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Author Topic: Tillsonburg Outlaws Fall 100 Classic in the History books  (Read 1475 times)

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Tillsonburg Outlaws Fall 100 Classic in the History books
« on: October 06, 2014, 06:45:09 PM »
Tillsonburg Outlaws
Fall 100 Classic in the History books.
Despite hoping for an outdoors race, the day was saved by having an Indoor facility to make use of.
The weather itself was not that bad but the prior rain just made an outdoor race impossible.

Qualifying is something we only have occasionally and it is interesting to see who can record fast times without the pressure of trying to pass someone.
Noah Longthorne was the man in the Lubricare Center Tillsonburg Beginners putting his Subaru powered QRC to good use. In the Smale Powder Coat Juniors it was Kyle McGlone that had the "stuff" but interestingly, Paige Smith was a very close second. The John Costello Seniors saw Jacob Sheridan lead the way with Eric McGlone hot on his heals. The Experts saw the return of Bea Courtnage from College to take the fast time away from the rest of the group. Cody Coburn followed Bea.
That set the stage for who got to start on the Pole of each division.
The Experts started the show knowing they had a pitstop about 1/2 way through the 100 laps for fuel. Around lap 42 Brent Smith pulled to the infield and the officials had to stop the race. It was a break for a couple of the teams who needed more than fuel. Bea Courtnage was pooped out and tag teamed with her dad who had been driving Curtis Schulz's Sprint Kart. That took one out of the field. Smith who we thought was out of fuel had a fuel linkage separation and was able to get it fixed while the rest of us fuelled to continue on. Cody Coburn, who led most of the race before the pit stop, went on to lead the rest of the race for all but the most important final laps. He had to settle for second when Scott Chesterman wiggled by with only a few laps to go after Coburn had gotten loose a few corners earlier.
When the Experts finished, the track was a dried out rough mess. Luckily we had a way to shave the high spots, water and mud in the track while the racers waited patiently in hopes of having better conditions. It worked as most drivers dropped 2/10ths off their times. This virtually eliminated karts dropping out with bad chains etc. The Juniors were first back on the track.

Kyle McGlone was a force in the Juniors that just could not be roped in. Tom Pellizzari and Nick Sheridan both had some mid race setbacks that had them needing to work back up through traffic a couple times. McGlone had to deal with the same traffic as he lapped them but was able to cut his way through like a hot knife in soft butter. Kyle McGlone was fast enough that he even lapped Tom Pellizzari in second and Nick Sheridan in third.
The Seniors were the final race of 2014. After qualifying one two , you knew it was going to be another close race between Jacob Sheridan and Eric McGlone. The pair were in the process of picking off a lapped kart when the three of them jammed up in the back corner but only McGlone got hung up causing the caution. That gave Sheridan some breathing room despite being roped back in with a couple later cautions. Meanwhile, Ty Freeman and John Sheridan had a battle of their own going on which held up McGlone who was trying to work his way back up. Eventually Ty Freeman ran part way up the wall and while he did not crash, he lost enough speed for Smibert to rope him in and eventually pass. On the lead lap, they finished, Jacob Sheridan, John Smibert, Eric McGlone and Ty Freeman.
If you are old enough, you will remember a rental car company that advertised they "try" harder because they were number two. There must be something to that because in the Junior, Senior and Expert 100 lap races, the winners were number two in the Summer Series. I guess they all had something to prove. LOL
When all the racing was done, we all over ate and had a great time rehashing the long season. Thanks to all the great cooks in the club. Thanks to all the parents who make things happen every week. Thanks to the officials who volunteer their time so we can race and have a good time. And thanks to the racers who come every week so we have somebody to race with.

The next "official" event is the Banquet, (also an indoor event) on October 25th in Courtland.
Please get your tickets ASAP. Besides everyone getting their trophies, racers will also be getting their new jackets, plus there is some mid evening entertainment. Don't expect to get out of there before 10 PM this year.


The week before the banquet, we have set the Test and Tune date of October 18th to try the new outdoor track. Make sure you keep the date free and hope the weather co operates this time.
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Tillsonburg Outlaws Fall 100 Classic in the History books
« on: October 06, 2014, 06:45:09 PM »


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