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Author Topic: Tillsonburg Outlaws Race 9 of the 13 Race Summer Series is wrapped up.  (Read 1546 times)

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Tillsonburg Outlaws
Race 9 of the 13 Race Summer Series is wrapped up. The top 3 in each series division are very close and in fact, there is a tie in each grouping.
Our club is about much more than championships though and it has been awesome to watch the racing and racers that we currently have.
The Pits are a friendly place and generally Drama free. Keep up the good times.
So how did this week go?
The Tillsonburg Lubricare Beginners continue to trade wins as Aubry Smith and Noah Longthorne hone their passing skills on one another. Keep in mind that these kids are the rip old age of 7 yrs old.
Kyle McGlone came out on top this week in the Smale Powder Coat Juniors edging out Nick Sheridan and Tom Pellizzari.
I just cannot put into words how good this division developed. Hard charging, aggressive racing with rarely the need for a caution, and off the track, the kids hang out together.
Racing is meant to be fun and this group has it figured out. Funny how a group of 8 to 11 yr olds can be so mature about racing.
Although they were a bit slower to learn it, the John Costello & Associates Seniors have pretty well got to the same place. For the most part, they have stopped rubbing and grinding so much and some great racing has followed. I guess when your competition has advanced enough that rubbing is not effective, you have to find another way to get around them. This group is good at what they do and up until this week, no one has put together a 3 win night in the Summer Series. That goose egg was cracked this week with Jacob Sheridan winning all 3 for first overall. Eric McGlone posted second and John Smibert and Colby Bennett tied for third.
Even the Expert's racing is coming together and cautions have been at a minimum. Scott Chesterman won the 20 lap by an inch over Curtis Schultz at the checkers but Cody Coburn finished the 30 lap feature in front of Scott. That left Scott with the best overall followed by Curtis in second and Cody in third. Austen Giles finally bent up a wing after climbing Holly Porters rear wheel and then the wall. Otherwise damage in this group was kept to a minimum which is a good thing because half the group is heading to North Carolina for a Saturday night race at Millbridge Speedway.
After that we are back in Tillsonburg, Tuesday Sept., 09. It's a full moon that night so crazy stuff could happen. Be sure to attend.
Dave Chesterman.
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