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Adrian Stahle dominated Flamboro Speedway Saturday night winning both Lucas Oil Can-AM Midget Feature races giving his father Wayne one of the best Father’s Days gifts.
“Thanks for the congratulations, we didn’t make any changes to the car, I think the track just came to it a little better and a good father day gift for my dad.  I’d like to thank Bell Cartage and Larka Custom Machine who help us get to the track every week, to Grisdale’s and American Racer for providing an amazing tire package,  to Lucas Oil for sponsoring us every year so we can come out and do what we love and to all the fans for their support.
The Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets send out a tremendous Thank you to John Van Wyngaarden at Flamboro Machine Shop (FMS) for sponsoring a Driver Draw.  The lucky driver to win $100.00 cash was Brandon Zavarella in the # 91 car.  Congratulations Brandon and Thank you John and FMS for your support.
Lucas Oil Can-Am Midget Feature #1 had last years Rookie of the Year Dominique Smith starting our on pole.  Smith got a good start a the drop of the green making her way out in front of the field as the field behind her bunched up trying to jockey for position heading into turn 2.
By the time turn 3 came, Smith was out front followed by Ryan Fraser, Steven Murdock, Lucas Munsie and Adrian Stahle.  Back in the field, Cory Whittam departed for the pits after the first lap with what appeared to be engine trouble.  Munsie fell back from fourth spot when he slowed and went high going into turn 1 and 2 letting the faster cars pass falling into ninth.
As the top five leaders were making laps nose to tail, back in the pack, new rookie Cassidy Marche was trying to get past Munsie who was holding strong onto ninth. 
Stahle who started in eight made great headway jumping into third then into second as he utilized the battle Fraser and Smith had going on as Fraser tried to capture first.  Stahle was able to get under both of them to claim first bringing along Adam Racine and Murdock.
As Stahle ran up front the top four remained unchanged throughout the race; Stahle, Racine, Murdock, and Darren Dryden.  As the front-runners caught the rear of the field of and the 5 car of Glen Fenwick and the 44 car of Marche both drivers showed respect and pulled aside while the leaders battled to catch Stahle.  Mid pack, Fraser was battling for fifth with Smith until getting past her on lap 15.
As the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midget 20 lap feature ended so did the hopes of anyone catching Stahle.

The Lucas Oil Can-Am Midget final finish for Feature # 1 at Flamboro Speedway on June 16/18 was as follows; 1. ADRIAN STAHLE, 2. Adam Racine, 3. Steven Murdock, 4. Darren Dryden, 5. Ryan Fraser, 6. Dominique Smith, 7. Brandon Zavarella, 8. Lucas Munsie, 9. Cassidy Marche (R), 10. Glen Fenwick, 11. Cory Whittam.

Lucas Oil Can-Am Midget Feature #2 had Munsie on pole with Zavarella along side for the drop of the green.  Zavarella was able to get a good start on Munsie claiming the lead as Munsie fell back.
Stahle who started eighth again had passed Smith, Fraser, Dryden, Murdock, Racine and Munsie on the high side to slide into third.  The next lap Stahle was passing Zavarella who graciously gave up the lead to the faster car. 
As Stahle pulled away from the field, Murdock found himself bunched up with Fraser and Zavarella, all trying to put their name on the second position.  Murdock, on the low side seemed to have the better pull on his car and was the victor of the second position.
While Stahle had his car on rails favouring the top side of the track the rest of the field found their speed on the bottom.  Dryden went low into one on lap 4 to claim third from Zavarella bring Racine with him into the fourth spot.
By lap 11, the front-runners caught the rear of the field and began lapping the cars of Fenwick, Zavarella, Marche and then finally getting Munsie on the last lap just before the start finish line.
Stahle was far out in front that the top five fastest cars could only hope to get a caution to bring them back together for a shot at the win but with amazing drivers running that caution eluded them.

The Lucas Oil Can-Am Midget final finish for Feature # 1 at Flamboro Speedway on June 16/18 was as follows; 1. ADRIAN STAHLE, 2. Steven Murdock, 3. Darren Dryden, 4. Adam Racine, 5. Ryan Fraser, 6. Dominique Smith, 7. Lucas Munsie, 8. Glen Fenwick, 9. Cassidy Marche (R), 10. Brandon Zavarella, 11. Cory Whittam.
Please join the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets on June 23/18 as they head to Peterborough Speedway.
The Lucas Oil Can-Am Midget top 12 in Driver points are 1. ADRIAN STAHLE…730, 2. Darren Dryden…710, 3. Adam Racine…639, 4. Steven Murdock…600, 5. Brandon Zavarella…596, 6. Ryan Fraser…567, 7. Lucas Munsie…502, 8. Dominique Smith, 9. Cory Whittam…367, 10. Mark Schultz…200, 11. Glen Fenwick…195, 12. Cassidy Marche…185

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