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Hello members

Behind the scenes we are doing a lot of work for the 2011 racing season.

Most of you might know this already, we opened our Free Racing Classifieds at and it is do good and getting tons of hits for only being open for 7 days.

We will be closing the board here and the board will be a redirect to the classifieds site so users that come here to post will see where the ads are placed. I'm really excited about this project as it has been one I wanted to work on for a while a centrial place to see all racing stuff for sale and want ads in one place. I know the tracks have there own but only a limited amount of people see the ads.

I'm thinking of adding a field to the classified ads that will show which track the car has been raced at.

Working on a new front end for the site yet again but this front end will not be tied into the forum it will be more of a information part of the site.

Also will be updating the design of the forum to get it to look like the front end.

A tough year with for sponsors ads. I would like to thank The Dizzy for his continued support.

I feel next season should be a better year to get people to advertise the site as the new look will make the site more professional looking as we have the hits.

We are still looking for a partner. I thought we had some interest from a couple of people but nothing has panned out and I have decided not to sell the site as I will be here to make sure it continues to grow. You would laugh at the offers people gave to buy this site. I have put too much work into this site to give it away. I know the site big just by what people have told me this year.

We are looking for someone that can help us with the NCATS contest for next season as I missed some race prizes this season as I was busy doing other things on the site. If you are interest contact me.

We are looking to form better communications with tracks and series next season to bring more information to the site.

That is about all for now and thanks to all the members and guest that visit the site without you the site would be nothing.




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