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Author Topic: Wyant Group Raceway - Final Race Report for 2016  (Read 1598 times)

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Wyant Group Raceway - Final Race Report for 2016
« on: November 06, 2016, 06:02:26 PM »
Can you believe it?  After weather played havoc with the schedule all
summer long at Wyant Group Raceway, it's November, the sun is shining,
it's 20 degrees and there is no more racing to be done.  Saturday,
members of the Saskatoon Stock Car Racing Association were indoors at
Prairieland Park, handing out hardware at its annual awards banquet.

Every division gets awards, as all recognize first, second and third
place with trophies.  Most also give out statistical awards for things
like most feature wins and rookie of the year.  There's also awards in
most divisions, voted by the other drivers, such as most courteous
driver, most improved driver, best looking car and team, and the award
nobody wants to win, the Phoenix or hard luck award.

Besides a championship trophy, there is one award that is considered the
most prestigious among the drivers.  That is the Fan Favorite Driver,
voted on through the year by race fans at the races.

The Fan Favorite Driver award is usually announced at the final race  of
the year, but as luck would have it, that last race was rained out.
Maybe the track should win a Phoenix award.

Wyant Group Raceway and the Saskatoon Stock Car Racing Association is
pleased to announce that the winner of the 2016 Fan Favorite Driver
award is the driver of the Golf's Car Wash Street Stock Division #3 car,
Craig Katelnikoff.

Full list of awards handed out Saturday, November 5, 2016:

Saskatoon CrimeStoppers Bandolero Division:
1st Place: #14 Ty Stewart
2nd Place: #93 Ryley Schneider
3rd Place: #21 Dakota Wollf
Rookie of the year: #21 Dakota Wollf
Most feature wins: #14 Ty Stewart

Golf's Car Wash Mini Stock Division:
1st Place: #41 Jim Barnsley
2nd Place: #23 Cole Nixey
3rd Place: #4 Shawn Magee
Rookie of the year: #7 Dylan Isley
Most feature wins: #41 Jim Barnsley & #4 Shawn Magee (tie)
Most courteous driver: #5 Darcy King
Most improved driver: #37 Scott Kozak
Best looking car and team: #37 Scott Kozak
Phoenix award: #77 Shawn Conarroe

Saskatoon Shrine Club Sask Legends Division:
1st Place: #21 Blake Erb
2nd Place: #84 AJ Morrison
3rd Place: #27 Jody Stewart
Rookie of the year: #16 Stan Friesen
Most feature wins: #21 Blake Erb
Most courteous driver: #21 Blake Erb
Most improved driver: #316 Stan Friesen
Phoenix award: #21 Blake Erb

Golf's Car Wash Stree Stock Division:
1st Place: #81 Kurtis Houben
2nd Place: #3 Craig Katelnikoff
3rd Place: #18 Mike Rea
Rookie of the year: #1 Scott Barrand
Most feature wins: #81 Kurtis Houben & #3 Craig Katelnikoff (tie)
Most courteous driver: #1 Scott Barrand
Phoenix award: #1 Scott Barrand

Tiger Automotive Pro Truck Division:
1st Place: #49 Shantel Kalika
2nd Place: #19 Aaron Anderson
3rd Place: #01 Alex Leschenko
Rookie of the year: #92 Brennan Kirton
Most feature wins: #19 Aaron Anderson
Most courteous driver: #88 Brad Wrennick
Most improved driver: #14 Cpl William Stetzner
Best looking car and team:#49 Shantel Kalika
Phoenix award: #5 Ian McLean

Shell V-Power Sportsman Division:
1st Place: #28 Cale Siemens
2nd Place: #49 Ben Busch
3rd Place: #93 Neil Schneider
Rookie of the year: #42 Nicole Sheetka
Most feature wins: #28 Cale Siemens
Most courteous driver: #49 Ben Busch
Most improved driver: #42 Nicole Sheetka
Best looking car and team: #15 Dave McIntosh & #33 Ryan Thompson (tie)
Phoenix award: #33 Ryan Thompson

WSSL Super Late Model Division:
1st Place: #17 Rob Janzen
2nd Place: #12 Matthew Shirley
3rd Place: #62 Kenny Heintz
Rookie of the year: #12 Matthew Shirley
Most feature wins: #17 Rob Janzen
Most courteous driver: #8 Andrew Clewes
Most improved driver: #62 Kenny Heintz
Best looking car and team:#38 Dave Bone & #97 Jared Reddekopp (tie)
Phoenix award: #97 Jared Reddekopp

Sky Financial Super Late Model Series:
1st Place: #55 Jim Gaunt
2nd Place: #70 Trent Seidel
3rd Place: #17 Rob Janzen

That wraps up the 2016 season for Wyant Group Raceway.  Planning is
already underway for 2017 with the new SSCRA Executive in place.  Once
again our deepest thanks to all our drivers, teams, fans, sponsors,
partnerships and of course the media for all the support in 2016.  Have
a great winter and get ready for a super 2017.

Richard Woodvine

Canadian Racing Archive Project.

Wyant Group Raceway - Final Race Report for 2016
« on: November 06, 2016, 06:02:26 PM »


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