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Shadow Report - May 22 - O'Tools Rent or Buy night (w/pic link)

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Pic Links Added Courtesy of JWO Racing.

Howdy all!

Well ring the bells and bang the drums...we actually got a full night's racing in tonight, with nary a raindrop in sight.

Now, this won't be my usual report. Sometimes life happens, and as a result I didn't make it out until past the halfway point in the race. That's the bad news. The good news is I had my lovely 9 yr old assistant reporter with me helping out. (Thanks Em!) Now she's never been to a race before, and we walked in halfway through the second truck feature. We walked the the edge of the hill and looked down at the speedway, all lit up, as the pack of trucks came screaming down the fronstretch. Em's jaw dropped and she said "whoa..this is cool!" � Something about the enthusiasm of a kid just primes me even more for some good old racing action, and we were not to be disappointed!

Also joining us on Richmond Row this week, after a long absence was the lovely Anne Perkins, who celebrated her 29th birthday today! � ;D

So...the racing. � Firstly, had to ask around to see what we'd missed, and so here's a partial:

First Superstock Feature had gone to 11-Lidster. Word was the Superstock race was full of shenanigans. I heard 77-Lake, 98-Morneau, 28-Lawrence, 3-Perkins and others all suffered a little bit of trouble.

First Demar Truck feature had gone to 56-Showler.

First Powerade Modified Feature had gone to 1-Newman.

So we take up our report as the second Damar Aggregates Truck Feature comes to a close. 33-McDonald takes it, followed by 82-Demelo in 2nd, 88-Fothergill in 3rd, 56-SHowler in 4th and 00-Johns in 5th.

2nd SuperStock Feature

Next up are the Superstocks, and we start with 51-Rabideau on the point with 52-Clark alongside. 24-Richmond has trouble before the race even starts, sitting on the end of pit row trying to get the car fired. He gets it fired, but can't muster up much more than a limp, so heads it back to the pits before the green flies.

20 cars start the SS main, and Rabideau takes the early lead, followed by Clark, 67-Hewitt, 2-Prudhomme, and 76-Reid. Doesn't take long before Rabideau's got it well in hand and starts building an impressive lead on Clark. The battle is for 3rd between Prudhomme and Reid. But then disaster struck right around halfway, with a turn 3 mess that left 06-Ott sitting there. Admittedly I was away from my seat and didn't see what happened...but apparently whatever it was was "catastrophic". The announcer said so. I believe it also collected the 55 car of Yeo.

Now after the restart, we get a few more laps in, not much change in the order up front. 7-Sheilds goes around on lap 16 to bring out the caution. Now its time for a little drama. Rabideau, who had built up a nice lead and not looked back yet, comes around under yellow with a flat right rear. Its a 20 lap race, so he needs to go 4 more racing laps. Goes around for a couple yellow flag curcuits, and apparently decides he's going to go for broke and try for the win anyway. The green flag flies, and he manages to hang onto the lead around 1 and 2, but then slows up badly, boxing Clark in and allowing Prudhomme, Lidster, Hewitt and 84-Smith to scoot past the both of them. And thats the way it ended.

Prudhomme gets the win, Lidster in 2nd (a good night for the 11 team!), Hewitt in 3rd, Smith in 4th and Reid in 5th.

After the race and the victory lane stuff, Prudhomme can't get the car fired again and has to get towed off the speedway. Once again, it was apparently "Catastrophic". At this, a brief discussion on the exact meaning of the word catastrophic between myself and Crazylady...right about the time the 2 car is getting the hook.

Her "I don't think that's exactly a "catastrophe"
Me: Well, it could be for him
Her: Well, its not like he's dead or anything.
Me: car's dead.

(I think I won that one.)

2nd Powerade Modified Feature.

Right off the get go, its 88-Shipway out in front, and he has a good chance to gain a few lengths while the rest of the field jockeys for position.

Once it shakes out, it's Shipway with a good lead and looking like he's on rails, while 39-McCullough and 3-Cox battling for the 2nd spot - a battle that would continue throughout the race. The real fight was for 4th, between, 72-Thompson, 57-Brooks, 54-Limon and 1-Newman. � This battle is eventually won by Newman who gets by and begins to reel in the leaders. Meanwhile, McCullogh and Cox are still duking it out for 2nd. �

In the latter end of the field, there's a great side by side "rookie" race between 38-Hendricks and 24-Richmond. Richmond is still trying to get his feet under him in the mod division, but its paying off. Those 2 ran a lot of laps side by side, and both kept their cars straight and away from one another. Richmond seemed to be a natural running the outside groove. (Nice job after such a crummy SuperStock outing.)

So, in the end (and I believe they went caution free) it was Shipway by a mile, followed by McCullogh in 2nd, Cox in 3rd, Newman in 4th, (these three in a tight group) and Limon a distant 5th.

Transmission Direct Enduro Challenge.

This race started about 30 cars, with the usual enduro top dawgs at the back. I don't have a long report for this race. I got nothing against enduro...but I always have a devil of a time following along with these guys. The 06 car got in the lead and looked like he was going to run away with it, while Book, the Goertzes, and Coward cut their way through the feild. At one point, just after halfway, the 06 (Ferguson?) had something let go in a huge plume of smoke and left the lead, I think, to 39-McCullough. Eventually, the usual gang caught up, and in the end it was 15-Goertz with the win, 64-Book in 2nd, 39-McCullough in 3rd, 11-Coward in 4th and 16-Goetrz in 5th.

It was an entertaining race for sure, and a great capper to a full evening of racing....and under dry skies for a change!

Doesn't get any better than that.

Shadow out.


Thanx again for another great race report Shadow. Your coverage of the last three weekends have given me more information about racing at Delaware than I have gotten from the Freeps and Cressman in ten years. (Probably not Cressman's fault as the Freeps is a rag when it comes to covering motorsports)


Almost forgot. How is the new pavement working out???


My pleasure Ernie. Actually, Cressman was sort of out of the picture last season due to a staff shakeup at the freepers. It's gotten a bit better this year. Still nothing to write home about, but better.

As far as the track goes - word is they fixed turn 3, smooth as silk. Apparently the frontstretch is a little bumpy, but still 100 percent better than it had been.


Your reports are great and we need more people to do what you do as there is really no press covering our sport. I wish I was able to do some but my writing and spelling skills suck but I plan to take some photo's from where I go this year and share them.

Thanks agian for the great race reports and taking the time to do them.




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