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Author Topic: Andy Kamrath wins Mini Stock Nationals at Summer Rush 1  (Read 1674 times)

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Andy Kamrath wins Mini Stock Nationals at Summer Rush 1
« on: June 05, 2014, 10:47:08 AM »
Andy Kamrath wins Mini Stock Nationals at Summer Rush 1:

Location: Kawartha Speedway, Fraserville Ont. June 1 2014

Presenting Sponsor: Knightworks Design

What won the race: The #35k of Andy Kamrath proved during the qualifying heats that he would be the car to beat for the win. Andy quickly moved his Honda to the front of the 33 car field and held off all challenges of the star studded field to win the first ever Mini Stock Nationals event part of Summer Rush 1 event at Kawartha Speedway. With drivers knowing what it will take to win on July 13th, round 2 of the Mini Stock Nationals will be even more exciting.

Drivers on the Move: #12 of Brandt Graham started the feature event buried deep in the starting field in thirty first position. After 30 laps Brandt was able to move up an impressive fifteen starting spots. Local favorite coming into this event was #41 Tyler Junkin who started the feature in seventeenth position. At the end of the day Tyler pleased his fans improving his starting spot by ten positions to record a top ten finish.
Bad Luck of the Event: Local mini stock driver and early prerace favorite #99 Chris Mulders did not get a chance to show case his talent in the feature event. A hard crash in qualifying side lined the Farm Bro racing team for the afternoon. If the team is able to make repairs for the July 13th event, Chris will be racing hard for that checker flag. Long-time Kawartha Speedway supporter, #57x Rob Flindall came out of retirement for two events in 2014, the Summer Rush events. A solid qualifying effort say Rob starting in 12th place but after being involved with in an accident the team was placed a disappointing twenty eighth place.

Car Count: 33
Top Qualifier: #64 Branden McFarren
Pole Sitter: #71 Mike Gettliffe
Heat Race Winners:

Next Event: Summer Rush 2 Kawartha Speedway. Racing Starts at 2:30pm

Feature Finish: 1st #35k Andy Kamrath, 2nd #9 Neil Hannah, 3rd #19 Doug Butler, 4th #89 Ryan Babin, 5th #82 Kyle Baker, 6th #64 Brandon McFarren, 7th #41 Tyler Junkin, 8th #49x Casey Cavanaugh, 9th #82 Billy Schwartzenburg, 10th #36 Cory Young, 11th #33 Warren Paxton, 12th #79x Ryan Oosterholt, 13th 79b, 14th #X Lance Foster, 15th #63 Brandon Crumbie, 16th #12 Brandt Graham, 17th #50 Chad Corcoran, 18th #96 Donivan Price, 19th #88 Jake Watson, 20th #19 Willy Howells, 21st #13 Trevor Hartwick, 22nd #84 Dave Crumbie, 23rd #6 Terry Woodley, 24th #16 Brad Lavelle, 25th #67 Dan Demears, 26th #06 Ryan Hardy, 27th #31 Jerry Noble, 28th Rob Flindall, 29th 57h Stuart Hinds, 30th #34 Kevin Strutt, 31st #27 Rob Gosse 32nd 99 Chris Mulders dns 33rd #21 Ken Townsend

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Andy Kamrath wins Mini Stock Nationals at Summer Rush 1
« on: June 05, 2014, 10:47:08 AM »


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