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Breaking News for Mid West Racing Ltd


March 26, 2009
Breaking News for Mid West Racing Ltd

Mid West Racing owner Kevin Kozack based out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, is pleased to announce that in addition to the teams current race cars, the #88
Mid West Combustion Monte Carlo SS and the #3 G B Mobile Welding Monte Carlo SS both of which will participate in the 2009 Siemens Western Elite division that
will tour Saskatoon, Regina and Medicine Hat, Alberta this season.

Mid West Racing has registered to participate in the Nascar Canadian Tire Series event to be held in Saskatoon on July 29th and will be fielding for this
event a newly built most up to date and current Nascar Certified race car which is being constructed by McColl Racing Enterprises out of London, Ontario.

This will add to our team the 2009 #48 Chevrolet Impala SS which will be driven by Nathan Weenk (our current driver of the #88 car and a recognized North
American driver of the Jurassic Attack and El Toro Loco Monster trucks).

The team will consist of Team owner Kevin Kozack, Driver Nathan Weenk, Crew Chief Howard Chappell (a recognized engine builder who works at Thanes Big
T Auto Repair) and Crew of Dennis Ausselin (General Manager of Saskatoon Wholesale Tire), Ben Busch (Siemens West driver of the #49 Grand Prix) and Les
Harding (Manager of Richie Brothers Auctioneers and Driver/Team Owner of the Siemens West #1 and #11 race cars).

We are quite pleased that Nascar has chosen to come to our fine city to host an event and are ecstatic to be the first in Saskatchewan to field and
participate in a Nascar Sanctioned event not only in our homeland but in Canada as well.

Kevin Kozack
526 44th Street East
Saskatoon, Sask. S7K 0W1
Ph 306-934-0776
Fax 306-934-0954

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way to step up kevin

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Nathan is way better!

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