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Author Topic: Wyant Group Raceway Results for Saturday, July 8, 2017  (Read 1305 times)

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Wyant Group Raceway Results for Saturday, July 8, 2017
« on: July 10, 2017, 08:49:56 AM »
Wyant Group Raceway
Results for Saturday, July 8, 2017
Market Tire Western Speed Association SLM Series – Elance Steel 150

Heat certainly played a role in all the racing Saturday at Wyant Group
Raceway.  There just isn’t a lot of room for cooling down when the air
temperature is pushing 30 degrees and there is not even a breeze to
speak of.  Compared to two weeks ago drivers kept their cool, but cars
were dropping one by one as the blazing sun took its toll.

Early in the day during pre-race hot laps a slip on the hot track
brought together the mini stocks of Shawn Magee, Jim Barnsley and Riley
Surcon.  All suffered damage heavy enough to end their days before they
even began.

Over in the pro trucks, Bill Zubrecki was fighting a persistent oil
leak, missing the heat and qualifier races entirely and only turning a
few laps in the pro truck feature.  William Stelzner had an equally
trying night as he missed the qualifier race and also retired from the
pro truck feature after only three laps.

The sportsman drivers seemed to have a little better luck.  After a
disastrous race two weeks ago, all their cars turned every lap Saturday
night.  In fact, they went through their heat, qualifier and feature
caution free.

The Market Tire Western Speed Association super late model Elance Steel
150 was a different story.  There were no crashes between cars, but the
recovery trucks made several trips onto the track to bring carnage back
to the pits.  By the time lap 150 was in the books, seven cars were on
the sidelines watching the finish of the race.

The night did start out with a bit of a surprise.  Usually hot days slow
the cars down by a few tenths of a second.  But on this Saturday Trent
Seidel was flying in qualifying as he brought the Elance Steel Chevy
Impala SS around the track in 14.085 seconds, capturing the Propane Plus
Pole Award and coming within three-one-hundredths of a second of the
track record.  Certainly unexpected on a hot track.

Seidel was thrilled at finally returning to the top of the board in
qualifying and did not even hesitate when asked about the Propane Plus
come from behind award.  This is where the top two qualifiers are
offered the opportunity to give up their earned start position and
instead start from the back and pick up an extra $500 if they win the
feature race.  Another $250 came from the crowd, putting $750 up for the

Seidel acknowledged many of his sponsors were in the stands Saturday so
he couldn’t disappoint them and he would show them what they are
supporting, taking the challenge.

Second qualifier was the #17 J&A Heating and Plumbing Chevy of Rob
Janzen at 14.204 seconds. He too didn’t hesitate as he said he would
gladly take the Propane Plus come from behind award money and hand it
over to Big Brothers and Sisters of Saskatoon.

With the inversion of 12 cars, the starting grid for the Elance Steel
150 was set with the youngest and oldest drivers on the front row.  The
14-year-old pilot Tyler Emond of the #18 Clark Construction Chevy SS
would be on the pole, with (mumble/mumble) year old driver of the #22
Custom Foundations Toyota Camry, Doug Bienia on the outside.

Right from the drop of the green flag you could see different strategies
at play.  Young gun Emond took off into the lead, pushing 14-1/2 second
laps.  Meanwhile, Seidel and Janzen dropped back from the crowd and
didn’t push their cars below 15 seconds for the first five laps when the
caution lights came on.

Something broke in the steering of the #76 Big Bore Horizontal Drilling
Chevy of Dusty O’Connell, sending him into the outside wall coming out
of corner four.  While Dusty was okay, his car was the first to leave
the race on a hook.

The resulting restart had the #18 of Tyler Emond on the inside poll,
with #10 of Kevin Dyck now beside him.  Emond pulled away to lead the
next 20 laps, but Dyck worked around him by lap 27, a lead he would hold
until caution came again in lap 58.

Meanwhile, PJ Kondra took the #8 McDonalds Chevy to the pits in lap 25
with what looked like overheating.  Doug Bienia also pulled the #22 into
the garage in lap 38 and Jared Reddekopp pulled into his pits in lap 52
with what looked like a right rear flat, but his crew spent several laps
working on the wheel, so obviously something else was wrong there.

Logan Jewel pulled in all the way from Prince George BC and his #92
MacCarthy GM Chevy developed a miss-fire.  He pulled out of traffic to
the outside and then couldn’t safely get down to the pits, bringing out
the second caution of the race.

The leaderboard shows #10 and #18 on top, but Emond followed Dyck low
for the restart, leaving the outside pole position open for the #8x if
Kelly Admiraal to grab.  He didn’t miss the opportunity.

Admiraal takes advantage and gets his Swan Rentals Chevy into the lead
on the green, breathing the fresh air at the front for the next 10 laps
or so.  At this point Seidel had come out of nowhere and was side by
side with Admiraal.  Admiraal led lap 68, Seidel was ahead in 69. 8x was
back in front for lap 70, but the #70 had the lead when caution came out
in lap 72.

The #62 CJC & Co. Law Office Monte Carlo of Kenny Heintz was into the
wall coming out of corner four, sending a shower of sparks as his car
slid down the front, stopping right at the start/finish line.

The delay to get Kenny’s car off gave the #97 and #92 a chance to rejoin
the field, having to take the start from the longer line as they came
from the pits under caution.

Trent and Kelly were side by side for the restart.  Trent was holding
back no more and launched his car into the lead when the green light
came on and didn’t really look back the rest of the race.

Caution flew again three laps later as Tim Kammer looped the #04
Degeiman Industries Impala around.  Even though this was the fourth
caution of the race, the race now had its first Lucky Bastard free pass
recipient.  The #92 of Logan Jewel gained a lap back.  In the previous
cautions the car that would have been eligible was either the cause of
the caution or in the pits.

Going back green, Seidel’s car was still on rails and glided around the
track with Admiraal and the rest of the field in chase.  In lap 79 the
#17 of Rob Janzen retired to the garage, followed by the #18 of Tyler
Emond nine laps later.  Reddekopp was still struggling and was in and
out of his pits, finally parking in lap 98.

Caution was back out in lap 100 as the tire gremlin bit Jim Gaunt,
sending the #55 Sky Financial the Mortgage Centre Chevrolet to the
garage.  But, the #55 was there for the green flag and was still
determined to win his first race of 2017.

That wouldn’t happen though as it was pretty clear Seidel’s Elance Steel
Chevy SS was finely tuned and gliding on air.  In the final laps of the
race he passed Dave Bone, Tim Kammer and Howie Crossman, putting them a
lap down.

Jim Gaunt was next on Trent’s radar and Jimmy fought hard to maintain
that lead lap position.  The white flag came out with Seidel’s right on
Gaunt’s tail.  Jim couldn’t hang on and Trent moved around him,
finishing the lap to take his second win on the Market Tire Western
Speed Association circuit in the #70 Elance Steel Chevy SS.

Kelly Admiraal was second in the #8x Swan Rentals Chevy SS and brother
Ian Admiraal was third, also driving a Swan Rentals Chevy SS with #9 on
the door.

In other racing action Saturday at Wyant Group Raceway, as mentioned car
count was dramatically lowered in the Golf’s Car Wash Mini Stocks as
three cars were on the losing end of a crash during practice.  That left
the #23 33rd Street Automotive Acura to pick up all three wins in the
heat, qualifier and feature.  Dylan Isley was second in the feature in
the #7 Delisle Agencies Prelude and the #22 Over the Edge Eavestroughing
Ford Focus of Cameron Nixey was third.

In the Tiger Automotive Pro Trucks, the #19 of Aaron Anderson picked up
the heat win and the #49 of Shantel Kalika the qualifier win.  Aaron
Anderson was back in front for the Tiger Automotive Pro Truck feature in
the #19 Ens Toyota Tundra, with the #49 OK Tire and Auto Service Dodge
Ram of Shantel Kalika in second and Brennan Kirton picking up third in
his #92 Cervus Equipment Silverado.

Ryan Thompson picked up the Shell V-Power Sportsman heat win in his #33
Dodman Homes Camaro.  Neil Schneider’s Burco Electrical Contractors #93
Camaro was the Qualifier race winner.  Matt Neufeld takes home the
checkered flag in the Shell V-Power Feature, bringing the #51 Neufeld
Building Movers Chevy in first, followed by his dad Kerry, in the #2
Neufeld Building Movers Chevy and Tony Mikulcik in the #77 Crop Pro
Consulting Monte Carlo.

As mentioned earlier, Trent Seidel timed in quickest for the Western
Speed Association Super Late Model series.  Tim Kammer won Heat A in the
#04 Degeiman Industries Impala and Matthew Shirley claimed Heat B in the
#12 Co-op Chevy SS.

Next racing action at Wyant Group Raceway is next Saturday, July 15 as
the WSSL Super Late Models are in for their first local division race of
the season, along with the Golf’s Car Wash Street Stocks and the
CrimeStoppers/Cervus Equipment Bandoleros.  First green flag is at
6:05pm, with the gates open at 5:00pm

Complete Results
Saturday, July 8, 2017

Shell V-Power Sportsman Division:
1. #33 Ryan Thompson
2. #2 Kerry Neufeld
3. #42 Nicole Sheetka
4. #77 Tony Mikulcik
5. #49 Ben Busch
6. #51 Matt Neufeld
7. #27 Rick Schurmanns
8. #93 Neil Schneider
9. #53 Damen Meier
10. #5 Kirk Senger
11. #13 Chelsey Wilson

1. #93 Neil Schneider
2. #51 Matt Neufeld
3. #53 Damen Meier
4. #77 Tony Mikulcik
5. #5 Kirk Senger
6. #49 Ben Busch
7. #42 Nicole Sheetka
8. #2 Kerry Neufeld
9. #33 Ryan Thompson
10. #27 Rick Schurmanns
11. #13 Chelsey Wilson

Shell V-Power Sportsman Feature:
1. #51 Matt Neufeld
2. #2 Kerry Neufeld
3. #77 Tony Mikulcik
4. #42 Nicole Sheetka
5. #93 Neil Schneider
6. #53 Damen Meier
7. #49 Ben Busch
8. #33 Ryan Thompson
9. #27 Rick Schurmanns
10. #5 Kirk Senger
11. #13 Chelsey Wilson

Tiger Automotive Pro Truck Division:
1. #19 Aaron Anderson
2. #3 Mike Dionne
3. #49 Shantel Kalika
4. #92 Brennan Kirton
5. #01 Alex Leschenko
6. #21 Kade Thompson
7. #5 Ian McLean
8. #14 William Stelzner
9. #18 Bill Zubrecki

1. #49 Shantel Kalika
2. #21 Kade Thompson
3. #92 Brennan Kirton
4. #01 Alex Leschenko
5. #19 Aaron Anderson
6. #3 Mike Dionne
7. #5 Ian McLean
8. #14 William Stelzner (DNS)
9. #18 Bill Zubrecki (DNS)

Tiger Automotive Pro Truck Feature:
1. #19 Aaron Anderson
2. #49 Shantel Kalika
3. #92 Brennan Kirton
4. #3 Mike Dionne
5. #01 Alex Leschenko
6. #21 Kade Thompson
7. #5 Ian McLean
8. #18 Bill Zubrecki
9. #14 William Stelzner

Golf’s Car Wash Mini Stock Division:
1. #23 Cole Nixey
2. #7 Dylan Isley
3. #37 Scott Kozak
4. #22 Cameron Nixey
5. #72 Riley Surcon (DNS)

1. #23 Cole Nixey
2. #7 Dylan Isley
3. #37 Scott Kozak
4. #22 Cameron Nixey

Golf’s Car Wash Mini Stock Feature:
1. #23 Cole Nixey
2. #7 Dylan Isley
3. #22 Cameron Nixey
4. #37 Scott Kozak

Market Tire Western Speed Association Super Late Model Series:
Time Trials (seconds):
1. #70 Trent Seidel, 14.085
2. #17 Rob Janzen, 14.204
3. #8x Kelly Admiraal, 14.220
4. #62 Kenny Heintz, 14.253
5. #55 Jim Gaunt, 14.299
6. #92 Logan Jewel, 14.312
7. #18 Tyler Emond, 14.337
8. #97 Jared Reddekopp, 14.385
9. #12 Matthew Shirley, 14.401
10. #56 Howard Crossman, 14.432
11. #10 Kevin Dyck, 14.438
12. #22 Doug Bienia, 14.446
13. #9 Ian Admiraal, 14.472
14. #8 PJ Kondra, 14.562
15. #76 Dusty O'Connell, 14.604
16. #04 Tim Kammer, 14.659
17. #38 Dave Bone, 14.746

Heat A:
1. #04 Tim Kammer
2. #8 PJ Kondra
3. #56 Howard Crossman
4. #62 Kenny Heintz
5. #92 Logan Jewel
6. #17 Rob Janzen
7. #22 Doug Bienia
8. #97 Jared Reddekopp

Heat B:
1. #12 Matthew Shirley
2. #70 Trent Seidel
3. #9 Ian Admiraal
4. #55 Jim Gaunt
5. #76 Dusty O'Connell
6. #10 Kevin Dyck
7. #18 Tyler Emond
8. #8x Kelly Admiraal
9. #38 Dave Bone

Market Tire Western Speed Association SLM Series Feature
Elance Steel 150 (laps)
1. #70 Trent Seidel, 150
2. #8x Kelly Admiraal, 150
3. #9 Ian Admiraal, 150
4. #12 Matthew Shirley, 150
5. #10 Kevin Dyck, 150
6. #55 Jim Gaunt, 149
7. #56 Howard Crossman, 149
8. #38 Dave Bone, 149
9. #04 Tim Kammer, 149
10. #92 Logan Jewel, 140 (running)
11. #18 Tyler Emond, 87 (mechanical)
12. #97 Jared Reddekopp, 79 (mechanical)
13. #17 Rob Janzen, 78 (mechanical)
14. #62 Kenny Heintz, 72 (accident)
15. #22 Doug Bienia, 38 (mechanical)
16. #8 PJ Kondra, 24 (mechanical)
17. #76 Dusty O'Connell, 5 (accident)

Elance Steel 150 Race Stats:
Race time – on track:  1 hour, 5 minutes, 19 seconds
Green Flag at 8:37pm, Checkered Flag at 9:38pm
Four Race Leaders – 18, 10, 8x and 70
Five Lead Changes – #18 led laps 1 to 26, #10 led laps 27 to 58, #8x led
laps 59 to 68, 70 and 71, #70 led laps 69 and 72 to 150 (Finish)
5 cautions in laps 5, 58, 72, 75 and 100
0 Caution laps counted, 32 not counted
Lucky Bastard free pass recipients: #92 (twice)


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Wyant Group Raceway Results for Saturday, July 8, 2017
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