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Author Topic: Tillsonburg Outlaws Racing club - Nascar ain't got nothin on Tillsonburg....  (Read 1533 times)

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Tillsonburg Outlaws Racing club
Nascar ain't got nothin on Tillsonburg....
Corner 4 of the first lap of the Smale Powder Coat Juniors final was one of those "everyone" was involved wrecks. Two wide and five deep, the lead kart got a bit loose which started just enough dips and doodles to lock the pack together and wedge themselves into the corner. Most of them did not have tires on the ground when the commotion stopped.  Amazingly, every kart and driver returned to the restart without issue. Well, maybe a few bent parts but nothing that stopped them from racing.
Paige Smith won the Sprint but it was Tom Pellizzari who took the mains and the overall this week. Kyle McGlone and John Jackson tied for second which put Gabby Darling in third overall.
Aubry Smith and Noah Longthorne continue to keep the racing close and exciting in the Tillsonburg Lubricare Beginners. So close in fact that they managed to get their karts locked together and it took several adults to break the sticky situation. Noah is getting faster but Aubry keeps edging him out.
The John Costello & Associates Seniors are oh so close this season. So close in fact that trying to edge out a competitor often means trying something that may not work. Colby Bennett, Eric McGlone and Cameron Davidson were all doing their best to get by on the very inside line. This tends to put a kart up on two wheels and one might guess what is going to happen next. Colby crunched a wing, Eric destroyed a hood and Davidson had a lucky week and went home in one piece. Best lesson learned this week?. When a kart is on two wheels and heading up the track, go under him, not up to the wall while trying to avoid the chaos. That tip from John Smibert.
Staying out of that action was Jacob Sheridan who took the overall, followed by Eric McGlone(with a borrowed hood) and Cameron Davidson.
The Expert Division saw the return of the winning effort by Cody Coburn who won the 20 lap race and the overall this week. the 30 lap was won by Bea Courtnage who wisely left her boyfriend at home so she could concentrate on racing. Were it not for a first race set back, she may have won the night. Instead it was Curtis Schultz and Scott Chesterman tying for second and Holly Porter in third. Bob Townsend is already staying on the track the whole race. He must have Duracell batteries in his pocket. 47 laps in 14 minutes is likely a record for team Townsend. Moving up two positions he will already be past me.  I better get working on my speed.
Next race,
Tuesday July 22 and don't forget
the Last race in July is in Tillsonburg on Thursday July 31.
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