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It was a battle Royale Saturday night between the NYPA Midgets and the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets at Lancaster Speedway as a part of the ISMA Super Modified Show.
The two divisions teamed up to give the fans one fast show of their own. 
The Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets went back to the 2 heats and a Feature set up just for this race and they sure didn’t disappoint.
Darren Dryden with a new paint scheme on his 12 car showed lightning speed as he claimed the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midget Feature victory.
“It’s only my second time at this track, we struggled last year but we done a lot of adjustments to the car and it’s been phenomenal today and it’s been phenomenal all year long.  I got worried the last few laps as my car tightened up drastically and we make a little bit of contact with a guy and I was worried about Mack (DeMan) but all in all I knew we had a quick car and I knew we had a good piece for tonight and I’d be able to pull away.  I would like to thank my Dad, Steve Gary for being a phone call away for set up and DJD Graphics, NAPA Auto Parts, Autokloak, Xpert Transmission, EPIC Racewear, Retail Design Group, StateFarm Burnside Insurance, John Dryden Autobody.

Brandon Zavarella started out on pole after a heat win alongside the 2017 Lucas Oil Can-Am Champion Adam Racine.  Zavarella had an amazing start jumping out ahead of the field bringing along Adrian Stahle who quickly took over second from Racine.  Dryden who started sixth was making ground at lightening speeds earning is way to third getting past Erik Musto. 
By lap 10 Zavarella was holding strongly onto first with Stahle occupying second, Dryden in third, Kyle Hutchinson in fourth and Mack DeMan in fifth.
Stahle made several attemps to get past Zavarella but was unable to complete the passes as Zavarella shut the door on him.  Mid pack DeMan was challenging Andy Nye and Hutchinson as the three ran combined in a pack with Nye on the outside trying to make moves while catching up to the bumper of Musto bringing him into the mix.  DeMan, showing control and patience was able to get around Nye and Musto and started working to reel in Hutchinson.
The three front-runners, Zavarella, Stahle and Dryden were 5 car lengths ahead of the fourth place Hutchinson.  Dryden had caught the rear of Stahle and looking to his inside for the pass coming out of turn 4.  Stahle quickly closed the door on Dryden forcing him to back off.  Hutchinson and DeMan were able to use Dryden’s attempted pass to catch up to the top 3 with Hutchinson attempting his own pass on Dryden for third.
Lap 15 Dryden made a quick slide job on Stahle’s inside to steal second while DeMan and Hutchinson battled side by side coming out of turn 4 with Hutchinson holding his fourth place spot.
Dryden captured the lead from Zavarella crossing the start finish line on lap 17 but caution quickly flew when Racine and Nye tangled ending Nye’s night.
The top five for the restart was Dryden, Zavarella, Stahle, Hutchinson and DeMan.  At the drop of the green Stahle made quickly work of getting around Zavarella for second.  DeMan was able to use the restart to get by Hutchinson and 2 laps later was able to overtake Zavarella for third.
Dryden with his impressive speed that he showed from his heat win sailed away from the field earning his second Feature win this year.
The final finish from the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midget Feature at Lancaster Speedway was 1. DARREN DRYDEN, 2. Adrian Stahle, 3. Mack DeMan, 4. Brandon Zavarella, 5. Kyle Hutchinson, 6. Erik Musto, 7. Arik McGruder, 8. Dominique Smith, 9.  Adam Racine, 10. Ryan Fraser, 11.  Tim Nies, 12.  Lucas Munsie, 13. Andy Nye, 14. Steven Murdock.

Zavarella won the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midget Heat #1, a local driver, out of Strykersville, NY. 
2017’s Lucas Oil Can-Am Midget Rookie of the year Dominique Smith held the pole for the start of the race.  Smith started to show some impressive speed pulling away from the field.
A quick caution on lap 2 came when last year’s Feature winner DeMan spun in turn 4 from the second position after taking it from Zavarella coming out of turn 2.
On the restart, Zavarella was able to pull out ahead of Smith while the rest of the field sorted themselves out.
Another quick caution flew for Andy Nye when he bumped the wheel of Ryan Fraser spinning him around in turn 3.
Lined back up for the restart, Zavarella had pole, Smith in second, Stahle in third, Fraser in Fourth and Musto in fifth.
Zavarella had a strong restart pulling away from the field as Smith and Stahle ran side by side battling for second.  Stahle was able to complete the clean pass on smith bringing along Musto and Nye as they kept Smith high on the outside.
Back in the field DeMan was making his charge forward getting by Fraser and Smith with sights on the Nye and Musto as they ran nose to tail for the remaining laps.
The final finish for the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets Heat #1 was 1.  BRANDON ZAVARELLA, 2.  Adrian Stahle, 3.  Erik Musto, 4. Andy Nye, 5.  Mack DeMan, 6. Dominique Smith, 7. Ryan Fraser

Darren Dryden won the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midget Heat #2
Lucas Munsie started on Pole for the second Lucas Oil Can-Am Midget heat with Steven Murdock on his outside and last year’s Lucas Oil Can-Am Midget Champion Adam Racine starting third behind Munsie.  Going into turn 1 on the start Racine took Munsie and Murdock 3 wide to claim the lead.  Munsie even before completing the first lap spun down in turn 4 with the caution waving.
Since the first lap was not completed, the Lucas Oil Can-Am drivers lined up for a complete restart with Munsie starting in the rear.
Murdock held the lead for the first lap but a speedy Dryden was able to overtake Murdock for the lead just past the start finish line going into turn 1.
Murdock coming out of turn 3 slid high and Racine and Hutchinson were able to get under him knocking Murdock to fourth.
As Dryden pulled away from the field, Hutchinson held tight to the Lucas Oil Can-Am Champion’s rear making a pass on lap 4 to steal second going into turn 1.
While the top 3, Dryden, Hutchinson, Racine were out ahead of the rest of the field, mid pack, Murdock and Arik McGruder battled for fourth.
Last lap, McGruder was able to get by Murdock at the start finish line as Murdock suddenly slowed staying high in the track out of traffic.
The final finish for the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets Heat #1 was 1.  DRYDEN, 2.  Hutchinson, 3. Racine, 4.  Arik McGruder, 5.  Murdock, 6.  Munsie, 7. Tim Nies
Please join the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets Saturday June 16 when they race again at Flamboro Speedway.
The Lucas Oil Can-Am Driver Points are as follows; 1.  Darren Dryden…460, 2.   Adrian Stahle…440, 3. Brandon Zavarella…401, 4.  Adam Racine…382, 5.  Steven Murdock…337, 6.  Ryan Fraser…335, 7.  Luc Munsie…297, 8.  Dominique Smith…255, 9.  Mark Schultz…200, 10.  Cory Whittam…195, 11.  Mack DeMan…153, 12.  Kyle Hutchinson…148, 13. Erik Musto…140, 14.  Arik McGruder…133, 15.  Tim Nies…111, 16.  Andy Nye…108                         

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