sherrah
8)48-Dave Small
9)88-Tiffany Ellis
10)93-Eric Vanderiviere
11)25-Todd Wellman
12)29-Even Vanderiviere
13)99-Gary Vyse
14)98-Jamie Parker
15)43-Gerald Martin
16)28-Ken Morrison
17)06-Todd VanHal

Comp 4 Heats
Heat 1-91,33,2,7,52,93,88,747,17,6,23d
Comp 4 Feature 15 Laps -20 cars
1)18-Rob Quick
2)44-Clinton Vandyk
3)8-Nate McNally
4)70-Brandon Windsor
5)96-Norm Deserrano
6)99-Steve Bastien
7)33-Jordan Arnel
8)88-Mechell Vandyk
9)17-Gerry Rivait Jr.
10)7-Randy Lewis
11)93-Kyle Hope
12)91-Jerry Ramaut
13)747-Reid Fenton
14)2-Dan Tiessen
15)13-Murray VanHooste
16)27-Shawn Jones
17)6-Shane Dixon
18)69-Denis DeSerrano
19)52-Dan Sheehan
20)23d-Joel Desjardins

Modified Heats
Heat 1-4,0,75,25,77,5c
Modified Feature 11 cars -20 laps
1)1d-Paul Degoey
2)75-Mike Demars
3)4-C.J. Field
4)00-Jim Dale Jr.
5)46-Abe Unger
6)55-Clayton Smith
7)77-Dan McIntyre
8)5-Curtis Coulter
9)22s-Brian Speelman
10)5c-Justin Coulter
11)25m-Mario Toniolo
Non Starter-0-Chris VanDeWiele

Late Model Heats
Heat 1-4,38,00,1a,90,77,44,33,60
Late model Feature 18 cars -25 Laps
1) 88-Andrew Reaume
2)34-Jim Jones
3)60-Dale Glassford
4)1a-Brad Authier
5)77-Brett Reaume
6)90-Mark Glassford
7)44 Tom Hazlett
8)RH94-Jason Haskell
9)4-Joe Field
10)21-Gregg Haskell
11)28-Jeff Jardine
12)13x-John Vanderlinden
13)33-Don Gordon
14)38-Kirk Hooker
15)00-Jim Dale Jr.
16)11-Paul Rivait
17)1F-Adam Ferri
18)81-Tim McKenzie
Late Model Lap Leaders
34 Jim Jones 1-4 ,1a-Brad Authier 5-11,4 Joe Field 12-20,Kirk Hooker 21, Andrew Reaume 22-25
Notes Andrew Reaume started 18th out of 18 cars ( Broken Spindle heat race) New car 1F Adam Ferri (Port Colbourne Ont.) winner of the ODLM Race Merritville Aug 2/08 made a visit to race and get use to track for his possible visit to race in the Late Model Shootout Sept 27th.Was clocked doing laps of 16.250 Hot laps & was clocked at 15.820 in his heat race.
Pursuits Winners
Sport Stock-3 -Andrew Reaume
Modifieds -00-Jim Dale Jr.
Comp 4-91-Jerry Ramaut
Late Model Dash For Cash- 4 Joe Field (finish of Dash )
Time Start 7 P.m.  Finish 11;10 P.M. (One Red Flag Sport Stock Feature ) Total Races 16
It was also announced that SBR will be adding 2 dates to their schelude (Sept 6 &13) as these were to make up for rainouts that happened during the season.

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South Buxton Raceway Results Aug. 16 /08
« on: August 17, 2008, 10:16:34 PM »


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