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Author Topic: Welcome Delaware Fans, Crews and Drivers! If you're new here, please read this  (Read 9371 times)

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Hello all. This message is aimed at new fans that may have followed the link from

This is our new/old home for the Delaware internet community and we welcome you!

The old boards at GRR online have ceased to exist, and we thank GRR online for being our internet home for the past two years. In years gone by, Canadian Racing Online (CRO) was the unofficial message board for Delaware, extending back to the CASCAR days at the speedway. With the Delaware/Flamboro/GRR alliance 2 yrs ago, we decided to go our own way with our own boards over there, but this message board has stayed in existence the whole time. We thank Evan, CRO's owner and admin for keeping the faith, and welcoming us back home with open arms.

Now, if you sign up for a profile here, you'll need to agree to the CRO Code of Conduct. You can read the whole thing when you sign up, but I'll go over it briefly here. We believe in light handed moderation, but there are a few philosophies that we follow. Basically this:

Keep it Clean - This message board is public. Track staff, driver's kids-mothers-grandmothers, as well as sponsors, are reading this stuff. We need to keep it fan/family friendly. If you wouldn't say it in mixed company, then it won't work here either.

Keep it on Topic - Message boards are fun, and we don't discourage banter within threads, but please try not to let the conversation stray too far from the subject at hand. If a topic brings up another issue, then by all means start a new thread.

Keep it Respectful - Simple. Name calling, dismissiveness and disrespect of other posters (or anyone else) is not acceptable. People are generally passionate about racing and flame wars on racing boards can get ugly. We monitor that closely. Play nice.

Keep it Constructive - Track management and the people in charge do read this stuff, and its been proven that sometimes insights and positive change can come from a well reasoned internet thread. However, on occasion, folks like to call out officials or tech people on the boards. Delaware staff are always willing to listen, but its usually best to contact them directly for a dialogue. Calling them out on the internet won't get you anywhere, and generally just creates bad feelings....and its also usually the quickest way to burn a bridge, or turn off a potential sponsor. Please feel free to criticize and question, as long as you keep it respectful. �  �

Thats it in a nutshell. My name is Trevor Van Leeuwen and I moderate here. Sometimes I seem like a sole voice and spokesperson, but its not my show...I only work here. On behalf of Delaware management, CRO, and myself, we thank you for stopping by. We hope your experience here is a good one and we welcome any suggestions or comments. You can PM me directly if you have any issues or thoughts.

And if you are new here, feel free to browse around the rest of the CRO site as well. Nearly every track in Ontario is represented here with its own message boards, and there's usually one or 2 amateur night reporters like myself on each one, doing their best to support their local short track. (We hope you'll become one too.) On the main page there's NASCAR Canada news and notes, as well as lots of other stuff, so go ahead and enjoy poking around our new home on the internet!

PS, the front page here can be a little "busy" We do encourage you to fully explore the CRO site, but to make it easy to get to us, all you have to do is bookmark the Delaware Forum.

Update regarding Moderation Poilicies June 16 2009

Howdy folks. Had a slightly controversial thread start up a while back that ended up locked and then deleted, and we just want to clear the air about our policies on that.

Firstly, at no time, unless things get completely out of control, will a mod delete a thread on the Delaware board. It is our hope to get things in hand well before it gets to the point that we'd feel a need to delete.

Personally, I hate thread deletion, simply because it smacks of censorship in the eyes of many posters. People tend to assume that something is going on behind the scenes that leads to a thread getting deleted.

Moderation, when done well, is more about mediation than it is censorship, and I think we do pretty well here.

Understand however, (and most folks don't know this) that you CAN delete or lock your own thread provided you are the original poster. So 9 times out of 10, a deleted thread happened that way. (Mods usually hash it out with one another before deletes, bans, warnings, etc)

Having said that, as the main moderator on the Delaware boards, you have my word that no thread has ever, or wiill be deleted by my hand unless extreme circumstances call for it...and you'd know well in advance.

Procedure is this:

1. First will come a gentle reminder in the thread itself, then if things progress we got to

2: a red text reminder in the thread.

Then if things still get worse, we go to

3: PM the offending parties, we edit, and occasionally remove offending posts, and then lock the thread with an explanation.

This is our moderation policy in a nutshell for the Delaware board.

If you do have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email or PM me directly.

Again, we hope your time here is a pleasant one, and please do not hesitate to let us know if there are any issues we should know about, or if you simply have some suggestions.


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