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Author Topic: Tillsonburg Outlaws Sept 9 2014 Race report  (Read 1389 times)

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Tillsonburg Outlaws Sept 9 2014 Race report
« on: September 11, 2014, 06:10:22 PM »
Tillsonburg Outlaws
Race Report
Lets get right to it.
The Tillsonburg Lubricare Center Beginners stepped up to the Junior division for 2 of their 3 races this week. Aubry Smith, who has been beat by Noah Longthorne that last few weeks found that when there is other karts on the track, she can go faster then him. When the other karts were removed, Noah went back to winning with his faster lap times. What I take from this is Aubry needs to work on speed and Noah needs to work on passing. Both did an excellent job of fitting in with the Juniors
The Smale Powder Coat Juniors dropped the Beginners after two races and joined the Seniors in the final race. Nick Sheridan had a lock on the night after winning the first two races but while doing very well in the final, pulled off the track under caution to have his kart inspected and had to restart at the back of the field. Nick is always up for a challenge though and finished 4th Jr in the same race which still kept him 1st overall for the night. Kyle McGlone showed it really didn't matter whether the track was packed or not and garnered three 2nd's for, yep, you guessed it, 2nd overall. Tom Pellizzari who is sometimes known for checkers and wreckers in the same race, had a 3rd and a 5th going into the 18 kart final, showed he kind of prefers a lot of action and finished 4 of 18 for 1st Jr. Averaging the races put him in 3rd overall this week. Gabby Darling, who is poised to move up to Senior next year got her highest Jr results (third) when she had to deal with 17 other karts buzzing around the track.  Hmmm, another driver who likes traffic.
Ty Freeman shot out of the gates in the John Costello Seniors this week winning the first two races. Eric McGlone kept the night in reach though with a pair of solid seconds in the same races. With John  Smibert and Jacob Sheridan each grabbing a third, the stage was set for the final race to decide the final outcome of the night. Cameron Davidson had his best run of the night finishing 3rd in the 35 lapper which put him 4th overall. Jacob Sheridan, coming back from his Intermediate win at Millbridge Speedway in North Carolina, put in a really solid performance but after a race that ultimately took 26 minutes to complete, was .278 of a second off the win, second by a hair. That was enough to put him in 3rd overall this week. Ty Freeman who went into the final race with the most points, finished 4th Sr in the combined class for 2nd overall. After taking the 18 kart win in the final race, Eric McGlone gathered up 1st overall this week.
So did the combined race effect the series results? Eric McGlone and Jacob Sheridan started the race mid pack near the back of the Seniors who started in front of the Juniors. They worked their way through their division and then went on to lap most of the Juniors. How did the current 1st and 2nd in the series finish in the combined 18 kart race? They took 1st and 2nd.
Finally we are to the Experts, or Opens as they are known in the USA
Less Drama in this group (this week) and the track held up well but was really hard to pass as usual. First race went down as Cody Coburn, Austen Giles and Holly Porter in that order. The 30 lap main was Mark Courtnage, Dave Chesterman and Cody Coburn. The only name you saw twice was Cody Coburn and he took high point for the week. Mark Courtnage was second followed by myself in Third after averaging the two races.
That's all for now.
Next race is Sept 16th 2014
Dave Chesterman.
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Tillsonburg Outlaws Sept 9 2014 Race report
« on: September 11, 2014, 06:10:22 PM »


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