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A great night of Racing at Sunset Speedway.


Called Sunset Speedway around 2pm to see if they were canceling the racie as, it was suppose to rain but I was told they are going racing. So I headed over to Sunset Speedway.

The track looked great with a bit of banking. The racing was great, there was a few heat races where cars just pulled away and never looked back but as soon as the features started there was some great side by side battles in one race I saw some racers go 4 wide for a bit.

The wall won the battle on this night of racing as, some racers took some hard hits on the wall. The wall will be fine a couple of coats of Home Depot white paint and it's as good as, new as for the racers it's not going to be that easy.

Never got to all the races as my daughter tagged a long with me and it got a bit to late for her. If the old playground was still there I might have gotten to see all the racing action. Hint Hint.

The kids seemed to enjoy the face painting but the one clown, I hope her name wasn't speedy the clown as she took for ever to paint on kids faces which could be good or bad news for the parents. Good if the kids left you alone, bad news if you had to stand in line and wait and miss some good racing.

Over all it as a great show at a great new and improved track.

Only thing I was surprised to see was them old ugly Men's washroom but who knows they might be replacing them.

Like to thank the whole Group at Sunset Speedway for a great night of racing.



Evan the washrooms/concessions/ all that old crap i was told by one of the owners will be all brand new next year...i am unsure of the plans but as he explained it is going to be a very impressive all in one front stretch building..



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