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My Third Take: This week with HSC Powersports


Well the rain struck Barrie Speedway for the first time this year, but has been an unwanted visitor to tracks all over Ontario to start the season. Last week I left off with us heading off to get the car scaled, so that is where we will begin this week�s synopsis. 

We loaded up the trailer and went and met the car at the shop where we scaled the car and went over front end geometry. Shockingly, after a little work the car was pretty close out of the box. We had to do a little ride height work, and using the load bolts we were able to get out needed weight percentages.

By about 1 a.m. we were done and loading up the car to bring it back home. The next day we knew would be a really late one as there was a boa load of small things to do to the car in order to have it ready for the track Saturday morning. We also had the Mustang we needed to get ready as well.

Thursday night we saw the clock turn past 2 a.m. but were able to get most of the small stuff done. Attention was given at the front end of the car with some alterations as well as re-installing the shocks, sway bar and putting the window in.

The mustang also had the motor installed Thursday night and was running flawlessly. It was a good night, all that was left were new plugs, wires, distributor parts, manifold gaskets, intake gasket and to finish the windshield on the Thunder car Friday night. The mustang just needed a quick coat of paint.

Well the coat of paint didn�t go as quickly and the Thunder car had a few hiccups, needless to say it was late�.when I locked up the shop it was nearly 4 a.m. and I had to be up at 9 to get the cars ready and loaded for the track.

When I awoke the sky�s were bleeding, and it was apparent that we weren�t going to get the car shaken down�so we put them back in the shop and played with lead for the day and found another percentage of rear weight...which never hurts! 

Sunday we took the day off and went and watched my brother annihilate the Gloucester Gryphon�s in on e of the better lacrosse games I have seen I awhile and then took mom out for dinner.

This week has been spent doing other small things that aren�t necessarily needed to run the car, but that needed to be done. Tonight should be an easy night of bolt checking both cars and then off to the track tomorrow.

The car are all lettered up and we are ready to hit the track! See yah Wednesday night or Saturday afternoon. Unfortunately the Mustang will have to wait three weeks as Travis has lacrosse the first two weekends and has to miss them. The full team will be in action May 30th!

here is the thunder car with the vinyl on!


Thayner,  that car looks simply awsome, great job and a nice nose piece for a thunder car.


Nice looking car and again thanks for taking the time to share what your team is doing and providing great photos.


Thanks Bid Dog and Evan!


car looks great thayne good luck this year!



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