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Author Topic: Flamboro Speedway – August 4, 2018 Recap  (Read 1099 times)

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Flamboro Speedway – August 4, 2018 Recap
« on: August 10, 2018, 11:06:53 AM »
Flamboro Speedway – August 4, 2018 Recap

As the temperatures continue to stay hot, the action does on-track at Flamboro Speedway as well. Children were entertained on Saturday night, between receiving bikes and backpacks, to riding in the cars before the races began. The adults were also entertained, but we’d expect that based on the on-track action.

Ontario Modified Racing Series

After starting off the year in victory lane, rookie Anthony DiBello won the first of the two OMRS features. Rob Warnes finished second, followed by Willow Barberstock, Randy Hollingsworth and Rick Warnes. John Baker Jr. would finish sixth after his motor blew up, while Brad Stevenson was seventh after getting caught up in a crash. Craig Scott and Chad Strawn rounded out the field, while Craig Stevenson was disqualified for rough driving.

Brad Stevenson bounced back from the wreck in the first feature to win the second event ahead of Anthony DiBello. Chad Strawn and Rob Warnes finished third and fourth after a solid battle back and forth through the second half of the feature, with Rick Warnes rounding out the top-five. Craig Stevenson finished sixth, followed by Willow Barberstock and Randy Hollingsworth. John Baker Jr. and Craig Scott failed to start the event. 

Lucas Oil Canadian Vintage Modifieds

The action on Saturday night for the Lucas Oil Canadian Vintage Modifieds came down to top-division heavy weights battling it out for the top spots.

TJ Marshall won the first feature ahead of Steve Trendell, Mike Podd, Max Wright, Amanda Stoner, Daryl Henwood, Sean Gibson, Shaun Pascoe, Bob Gilbert, Jeremy Barton, and John Karley. Brian Watson failed to start due to issues.

Steve Trendell won the second feature ahead of Mike Podd, TJ Marshall, Daryl Henwood, Jeremy Barton, Bob Gilbert, Sean Gibson, Amanda Stoner, Shaun Pascoe, Max Wright, Brian Watson, and John Karley.

Ray’s Auto Center & Towing Super Stocks

The LRR team looked poised to keep their dominance going entering Saturday night, as Brad Collison won the first feature with Jake Watson in toe. However, post-race activities in the tech shed would see Collison disqualified on a technical infraction and Watson disqualified on a crew behavior infraction.

The pair of DQ’s would hand the victory over to Randy Rusnell for his first of the season ahead of Bobby Mercer, Kelsey Lamont, Jeff Bean and AJ Miller.

The second feature saw the strength of the No. 7 team continue, with Bobby Mercer once again driving to victory lane ahead of Brad Collison, Randy Rusnell, Kelsey Lamont, Jeff Bean, and AJ Miller.

The No. 7 team of Mercer and Steve Cashmore now have a 27-point advantage over the No. 72 team of Rusnell and Steve Perry. The disqualification drops Brad Collison back to third, 33 markers behind the leader.

Klotz Auto Repair and Engine Shop Mini Stocks

After coming close all season to breaking through, Erik Dalla Riva would score his first career victory ahead of Wayde Thorne, Jake Gilbert, Shawn Taylor, Karl Sault, Rich Schwartzenburg, Mark Klotz, David Gallinger, Jonathan Ayrton, Mike Gilmour, Mike Hooper, Tyler Lewis, Kyle Da Silva, Wendy Adams, Michael Kenny, and Jason LeBlanc. Mechanical issues would see Matt Young, Kaitlyn Wallace, and Kyle Istead fail to finish the race.

The second feature was wild as always with the fast cars trying to make their way from the back half of the field. This week, Jake Gilbert was the master as he made his way from 10th to score the victory despite injuring his ankle during last weekend’s off-weekend for the division. Karl Sault finished second, followed by Shawn Taylor, Mark Klotz, Wayde Thorne, David Gallinger, Erik Dalla Riva, Jonathan Ayrton, Mike Hooper, Michael Kenny, Mike Gilmour, Matt Young, Tyler Lewis, Rich Schwartzenburg, Wendy Adams, Jason LeBlanc, and Kyle DaSilva. Kyle Istead once again failed to finish due to mechanical issues, while Kaitlyn Wallace did not start due to damaging her motor the first feature.

The battle for the championship will be exciting right down to the wire as Shawn Taylor now only leads Jake Gilbert by three points. The No. 72 team of Rich and Billy Schwartzenburg sit third in points, 60 markers behind the leader.

McClurkin Properties Cambridge Pure Stocks

Before thrilling the fans at intermission with a drift show, Dylan Sharpe showed that he is quite the racer as well, driving to victory lane in the first Pure Stock feature of the night. Travis Hofsetetter crossed the finish line in second, but disqualified post-race for being underweight. Courtney Scott would get credited with second, followed by Phil Givens, Dale Lucas, Ryan Hillar, Jared Bodnar, Mark Thorne, Matt Fraser, Andy Wheller, Bill Rutherford, Kris Sharpen and Peckham.

Come time for the second feature, Mark Thorne took the lead on Lap 3 after starting on the front row, and was ready to cruise to victory. However, that wasn’t meant to be as Phil Givens made his way to the front, passing Thorne with two laps to go for the top spot.

Phil Givens crossed the finish line in first, but was disqualified post-race on a technical tire infraction. This would hand the win to Mark Thorne ahead of Dale Lucas, Matt Fraser, Dylan Sharpe, Andy Wheller, Travis Hofstetter, Courtney Scott, Bill Rutherford, Jared Bodnar, Kris Sharpen and Dylan Peckham. Front runner Ryan Hillar took a hit in the points after failing to finish.

Going into the next night of racing, Dale Lucas holds a 49-point advantage over the No. 21 team of Ryan Hillar and Danny Shantz. Courtney Scott sits third in points, 69 markers back of the leader.

Pro 4 Modifieds

The first feature saw Rodney Rutherford pace the way as he continues to add trophies to his collection this season. Mark Lucas finished second, followed by Cliff Hodgkinson, Dave Hodgkinson, Shannon Morris, Dan Pettit, Brian Nanticoke, and Mike Westwood.

Dan Pettit showed the speed to contend in the first feature, but went for a spin while challenging Rutherford for the lead. This worked out to his advantage as the reverse starting order for the second feature saw him start up front.

Dan Pettit took the lead early, pacing the rest of the way en route to victory ahead of Dave Hodgkinson, Mark Lucas, Rodney Rutherford, Cliff Hodgkinson, Brian Nanticoke, and Shannon Morris. Mike Westwood would fail to start the second feature after suffering a mechanical failure in the first event. 

The action at Flamboro Speedway isn’t set to slow down as this Saturday, August 11 the track presents the GREAT CANADIAN TRUCK SHOW. The track will have a bunch of big rigs on display in their parking lot for fans to check out up-close before the action starts on track. Speaking of that, the schedule includes the Super Stocks, Mini Stocks, Pure Stocks, Pro 4 Modifieds, and the Canadian Vintage Modifieds.

Also, don’t forget the Gold Rush 100 takes place in just two weeks on Sunday, August 19, featuring the best Pro Late Model drivers in the province trying to take home the $10,000 payday. Also on the card for that afternoon is a Pure Stock Invitational.

Gate details and admission prices, along with the full schedule for Flamboro Speedway this season can be found on the track’s website at

Be sure to keep up with the latest by following the speedway on Twitter at and Instagram at

Race Report by Ashley McCubbin

Canadian Racing Archive Project.

Flamboro Speedway – August 4, 2018 Recap
« on: August 10, 2018, 11:06:53 AM »


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