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Adam Racine and Adrian Stahle both found themselves in Victory Lane with Feature wins as The Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets celebrated the July 1st Canada Day Holiday weekend with a double header at Sauble Speedway and Full Throttle Speedway.   

Sunday July 2nd The Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets were at Full Throttle Speedway where Adam Racine captured his 5th Feature win of the season.   

Racine, who appears to be untouchable so far this season, said his car was “hooked up” especially at a track that is “hard to pass at”.  “I’m having a blast and a great year”, Racine said as he accepted the winner’s trophy.  Racine thanked his family, Craig and Janet Maxwell , The Gill Family for all the set up advise and his sponsors, Dettmer Tire, Tirecraft, T-Weber, Retail Design Group and Schwartz Incorporated.

Brandon Zavarella led the field to the green flag with Ryan Fraser alongside starting second, Steven Murdoch started in third while Cory Whittam started in fourth with Darren Dryden in fifth. 

On the start Fraser made a pass on Zavarella bringing the #55 of Cory Whittam with him.  As Zavarella settled into third, Racine had gained 3 postions from his 8th position starting spot.

Zavarella realizing he wasn’t as fast as the cars charging forward, made the “gentlemen’s” move staying low in turn 1 allowing the #50 of Stahle and the #20 of Racine to pass him before settling into 5th.

The very next lap Stahle and Racine took to the inside making quick work of Whittam, advancing to second and third, knocking him to fourth while Fraser stayed strong in the lead. 

One lap later DeMan made a pass on Zavarella knocking him out of the top 5 but 2 laps later Zavarella battled back passing DeMan and Whittam settling into 4th.

Hooked up single file leading the field, Fraser, Stahle and Racine were pulling away from the pack with a 5 car lead over Zavarella and DeMan who had their own battle going on for fourth.

Zavarella and DeMan battled 8 laps for the fourth position before DeMan overtook Zavarella going low in turn one on lap 14.

As the leaders caught up to the back of the field, Fraser passed the #26 of Lucas Munsie, putting him a lap down.  With the lapped car of Munsie now in the mix Racine was able to catch Stahle in the apex of turn s 3 and 4.

Two laps later Racine was side by side challenging Fraser for the lead as they crossed the start/finish line.  Going into turn 1, Racine completed the pass on Fraser, not backing down easily Fraser tried going to the inside of Racine in turn 3 getting alongside him with Racine being the stronger car. 

With Racine now out in front and pulling away, Fraser, Stahle and DeMan found themselves in a 3 way battle for second which lasted for several laps amongst lapped traffic.   

The only caution of the night came on Lap 23 when Stahle made contact with Fraser, going into turn 4, turning him around collecting the lapped cars of Lucas Munsie and Dominique Smith.

With the restart in order your leader was Racine followed by DeMan, Zavarella, Murdoch and Dryden.

When the green flag dropped, Racine quickly pulled away from the field as he had a strong restart.  Not content with fifth, Dryden made a pass on the inside of Murdoch coming out of turn 2, heading along the back stretch and into turn 3. 

As the checkered flag flew for Racine, DeMan followed in second, Dryden nabbed third from Zavarella, passing him going into turn 3 and Murdoch ended the night with a top 5 finish.

The Lucas Oil Can-Am Midget heats at Full Throttle Speedway were won by Adam Racine and Mack DeMan.

The Cinderella story in the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midget camp this past weekend was with Adrian Stahle.  Saturday July 1st The Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets were at Sauble Speedway where Stahle found redemption with a Feature win in a car that was almost totalled the week before at Peterborough Speedway.  Stahle, leading at the time, was robbed of the feature win after mechanical failure sent him crashing into the wall.   

Accepting his winner’s trophy, Stahle said “the last 5 laps of the race were intense” as he battled clean with Adam Racine for the win.  “I have to thank Adam Racine for racing me clean and putting on a great show, my Dad who spent all week rebuilding the car, Paul and Mike Husby, and the fans”.

Saturday heats were won by Adam Racine and Adrian Stahle.

The Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets head back to Sunset Speedway, for the second of three races scheduled there on July 8, 2017.

The Lucas Oil Can-Am Midget Feature finish at Full Throttle Speedway on July 2, 2017 was…1. ADAM RACINE, 2. Mack DeMan, 3. Darren Dryden, 4. Brandon Zavarella, 5. Steven Murdoch, 6. Cory Whittam, 7. Jeff Blackburn, 8. Ryan Fraser, 9. Adrian Stahle, 10. Dominique Smith(R), 11. Barry Dunn, 12. Lucas Munsie(R).

The Lucas Oil Can-Am Midget Driver points after the race at Full Throttle Speedway are as follows…1. ADAM RACINE...1215, 2. Mack DeMan...1167, 3. Adrian Stahle...1056, 4. Darren Dryden...1032, 5. Ryan Fraser...1000, 6. Steven Murdoch...960, 7. Barry Dunn...945, 8. Dominique Smith(R)...784, 9. Lucas Munsie(R)...742, 10. Jeff Blackburn...636, 11. Cory Whittam...587, 12. Brandon Zavarella...530

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