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Delaware this Friday - JBM Autoleasing LM 50 Lapper.


Tomorrow night, May 8, is the first of three J.B.M. Autoleasing Triple Crown races. Its a unique format in that the total results from the race count for both the Delaware Speedway LM championship, as well as towards the J.B.M. Autoleasing Triple Crown points. As well, the race will essentially be divided into two 25 lap segments, so as to count as 2 races towards NASCAR Whelen Series points. (So watch the fun around the halfway point!)

The field that was out last week was a stellar one, with a count of somewhere between 24-26 Late Models in the pits, and 3/4 of the field were easily competitive. There were also a number of LM newcomers on hand, so it will be interesting to see how some of them stack up against our regulars. We might just have a few wild cards tomorrow night.

Now, they will be qualifying time trail-like...because going into a race cold with no heats on the first race night is always entertaining. The first few laps will be mighty interesting to say the least!

Time trials most likely start at 7:30.

Couple this Late model action with the Demar Aggregates Trucks and the Powerade Modifieds, and we've got the makings of a great season opener.

See you at the track! (and if not, read the report right here later tomorrow evening.) 

And dont forget the Happy Hour toonie hotdog special between 6 and 7. If you haven't had one yet this year, they're amazing. Delaware really ramped up the food quality this year. So enjoy!



Well no heats that sucks and all 12 or 13 mods and 13 to 14 trucks should be home by 10:15 THAT SUCKS ALSO


Choirguy are you sure no heats (can see no heats for 50 lap as they are having time trials for LM ) As for trucks & mods can see heat races & features.Could be wrong but think that is the way it will go.


Mods and trucks will have heats, of course. The LMs will not, unless they're doing both.

I get why they do it, but I'm not fond at all of this trend of using time trials for Friday night racing. A 100 or 200 lapper maybe, but tomorrow's feature is only 15 more laps than normal.

It leaves a funny taste on the watching the Stanley Cup final won/lost on a shootout.

But still, I'm telling ya, it'll be a wild race.


Full moon tonight too. Gonna want a ringside seat.



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