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Adrian Stahle topped the leader board with the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets for the second time in two weeks earning his second feature win and his first career win at Sunset Speedway.

Stahle, who led all but one lap in a 25 lap feature, couldn’t be touched as he held off Lucas Oil Can-Am  Midget 4 time defending Champion Mack DeMan as the laps wound down to the checkered flag.

In Victory Lane, Stahle said this was his “first feature win at Sunset”.  “The team had made small adjustments during the night, changing wedge” in preparation for the Feature.  Stahle thanked his Dad, sister, Paul and Mike Husby for coming and helping out with the car, “I get the fun job of driving”, said Stahle.  Stahle gave a special thanks to Uncle Van for the advice over the phone and sponsors, Larca Custom Machining and Bell Cartage.  “If I didn’t make the move on Fraser when I did the race could have had a totally different outcome”.

Pole sitter, Barry Dunn, led the field to the green flag but was quickly over taken by second place starter Ryan Fraser.  As Fraser led the field across the start finish line for lap one, Stahle had already gained two positions from his fourth position starting spot.  At the line it was Ryan Fraser, Adrian Stahle, Darren Dryden, Barry Dunn and current point’s leader, heading into Saturday’s race, Adam Racine.

Stahle, wasting no time moving forward, immediately challenged Fraser for the lead on the outside going into turn one.  Unable to complete the pass, Stahle retreated back to second but stuck close to Fraser’s tail.

Stahle, not content being second, challenged Fraser again for the lead going into turn three and coming out of turn four.  As the two battled it was Stahle who had Fraser by a nose as they crossed the line, followed by Dryden, Dunn and Racine.

As Stahle pulled away from the field, leading by 4 car lengths, Fraser and Dryden battled for second going into turns one and two.  As Fraser and Dryden came out of turn two, Adam Racine challenged making it a three way battle for second going down the back stretch and into turn three.  As the dust settled Darren Dryden was in second with Adam Racine in third, Ryan Fraser in fourth and Mack DeMan rounding out the top 5.

At the half way point Stahle continued to hold onto a strong lead, well out in front of the field, with Dryden still holding onto second, Racine in third, DeMan in fourth and Fraser in fifth.

As the leaders started to battle the slower cars at the rear of the field, Dryden was able to close the gap on Stahle before the caution flag flew on lap 17.  Adam Racine was slow on the pace and left the race with a snapped left rear radius rod.

When the field lined up for the restart it was Adrian Stahle leading, Darren Dryden in second, Mack DeMan in third, Ryan Fraser in fourth and Steven Murdoch in fifth.

On the restart, Stahle was able to pull away unchallenged as DeMan battled Dryden for second trying to overtake him on the outside going into turn one through turn two and going down the back stretch before completing the pass coming to the start finish line.

As the laps wound down to the checkers DeMan made a few attempts on Stahle going to his outside but DeMan came up empty.  At the end it was Adrian Stahle on top again for the second time this season, his first win came last week at Sauble Speedway on Canada Day.

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