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Author Topic: South Buxton Raceway Results June 13/09  (Read 878 times)

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South Buxton Raceway Results June 13/09
« on: June 14, 2009, 08:06:07 PM »
Sport Stock Heats
Feature (20 Laps)
1) 3-Louis Clements
2)28-Ken Morrison
3) 93-Erie Vanderiviere
4) 99-Gary Vyse
5)38-Doris Lajeunesse
6)14-Randy McKinlay
7)28M -Scott Mackenzie
8)06-Todd VanHal
9)50-Brian Simard
10)88-Tiffany Ellis
11)48-Dave Small
12)43-Gerald Martin
13)29-Eren Vanderviere NF

14)57-John Slyvestre NF
15)74-Randy Casey NF
16)32-Jim Ellis NF

Comp4 Heats

Comp 4 Feature (15 Laps)
1) 8-Nate McNally
2)69-Dennis DeSerrano
3)70-Brandon Windsor
4)13-Murray VanHooste
5)18-Rob Quick
6)47-Reid Fenton
7)91-Jerry Ramault
8)44-Clinton Van Dyk
9)27-Shawn Jones
10)49-Brett Hope
11)96-Norm DeSerrano
12)17-Gerry Rivait
13)88-Mechell Van Dyk
14)21-Jamie St. Pierre
15)93-Kyle Hope
16)98-Patrick Lajeunesse
17)14-Brent Konecny
18)52-John Beaulieu-NS

Modified Heats
2)43,C4,0,55,20,00,75 NF
Feature (20 laps)
1)5C-Justin Coulter
2)00-Jim Dale Jr
4)77-Dan McIntyre
5)0-Chris Vandewiele
6)5-Curtis Coulter
7)75-Mike Demars
8)55-Clayton Smith
9)20-Jeff Daniels
10)22s-Brian Speelman
11)43-Brad McLeod
12)4J-Joe Field
13)66M-Mario Toniolo

Late Model Heats
Feature (25 Laps)
1)4-Andrew Reaume
2)60-Dale Glassford
3)1A-Brad Authier
4)77-Brett Reaume
5)81-Tim MacKenzie
6)38-Kirk Hooker
7)44-Tom Hazlett
8)90-Mark Glassford NF
9)34-Jim Jones NF
10)05-Mike Lewis NF
11)RH21-Greg Haskell NF
12)11-Paul Rivait NF

Sprints On Dirt Heats

Sprint Dash (4 Laps)
1) 49T-Greg Dalman-Lyons Michigan
2)79-Brett Mann-Goshen Indiana
3)6N-Dain Naida-Belleville Michigan
4)00-Ryan Grubaugh-St. Johns Michigan

Sprint Feature (25 Laps)
1)2M-Dustin Daggett-Grand Ledge Michigan
2)49T-Greg Dalman-Lyons Michigan
3)00-Ryan Grubaugh- St. Johns Michigan
4)79-Brett Mann-Goshen Indiana
5)46-Rob Huisken-Marne Michigan
6)27-Jamie Collard-Burford Ontario
7)37-Jim Porter-Ontario
8)3G-Tim Norman-Warsaw Indiana
9)7M-Justin Martin-Shedden Ontario
10)6N-Dain Naida-Belleville Michigan
11)84-Tyler Rand-Conscon Ontario
12)67-Chris Durand-Port Stanley Ontario
13)01-Jason Martin-Shedden Ontario
Time of Races Start 7 PM
                    Finish 10:30
Total Races 16
Next Races Saturday June 20th 7PM

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South Buxton Raceway Results June 13/09
« on: June 14, 2009, 08:06:07 PM »


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