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Cory Whittam raced his way into victory lane for the first time ever with the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets at Grand Bend Speedway’s Bash at the Beach Saturday night. 

Whittam, who is looking for sponsors, is also the owner of his #55 machine.  Last year’s Lucas Oil Can-Am Midget Rookie of the Year, Whittam, started on the outside pole, led all 25 laps of the Feature with only one caution to deal with.  It was said that Whittam could be heard screaming with excitement as he crossed the start finish line as he took the checkered flag. “I’m just so happy right now; the car was on rails tonight”.  “I have to give great big thanks to Carey and Jim Hickson, and the whole club, everyone has been great”.  When asked what his thoughts were when the caution came out, Whittam replied, “Oh no”, with a laugh.  Speaking about the restart, Whittam said, “I saw a shadow coming in on the restart (speaking of the second place car, Ryan Fraser) and I was a little worried but I kept on her”.   

As the field took the green flag to start the race Whittam jumped out past pole sitter Dominique Smith going into turn 1.  As the field came across the start finish line to complete lap 1, Whittman was your leader followed by Dominique Smith, Barry Dunn, Steven Murdoch and Ryan Fraser.

The very next lap, the rookie pole sitter was falling toward the back of the field as Whittman was well on his way, dominating the field with a half a track lead.

With the leader out in front and untouchable, back in the field, Dunn, Murdock and Fraser were all battling for second.  Dunn was able to hang onto his second spot but Murdock and Fraser were in a battle for third crossing the start finish line with Fraser making the clean pass on Murdoch through turns 1 and 2.  With Murdock now in fourth, Fraser set his sights on the green #44 machine of Dunn and 3 laps later, Fraser was able to knock Dunn to third. Murdock and Adrian Stahle now rounded out the top 5.

With 9 laps in and half a track lead over the field, Whittam had already caught up to the rear of the field, lapping Glen Fenwick in the #5 car.

At the half way point the field was single file with everyone hugging the bottom of the track to protect their position.  Whittam, Fraser, Dunn, Murdock and Stahle rounded out the top 5.

A few laps later Murdoch was able to swap positions with Dunn for third eventually bringing Stahle along with him sending Dunn back to fifth.  Immediately Dunn had Darren Dryden on his tail challenging with Lucas Smith in the #40 car trying to challenge them both. 

Just before the only caution of the night came, Dryden was able to make the pass on Dunn as there was a 5 car battle for position between Dunn, Dryden, Stahle, Zavarella and L. Smith, all for positions four through eighth.

Caution came out on lap 23, with 2 to go, when Lucas Munsie spun out in turn 4, a caution the leader, Whittam, didn’t want to see.

With the line up quickly reset; top 5 spots went to Whittam, Fraser, Murdoch, Dryden and Stahle.  Munsie was able to continue, joining the rear of the field, without leaving the track.

As the field took the green flag again, Whittam took off like a rocket while it seemed like Fraser had nothing for him. 

Two laps later when all was said and done, Whittam had his first ever Lucas Oil Can-Am Midget feature win, a win that was a long time coming and well deserved.

The Lucas Oil Can-Am Midget heats were won by Adrian Stahle and Ryan Fraser.

The Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets have a well deserved break next week but head back to Flamboro Speedway for their third of five races this season on Saturday July 29, 2017.


The Lucas Oil Can-Am Midget Feature finish at Grand Bend Speedway on July 15, 2017 was…1. CORY WHITTAM, 2. Ryan Fraser, 3. Steven Murdoch, 4. Darren Dryden, 5. Adrian Stahle, 6. Brandon Zavarella, 7. Lucas Smith(R), 8. Barry Dunn, 9. Dominique Smith(R), 10. Lucas Munsie(R), 11. Glen Fenwick, 12. Adam Racine.

The Lucas Oil Can-Am Midget top 10 in Driver points are as follows…1. Adam Racine...1443, 2. Adrian Stahle...1380, 3. Darren Dryden...1339, 4. Mack DeMan...1337, 5. Ryan Fraser...1316, 6. Steven Murdock...1270, 7. Barry Dunn...1215, 8. Dominique Smith(R)...1027, 9. Lucas Munsie(R)...972, 10. Cory Whittam...897.

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