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About Also known as (CRO) was created back in 1999 to fill the need of coverage of racing in Canada online (formally know as you could pick up a magazine back then but by the time you got the news and results it was old news. Being a race fan myself I wanted more information available online.


CRO started off covering CASCAR and then expand to cover other series across Canada. We have grown from a site averaging 16,000 hits to a site that gets up to 3 Million + hits a month.


CRO differs from you other online news sites as we provide much more then news. We allow our members to interact with each other in our message forums. SO not only do fans get the latest information they can message and chat with racers that are members on our site.



Why advertise with us:


A lot of other online racing sites just place news articles or grab articles from other blogs. CRO is a Canadian Racing Network as we are in touch with the Tracks, Racers & Fans. They all interact on our forums and this is why CRO continues to grow each year.



CRO has a great mix of race fans and racers/team members. 70% Racers/Team Member & 30% Race Fans - Male to Female Ratio: 4 to 1. (Stats are based on members that signed up to the site, as people can view the site as guests without signing up)



How people find CRO:


Direct Traffic 52.57% Referring Sites 25.37% & Search Engines Traffic 22.06%


We have a loyal following 84% of our site visits are returning visitors & 16% are new visitors.





Advertising Opportunities:


CRO provides an online ad system that allows you to manage your banners and do updates 24/7. We also have a special forum on our message board for banner ad sponsors that, allows you to post special promo's or just to inform our readers of new products and this is free and included in all ad packages.


CRO likes to work with their Banner Ad sponsors and we involve them in Contest and Events we have on the site if they want to get involved and this we feel helps promote our Banner Ad Sponsors.



We have many Ad locations on our site to make sure your ads are seen.


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