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Author Topic: Tillsonburg Outlaws - The Good and the Bad  (Read 1364 times)

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Tillsonburg Outlaws - The Good and the Bad
« on: September 17, 2014, 08:35:35 PM »
Tillsonburg Outlaws
The Good and the Bad
Let's start out with the Good.
Welcome new drivers, Daris Hill of Mount Pleasant and Keller Dallaire of Stratford. Daris has run at Ohsweken a few times and Keller made his racing debut last night. Comments heard from both teams were great welcome and what a friendly group of racers. They will certainly be back for more. Both drivers fit in great with the "experienced" beginner group and got to mix it up with 4 in the Tillsonburg Lubricare Center Beginners.
The Smale Powder Coat Juniors put on an action packed event this week. Racing two and three wide most of the race makes for more action than you can believe, and they are only 10 yrs old for the most part. Paige Smith had a so so start last night but put up a pair of wins in the mains to take first overall this week. At one point she was on her side after running out of track in the middle race. Two karts had tangled and were up by the wall blocking much of the track. Not the end of the world until the next driver stopped in front of the only way around the wreck, happy to have missed the crash but effectively blocked the rest of the track and there were still 7 karts coming at race speed in formation. It looked a little like a traffic jamb on the 401 but only Paige didn't keep the rubber side down. Speaking of rubber side down, Gabby Darling has a new trick up her racing sleeve. While racing in tight quarters on the inside, she managed to get part on the inner berm and against the kart beside her. When her front bumper dug in, Gabby managed a front flip as the Kart went up and over without her wing touching the ground. She landed on her wheels and stopped for the Red light that was now shining. Her toe out was a bit off but she finished the race, Wow.
Back to the racing, Kyle McGlone strung enough top 4 results to take 2nd overall with Tom Pellizzari just behind in 3rd. Great job kids. We should be charging a higher admission to watch this group.
This week the John Costello & Associates Seniors were, well, interesting. This group is old enough to stand up for themselves, right or wrong and the results that follow are predictable for anyone who has watched with an impartial eye long enough. Blocking a racer from passing by running them up to the wall or pushing them on the berm is going to make the other driver upset. You can only try to pass cleanly for so long and if there is zero cooperation, the driving is about to get rougher because two can play most games. For the most part they figure it out and things get settled on the track. Now if we can just stop the parents from taking it so personally, we will be all set. Colby Bennett and Oscar McCormack each won a race to start the night off but it was the winner of the last main that really had a really good week. Eric McGlone, had a good week last week also which means he started at or near the back for each of the races last night. (funny how nobody says a peep about treating last weeks winners like dirt and starting them at the rear, LOL). Any ways, from the back, Eric pulled off a 3rd, 2nd,and 1st for first overall this week. Good job. Colby Bennett finished second, Jacob Sheridan and Oscar McCormack were tied for third.
The Experts had to endure Curtis Schultz starting up front and not sharing, going flag to flag for first overall in both mains. Holly Porter and Cody Coburn tied for 2nd and Brent Smith, yes I said Brent Smith finished 3rd. Not too many cautions and the racing was very tight without the big crashes. Overall a great week.
So what is the bad?
Mostly nothing but I do have a tip for the parents.
This was a great group this year and everyone won in some way. Whether it be friends made, time spent with the kids, good racing and learning more about life every week. All great things.
But ---- The Championship becomes important at the end of the season, sometimes too important and "teams" loose sight of why they are really at the track racing.
Winning a Championship is a wonderful goal but it is really nothing more then a report card summing up who made the most passes over the season. The day after winning or not winning a Championship, things really don't change much. Same driver, same team. You either had fun, or you didn't.
Please enjoy the journey. The destination is much further out then this series.
Dave Chesterman.
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Tillsonburg Outlaws - The Good and the Bad
« on: September 17, 2014, 08:35:35 PM »


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