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The Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets pounded the pavement at Flamboro Speedway Saturday night as they helped to honour Don Biederman in “The Don Biederman Memorial”
Darren Dryden celebrated with another Final Feature win while Brandon Hauck earned his first ever Lucas Oil Can-Am Midget win.

Dryden dominated the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midget final feature leaving the rest of the field in his dust.

 It feel good.  We were strong all day today and I can’t thank my Dad and Steve enough for doing the brakes for us throughout this week.  We came in today not really knowing truly what we had and we kind of fought for it especially in the first feature which was noticeable but the second feature the car definitely came around.  I can’t thank the fans enough for coming out tonight as well as my family and sponsors; DJD Graphics, Napa Auto Parts, Autokloak, Xpert Transmission, EPIC Racewear, BJ Custom Finishes, Retail Design Group, StateFarm Burnside Insurance and John Dryden Autobody, Grisdales and Lucas Oil.

Darren Dryden started out in sixth while Cassidy March sat on pole with Cory Whittam along side.
At the drop of the green flag, Whittam was out in front as March dropped back to mid pack.  Dominique Smith safely slid into second while Dryden advanced into third, Steven Murdock gain a position to enter fourth while the rest of the field, Ryan Fraser, Brandon Zavarella, Brandon Hauck, Adam Racine and Adrian Stahle all battling for position to figure out mid pack on back.  Lucas Munsie departed the race after the first lap still plagued by some elusive clutch issues.

Smith tried to battle Dryden to no avail for second which helped Whittam increase his lead but it was only a matter of laps before Dryden paced him going into turn one and taking the lead on the inside coming out of turn 2.
As the front runners spaced themselves out Dryden held a huge lead over Whittam as he battled back and forth with Murdock for second while the two held their own huge lead over Smith who battled with Fraser and Zavarella before Fraser took a spin in turn 3 right in front of the two on lap 9.
With no official caution, Fraser was able to get himself going again but was slow going before being lapped by Dryden in turn 2.
As Dryden increased his lead, Whittam and Murdock continued to battle back and forth for second with Murdock being the victor on lap 14 with a pass on the inside between turns one and two.

Lap 16 Fraser pulled to the infield ending his night after falling way back.
As the remaining 9 laps were ran Dryden caught up to the rear of the field lapping Shultz and then catching March on the last lap, while the remainder of the field went unchanged before the checkers waved.

The Lucas Oil Can-Am Midget finish for the Final Feature was as follows; 1. DARREN DRYDEN, 2. Steven Murdock, 3. Cory Whittam, 4. Brandon Zavarella, 5. Adrian Stahle, 6. Dominique Smith, 7. Adam Racine, 8. Brandon Hauck, 9. Cassidy March, 10. Mark Schultz, 11. Ryan Fraser, 12. Lucas Munsie
In the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midget Qualifying Feature Hauck dominated after an early caution, earning him his first ever Lucas Oil Can-Am Midget feature win.
“The win felt pretty great.  Any time you get your first win in a Cam-Am Midget, I think everyone can relate, it feels pretty surreal.  I didn’t think I was going to win, if you would have told me I was going to win I would have laughed.  There are so many fast guys in this club.  I was getting a little tired at the end and I’m sure the 50 [Stahle] was coming I’m just lucky I wasn’t out raced I guess.  I’d like to thank Ryan Leis from Snap-On, Epic Raceware, Grisdales, Neely Auto and Lucas Oil.”
Hauck has seen Victory Lane many times before with the 2017 Lucas Oil Can-Am Midget Champion Adam Racine, as his Crew Chief, but this time it was so much sweeter as a driver.

Munsie was set to take pole for the feature but opted to start at the back of the field as he continues to fight an ill handling race car.  This put March on the pole along side Zavarella. 
As the field went green March didn’t seen to get going and fell to the back of the pack before tangling with Shultz bringing out the caution.  Shultz departed the race with a broken bracket while March lined up for the restart at the rear of the field, this left Zavarella to restart on pole with Smith lining up beside him.

When the green dropped again Zavarella and Smith ran tire to tire until Smith pulled out ahead coming out of turn 2 while the remainder of the field spread out to figure out their positions.  Hauck nabbed Zavarella for second just at the start finish line while Racine followed up in fourth and Murdock claiming fifth. Munsie left for the pits.
Smith had a strong run out in the lead for the first 6 laps but a hungry Hauck reeled her in while Stahle was busy putting pressure on Racine for fourth with Murdock following right behind them waiting for a chance to make a move.  Dryden showed he had moves as he made quick work of Whittam and March at the rear of the field.
Once Hauck was out in front and pulling away from the field, Zavarella was quickly closing the distance on Smith.  Zavarella was able to get along side Smith going into the corners but couldn’t make the car stick to complete the pass.  Stahle was applying the pressure on Racine, in fourth, as he looked for ways to get around him.  Stahle’s pressure and patience paid off on lap 12 when Stahle went low in turn 4 to complete his pass.  The next lap Zavarella caught Smith at the start finish line by a fraction but Smith wasn’t giving it up easily.

After putting Racine behind him, Stahle found himself battling Smith and Zavarella for second.  Stahle was able to get by Smith but Zavarella was going to put up a fight to hold the spot.

As Stahle and Zavarella battled back and forth for second, Racine passed Smith for fourth.  A few spots back Dryden appeared to be coasting making small gains going forward.  Dryden caught Murdock then worked on Smith for a pass to enter the top 5 for the first time in the feature as the laps drew closer to the finish.

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