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Author Topic: The Night the Lights went out in Tillsonburg.....  (Read 1491 times)

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The Night the Lights went out in Tillsonburg.....
« on: July 24, 2014, 10:13:03 AM »

The Night the Lights went out in Tillsonburg.....
It's a good thing we do have generators for sale because without the ability to take them off the shelf, we would not have had any timing system.
This was a week that problems just kept flying at us. Ontario Hydro must have sold too much power to the USA and our lights went out around 5pm. Oh Oh. Do we cancel the races because without lights and exhaust fans, we really can't get the show in. About the time we thought hydro was letting us down, the lights came on and the race was on.
Wouldn't you know that during the drivers meeting the power would go out again. I was looking for an excuse to take some pictures anyway and we decided that with some generators we could likely get the kids racing in before dark. Wait, no french fries without power, another generator solved that problem. Just when we were ready to start without power, the lights came on and we thought great, let's get going. Well, we have a two phase system so although the lights worked fine, the exhaust fans were just marginally turning. Luckily with CO monitoring, we were able to work around that.
In the Tillsonburg Lubricare Beginners, Noah Longthorne(Innerkip) got his first win sticker this week. He did it with lots of company too as he ran in with the Junior class for the first time. Good job Noah but get your team to fasten that rear tail a little bit better.
The Smale Powder Coat Juniors did a great job working with Noah and leaving him to run cleanly but that did not mean there was no action. Tom Pellizzari managed to play hide and seek with me. At the exit of the back turn, Tom tried to squeeze between another racer and the wall. An end over end crash followed but before I could get to the scene, there was moving karts to wait for. When I got to the corner the only karts there were on their wheels and idling. Hmmm. Apparently while I was making sure the way was clear, Tom had landed on his wheels and continued on with the race only to be stopped by the waiving red flag that he had caused at the other end of the track. Kyle McGlone, Rayse Meyer and Nick Sheridan all gathered race wins this week with Sheridan winning overall, John Jackson taking second and McGlone in third.
The John Costello & Associates Seniors had less of the crash excitement but certainly good close racing in each of the three races. Scott Hall, Eric McGlone, and John Smibert each took a win but it was Cameron Davidson who won overall with a collection of second's. There have been some concerns that Cameron's engines from Ohsweken club were maybe helping him out but after going down the crankshafts before this weeks racing, maybe it has been his driving all along. Next week will tell the story when he has to start near the back each race. This division is likely the hardest class to make a pass in with drivers and karts being so closely matched.
Holly Molly, I shouldn't have mouthed of last week about Bea Courtnage(In the Experts) needing to pay more attention to her racing and less to her boyfriend. She showed up this week and kicked our butts. Fastest lap times in both races went to.... Bea Courtnage. First race win.....Bea Courtnage, Overall win..... Bea Courtnage. See Bea, boys are nothing but trouble, leave him at home. Scott Chesterman and Holly Porter took second and third. Another record set this week was both Expert races were completed in 3 minutes each, no cautions and no restarts. Amazing how quickly you can do 20 laps at speed.
Well, that's about it for this week.
Next Tillsonburg Race is Thursday July 31 2014
Dave Chesterman.
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The Night the Lights went out in Tillsonburg.....
« on: July 24, 2014, 10:13:03 AM »


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